Bracket Challenge: Camp Directors

Surprisingly enough, there were only three movies in the franchise that featured camp counselors and only two of those movies were at Camp Crystal Lake. Well, one movie where it was actually called Camp Crystal Lake and one movie where it was called Camp Forest Green. Well, for a camp to operate there has to be a camp director and the following characters were ready and willing to teach young people the basics to survive outdoors. It’s a shame they coudn’t survive ol’ Jason. Vote to let everyone know who you think is the best camp director of the bunch.

stevechristieSteve Christie (Friday the 13th (1980))
This character will always be a pinnacle of Friday the 13th lore for being the owner of Camp Crystal Lake. But he had to also be camp director so he could find babes in the woods like Alice. If Steve would have spent more time listening to Crazy Ralph’s prophecies and less time flirting with Alice and Sandy the waitress, perhaps he would have survived crazy Mrs. Voorhees.

Paul Holt (Part 2)
Paul was a by the book camp director who wanted to shape young minds into tough, responsible camp counselors. After one more night on the town, things were going to get serious. In one of the most infamous scenes of the franchise, Paul tells the campfire story of the deranged Mrs. Voorhees and her son Jason. “ on wild animals and vegetation. Jasons’s out there. Hungry for young blood.”

Darren (Jason Lives)
The one half of team Camp Forest Green. In an effort to get to camp on time he thought it better to just drive right through Jason. Too bad Lizbeth stopped the car and didn’t listen to her husband. “Get out of the road scumbag. Now. Get back in here or he’ll kill you. Not if I get him first”

Lizbeth (Jason Lives)
The better half of team Camp Forest Green. She knew any weirdo wearing a mask was never friendly. Yet instead of simply driving around or through Jason she almost gets them stuck in a gully and then stops in front of Jason. She was one of the better characters in the franchise, but you never stop in front of Jason. “”Just drive towards him. Nobody wants to die. Yea, that really scared the shit out of him”]
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93 Responses to “ Bracket Challenge: Camp Directors ”

  1. paul holt is the best choice,darren and lizbeth never even made it to the camp voting for them would be like voting for annie as best cook.can’t be the best if you never even made it there.and steve christie split as soon as the rest of them got there,so maybe he can get best diner patron.

  2. Any chance of a write in vote for Megan (Jennifer Cooke) in Part 6 ? She essentially took over the job of running the camp once it was realized Darren & Lizbeth were “lost in the woods” & man was she smoking, after she seduced Tommy in the jail scene she became one of my 1st childhood crushes.

  3. Paul - Friday the 13th pt 2.

  4. I vote for Paul. He at least made it to the end of the movie and actually took it to Jason trying to protect Ginny. The others never stuck around or even made it to camp.

  5. I got to go with the original-Steve it is.

  6. steve christie - if it wasn’t for him, none of this would hve been started. Give him credit for unleashing a monster

  7. My vote goes for Steve Christy for daring to re-open Camp Blood and unleashing this hell in the first place! Also, I love that he went to town to take the longest lunch known to man! LOL

  8. Lizbeth because she was funny and her death had comedy in it. It was to bad she didn’t get more screen time.:(

  9. i agree. steve followed his heart, and got a knife shoved through it for his efforts. he was a player and had a nice moustache for all the chicks. go Steve!

  10. i agree with chuck30 that is. :P

  11. Jason doesn’t take American Express

  12. Paul

  13. Paul-Campfire story was so good it made it to the Final Chapter

  14. Gotta go with Steve. He’s the reason Jason’s mama came-a’-huntin’ in the first movie. If it weren’t for him she wouldn’tve lose her head and Jason would not have gotten that nifty nic-nac in his home for part 2.

  15. Well, since a lot of you have been asking why I haven’t voted in a while, I will go ahead and choose ………. Paul Holt. I love the Steve Christie character and agree that his determination to reopen the camp is what started it all. However, I thought Paul put up a pretty good fight against Jason and, as you guys have pointed out, he was actually running a functioning camp. He was a ball buster! :)

  16. My vote goes to: Paul Holt.
    He and Ginny were such a nice coupple.

  17. paul

  18. Paul. However as others noted Steve’s decision to reopen the camp was essential to the franchise. So although my votes for Paul, I wont mind seeing Steve pass through. Also I wish there were pictures for each character, I think Steve having the only photo might persuade votes.

  19. going with Paul. He put up a decent fight. So is he dead or not though?

  20. paul

  21. paul-the camp-fire story swung it for me

  22. I’ll go ahead and vote for Paul. He’s someone who actually survived, or not. There wasn’t any sign of him at the very end of part 2. He’s one of the likeable characters out of the entire movie along with Ginny. And he brought the fight right to Jason as well. Not many characters are able to do that when they encounter Jason.

  23. Paul “these kids smoke better grass then I Do” Holt

  24. Paul He tells the story of Jason (must of had seen part 1 I guess),we thought he was dead once only to have him pull a surprize attack on Jason :D

  25. I’m gonna vote for Steve Christie because out of all the other directors he unwittingly unleashed the legend of Jason Voorhees and gave future councillors/directors an abundance of material for future camp fire tales.Gotta give him props for that……………KI,KI,KI,MA,MA,MA.

  26. I vote Paul Holt. Not only did he make it to Jason, not only did he provide the campfire story, and not only was he able to hold his own next to one of the toughest heroines in the series, he actually did the best job as camp director. He took it seriously and tried to follow the rules, but he didn’t push the kids too hard and he wasn’t afraid to lighten up every now and then. A good number of his councilors actually survived because he let them have that last night on the town.

  27. paul

  28. I vote for Steve. He worked hard at getting the camp ready. What did Paul do in comparison? Besides, without an original there are no others.

  29. Paul!

  30. Paul

  31. Paul Holt (Part 2)

  32. I vote for Lizbeth. She was cool.

  33. The main reason my vote goes for Paul— he makes it to the end, takes it to Jason and as a bonus: the campfire story. He gets my vote.

  34. Steve Christie

  35. Rocky cracked me up with that line about Annie for best cook.

    I vote for Paul. He took on Jason and he had great lines.

    Steve totally got sucker punched by Ms. Voorhees and he was rather a prick.

  36. Yeah, Steve’s the type of employer I would love to kill. I mean when the three counselors arrive he automatically puts them to work, what happened to taking some time to rest and get situated then work?

  37. Paul Holt

    He told a story that would make sense of the sequel and future F13th’s and put together a prank with Ted to go with it. Then he delivers a funny line when the cop comes bitchin’ about finding two of his counselors in “Camp Blood”. He also takes everyone out to the bar. The dude was just a fun character and has so much over the other camp directors.

  38. That was a tough one but Im going to vote for Paul Holt. Nobody is sure what happened to him at the end. Did he die, or did he just run off. Plus he has one of the coolest phrases in the franchise’s history “These kids smoke better dope than I do” .

  39. mr. paul holt . . . easily one of my favorite characters in the whole series. watch out for bears!

  40. Paul. Not even a contest here!

  41. hahaha….thanks adam.

  42. paul

  43. Paul Holt

  44. I HOPE SOON , bracket-challenge : the best friday heroine and the most sexi :) :):)

  45. I’ll go with Paul. Like jasonsfury said, he busted his ass and he put up a good fight against Jason.

  46. I would vote for Paul Holt! Hands down!

  47. Steve

  48. I vote for Paul, One of my fav. characters in the franchise. Plus, he’s with Ginny, the hottest of the franchise

  49. Paul

  50. Lizabeth. “Never leave home without it.”

  51. “I’m gonna give to you straight about Jason” One of the best lines in the series. Paul,Paul,Paul

  52. Darren, actually stood up to Jason, which takes alot of balls.

    Steve didn’t even know how to cut wood properly. It’s vertical, not horizontally. WTF?

    Paul was just flat out annoying.

    Lizbeth, I almost said her instead of Darren because that’s Nancy McLoughlin and she was around the entire production acting like a Den mother.

  53. Ghastly, if Darren knew who Jason was, he would have driven the car back to town in reverse. He was cocky, but not too bright.

  54. Im going to go with paul. just because of the perfect story and probably the only one who has actually did a pretty good job at fighting jason

  55. I’m with Deputy Winslow. Another write in for Jennifer Cooke/Megan Gariss

  56. ” vote for Paul. He at least made it to the end of the movie and actually took it to Jason trying to protect Ginny. The others never stuck around or even made it to camp.”

    Very good words. However, he actually does die. It’s just hazy because while one of the best of the early Friday instalments of the Paramount era, the film is heavy cut. And like both Steve Miner directed sequels, it has a deleted ending. Originally, the reason the severed head on the make shift alter looks like an actress is because it is. Originally, the head was supposed to flash a quick menacing glare/smile, and then slowly wink without being too cheesy, in order to signify that Paul has been killed by Jason the night before in the next struggle.

    However, it was exercised because it was deem’d too fake, too phoney, kind of cheesy feeling once Miner and everyone looked over the footage of it, ect. And so it just ends on a freeze frame, as they decided not to use it. Personally, I would have used it, as it is one of my favorite instalments, however, it is too open-ended and makes little sense in the final edit. Just my advice. But it’s in the Crystal Lake Memories book and also talked about in the Part 2 Deluxe Edition with Steve Bracke.

    Also I vote for Paul Holt.

    Several reasons: Paul Fury is the best actor out of all the listed ones, Paul is funny/sarcastic and seeming like several reason guys I’ve known without being too much of a smart ass, and makes mostly wise, intelligent decisions, and is even an pretty even-match, wrestling wise, with the then human Jason! Plus that seminal classic Voorhees family camp fire tale on they’re first night as counsaler’s in training and the fact that he got to bed Giny, the series most interesting & cool heroine (fuck Tina from Part VII, besides the movies are horrible after Part V and aren’t Exploitation anymore anyhow).

    So I vote for Paul :D

  57. Paul Holt…he put up a good fight with Jason…freaked every1 out with his story…he had character

  58. im sure jennifer cooke will be in a future bracket

  59. I have to vote for Paul….not only was he banging Ginny….but he almost kicked Jason’s ass.


  60. Paul Holt!

    Liked Lizbeth for some reason too, though.

  61. I vote for Paul. He’s one of my favorite characters

  62. “I have to vote for Paul….not only was he banging Ginny….but he almost kicked Jason’s ass.


    My sentiments exactly. :D ;)

  63. i will vote for paul, but he needed a sweet ‘stache like steve !

  64. paul

  65. I have to go with Steve. Close between Paul and Steve, but at least the actor who played Steve stayed for the whole movie to fulfill his contract. While the actor who played Paul left the film because of a money dispute and left people with a confused ending.

    Steve started it all for everybody to return to and DIE at.

  66. my vote is going to Paul.

  67. Paul Holt

  68. “I have to go with Steve. Close between Paul and Steve, but at least the actor who played Steve stayed for the whole movie to fulfill his contract. While the actor who played Paul left the film because of a money dispute and left people with a confused ending.”

    Nick, once again, that is just a rumor and never happened. It started on the web in the late ’90s.

    Actor John Fury was asked about it in the Crystal Lake Memories book, in a sidebar interview piece, and he says it was just a rumor and that he NEVER, ever walked off set. I’m not shouting, but just wanted to lay that to rest, once & for all. The screen writer, Ron Kurz also adds in his two cents about it. Goin’ back to my earlier post, Paul was ALWAYS ment to be killed off. It’s because of the deleted “Mrs. Voorhees’ eye & smile wink shot” that has apparently confused movie goer’s all these years.

    Guess in retrospect Mr. Miner and associates never should have deleted the final shot, since it apparently confuses people to this day (and I don’t blame them, as it seem’s oddly open-ended).

  69. Paul Holt for sure…

  70. Anytime you can be the boss and bang a hot girl that works under you- well thats is a GREAT SIGN that- that person is a great boss. lucky! Going with Paul!!!

  71. Paul Holt

  72. Paul Holt

  73. Paul from Part 2. He went on offense, defense, banged Ginny, drank, smoked dope (allegedly), was woodsy, a leader, told a rad campfire story, etc.

    Plus, I say HE LIVED!

  74. These bracket challenges are stupid just like my job at Walmart. They are an easy ploy to get visitors on the site and at first they were cool but we are getting annoying now. Rate the camp director?!? Are you serious? Some of these guys barely had any scream time at all…so I suppose the only thing they can really be judged on is how cool or horrible their death scene was.

    The updates on this site are getting as mongoloid looking as Jason’s face. This will be my last post until things improve.

  75. WOAH there Walmart Man I’m sure Steve Dash will get a mention in a bracket challenge soon.Oh clean up in aisle 3 by the way…………KI,KI,KI,MA,MA,MA.

  76. I’ m sorry Walmart Man. It seems your standards are high due to your place of employment. If you don’t want to visit, that’s your choice. Perhaps you can find a Wal-mart message board to talk about your newly bought DVD player or how pathetic your life is at Wal- mart. That to me is more annoying than getting daily updates on the best horror franchise on the planet. See you soon!

  77. Well said jasonsfury.The whole walmart man thing was getting boring now anyway………..KI,KI,KI,MA,MA,MA.

  78. jasonsfury, don’t let the man get you down. He likes to be negative and wind people up. Probably the high point of his day. Sorta sad. But he does work at Wal Mart so hes used to being sad and disappointed.

  79. hey Walmart man, this is a site for those who are fans of the franchise, why do u have to be so serious, its just for fun…if you don’t like it don’t vote…just don’t be one of those guys who are pissed off at their life and where they work and speak negative of everything else…if this were a friday movie, Jason would have nailed you first….KI KI KI MA MA MA

  80. Not trying to start crap talking… but I would love to beat the living crap out of the Walmart man!!! I really would! and walmart dont type back- its online - i am sure you live in some shit town and never leave it! I just wish you lived around me! we would rec it and put it on youtube- called “Walmart man gets a foot up his ass”!
    sorry i put all that, i just wanted to put it out there!

  81. Well usually walmart dude has funny comments but I’d have to disagree. I love hearing and being part of the discussions about the characters in the bracket challenge and as we progress into the later rounds it oughta be real good. In between news about conventions, interviews, auctions and other shit, I’d say this is pretty fun and they seem pretty popular among people around here since they get plenty of replys.

  82. I love the bracket! I like how it points out that every so often, F13 rehashes the same character…sometimes makes them better, and sometimes worse. Its really fun though! Can’t wait to see what’s next

  83. Hmm. I would love to go with the man who should have “never opened this place!”. True Steve was the man that opened the gates of hell I just can’t always go for the originators because truly it never give anyone else a chance from the later films. So I’m going on personality alone on this vote and it has to be my man..


    I love the campfire story and just as JASON_GOALIE_67 put it.. it was even replayed in the final chapter as an opening to the storyline.

    TO>Walmartman: I have been on this site for way to long and it has always been a tight group here. The only thing that brings “new” people to this site is the new movies and dvd’s coming out. Then some of them stay and some leave but the old family remains.

    But I’m glad you think this bracket game is so cool that people are googling “Friday the 13th Bracket Game” all over the world!

    Jasonsfury is actually planning a New World Order and this website is a portal to his plan for a takeover. Beware! ;)


  84. Paul

  85. Paul Holt from Friday part 2. Paul all the way!!!!!!!

  86. i hate christy and his daisy dukes. darren & lizabeth are ok, but a little too brief of appearances to have much of a liking for them.

    paul’s the man…best teller of the jason legend, and ya gotta love the line ‘these kids smoke better dope than i do’

    paul all the way

  87. I vote Paul. Steve always kind of kreeped me out. I think he had a thing for Alice; and that scene with the drawing always felt uncomfortable with me.

  88. Part 2 was the first of the franchise I ever saw, and that makes it my favorite of the series.
    So for that reason, I have to vote for Paul.

  89. Paul, in the darkest movie of the series!

  90. I have reason to believe Jasonsfury is Walmart Man

  91. EagleEye…… I somehow do not think J.F. is W.M.

  92. Eagle Eye, I can tell you with supreme confidence that I have never been employed by Walmart. ;)

  93. Haha sorry Eagle Eye, but i.p. addresses don’t lie. Tracing Walmart Man’s, I see he’s posting from the “Los Angeles Unified School District” - LOL