Bracket Challenge Championship: Mrs. Voorhees vs Sheriff Garris


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70 Responses to “ Bracket Challenge Championship: Mrs. Voorhees vs Sheriff Garris ”

  1. Mrs. Voorhees. garris would never had suspected her to be a killer.

  2. I’m going with Garris on this one. I just don’t want to see a landslide

  3. Mrs. Voorhees. Easiest decision yet.

  4. I vote Pamela.

    This one was really hard for me. I love the Garris character so much and have been voting him on a lot of these. While Garris did usher the renaissance on the Franchise; the Franchise is founded on Pamela. I know this will likely be a landslide in the eyes of most; but it was difficult for me. You just can’t deny the fundamentals. And she made this Franchise shine.

  5. Mrs V I so hope she wins this thing.

  6. Mrs. Voorhees

  7. Going with Mrs. V. She started the whole Friday the 13th slasher scene. She got Jason started on his killing spree. She really is the reason that Friday the 13th is so successful. The gruesome kills and her horrific demise make her the big winner here.

  8. Mrs. Voorhees

  9. I vote Ginny…

    What’s that? She didn’t qualify?! Oh damn… then it will have to be Garris.

  10. My vote goes to Garris…

    I thought Ginny will be champion in last round…

    Lovely Ginny!

  11. Too easy.

    Mrs. Voorhees

  12. Mrs Voorhees

  13. Mrs. Voorhees the scream that started it all!

  14. I’m firmly voting for Mrs Voorhees on this one.I’ve voted for both competitors in previous rounds and as much as i like Garris,Mrs V is the new sheriff in town.Congratulations to Jasonsfury on 5 months of bracket challenges.I’ve really enjoyed them and hope you can come up with something similar next year………………..KI,KI,KI,MA,MA,MA.

  15. Mommy Voorhees

  16. voorhees

  17. mrs.voorhees

  18. I love a dark horse. I’m voting Garris.

  19. where are they now? after get stomped by mrs.voorhees sheriff garris retired changing his small jail into a jewelry store where he now sells ball-earrings so far his daughter megan is his only customer.

  20. Voorhees! “We can go now, dear”

  21. I vote for Ginny. and if she not available Mrs. V. Ill be damned if i vote for a super trooper!

  22. Garris, although it doesnt look to good for him.

  23. Mrs. Voorhees! What can be said about her that hasn’t already been said? She’s iconic, classy… and deadly!

  24. I have to vote Garris. He’s smarter than people are giving him credit for. He would have been suspicious of Mrs. V from the beginning. Besides she’s working with a machete and a bowie knife. Garris would ventilate her from a distance and leave her wearing her balls as earrings.

  25. “Congratulations to Jasonsfury on 5 months of bracket challenges.I’ve really enjoyed them and hope you can come up with something similar next year”

    Thanks, baz! It’s been a lot of fun and a good amount of work as well. I can tell you that I have something brewing for next year. I will let you guys know after Christmas.

    I vote for Mrs. Voorhees, by the way! ;)

  26. i vote for ginny. but since that won’t count, of course, i’ll go with mrs v.

  27. I vote Mrs. V. Garris piss’s me off.

    Jasonfury, to add to your response, it has amounted to a pretty good deal of conversation and new members.

  28. I definitely agree with you, JJ. It has been great to see so many people visit and comment on their favorite characters. I hope that everyone enjoys their visits to this website. There will be some big changes coming next year, if everything goes to plan.

  29. cant wait J.F.

  30. Good job Jasonsfury. thanks for the brackets. Glad to be a new member!

  31. Mrs.Voorhees

  32. Mrs. Voorhees, please.

  33. Mrs Voorhees please!

  34. hit the noise and the cherries!!! Garris

  35. A tough decision, but suprisingly Im going to go with Sherrif Garris. And the reason is I think Garris would waste Mrs Voorhees big time. Hed probably pull out the shotgun He tried to use on Jason. I dont think Pamela is going to keep getting back up.

  36. “…an old friend of the Christy’s.”

    Mrs Voorhees!!!

  37. Im going to have to go with garris on this one even though its clearly a landslide.

  38. Pamela! Good job on this brackett Jasonsfury! Definetly had me coming back time and time again! Can\’t wait to see more!!!

  39. Where ever the red dot goes… ya bang! I gotta go with Garris. Both parents loved their children, but where was Mrs V.? If Jason “wasn’t a very good swimmer,” why would you take him near a f*@#ing lake! And don’t hand me the B.S. tha tcounselors were watching him. Whl leaves their mentally-challenged child in the hands of teeneagers, especially horny ones. Mrs. V droppped the ball. Garris broke his back for Megan, literally. Garris, Garris, Garris!

  40. Im gonna go with with Garris….even though Mrs. Voorhees is gonna win…I know she deserves it as well, as she started this franchise, but Garris had that “don’t mess with me” attitude and attacked Jason to protect his daughter…

  41. M.Voorhees

  42. Garris

  43. C’mon like there is any decision here! Mrs Voorhees

  44. Mrs. Voorhees….C’mon she’s the start of it all!

  45. Mrs vorhees should win. i mean it is the obvious choice.

  46. Mrs. Voorhees!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. I never really understood the match-ups we are voting for. Is it for who our favorite character is? Or is it who we think would win in a fight? Because if it is for the favorite, I would pick Mrs. Voorhees. But if it is who I think would win in a fight, I would have to pick Garris. Because if he does to Mrs.Voorhees what he did to Jason, she won’t have a chance. I guess my vote goes to Garris.

  48. Mama V.

    “Jason was my son…. and this website celebrates his birthday”…

    Can’t wait for the next community challenges that arise next year.


  49. GARRIS! Should have been Ginny instead of Mrs. V and I’m still pissed that my computer crashed during voting time.

  50. I vote for Ginny!

    .. if she isn´t available then I vote for Pamela (pretending that it´s just Ginny wearing pamela´s sweater).

  51. my vote goes to Mrs. Voorhees in this round.

  52. Garris!! He deserves another shot at Jason!!!

  53. Mrs. Voorhees


  55. i picked Mrs Voorhees from day 1…im staying with her!

  56. Garris

  57. Garris

  58. I vote for Garris. And to jasonsfury: “There will be some big changes coming next year, if everything goes to plan” I’ve been visiting this site for a couple of years now, and it’s already a great site. I personally can’t think of anything to make it better, but if you can do it, my hat’s off to you. Keep up the great work and you’ll have a loyal visitor for many years to come

  59. Mrs.Voorhees………I dont think Garris would have suspected her of killing,he would be out looking to bust some punk kid (and like a lot of others,I feel I should be voting for Ginny here :D)

  60. Garris

    F Mrs. Voorhees!!!

  61. garris

  62. Mrs Voorhees

  63. Uhh, Garris. He has a freaking gun.

  64. Unless my count is off, so far the vote is 38-25 Mrs V.

  65. Oh, c’mon, really? “His name… was Jason.” Betsy Palmer!!! Are you kidding me? I can’t believe Garris even made it on here, he tried to keep Tommy from Jason, and that just isn’t right! Sure, they eventually got their epic fight scene, but how does trooper Garris even COMPARE to mommy Voorhees???

  66. Vote’s for the Voorhees in the competition, by the way. In case that wasn’t clear. :)

  67. I vote Garris.

  68. mrs v of course

  69. I’m not sure if I voted yet or not. I must insist on Mrs Voorhees.

  70. Mamaaaaaaa.