Bracket Challenge Final Four: Mrs. Voorhees vs Ginny Fields



Well, here it is. The showdown that many have predicted would happen many, many weeks ago. This could go either way. Mrs. Voorhees could whip Ginny real good, or Ginny could use her Jedi mind tricks on Mrs. Voorhees. Can a child psychology major really get into a saddened mother’s head? That’s for you the voters to determine. Which of these lovely ladies do you think should advance to the championship round?

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62 Responses to “ Bracket Challenge Final Four: Mrs. Voorhees vs Ginny Fields ”

  1. Oh crap! Alright, I guess if I have to pick, it has to be Mrs Voorhees. There would be no series without her. Ginny is AWESOME but Mrs Voorhees is intrinsic to the plot. I’m curious to see where this goes.

  2. Mommy!

  3. I vote Pamela.

  4. Ginny till the end. Ginny would woop Mrs. V. You guys got to remember that. This shouldn’t be a popularity contest. I hope Pam doesn’t win this.

  5. Ginny! Beauty before age, sorry Mrs. V

  6. Ginny for the win!!!

  7. I’m torn but I’m gonna go with Ginny

  8. Mrs.Voorhees

  9. I have to stay with Mrs Voorhees…go pamela!!!

  10. my vote is going to Ginny in this round.

  11. Ginny. Final female beats the crazy mama.

  12. I thought I was going to go with ginny, but my vote goes to Mrs. Voorhees

  13. pamela

  14. Mrs. Voorhees

  15. Ginny F’in Fields she’ll pee her pants & kick some Mommy Booty

  16. Gotta go with Ginny here. She is by far one of the smarter of the final girls bar none. She gave Jason a run for his money and because of that she’ll be able to take down Mrs. V. Those psych majors, you just can’t keep them down. Go Ginny and here’s hopen you make the finals against, hopefully, Crazy Ralph.

  17. I’m voting for Ginny

  18. Ginny

  19. mrs v

  20. they are both great characters but i have to go with GINNY!!!!!

  21. Mrs. Voorhees.

    If Pamela and Ginny were in a fight, I’d scandalously call a draw. Pamela and Ginny share the technique of psyching out their opponent, then attacking when they’re too confused to fight back. Since they both do this, they’d each recognize it when the other was trying to use it on them. I think it would end with them both escaping with minor injuries and no clear winner.

    However, I vote for Mrs. V because so many of the series’ major points *hinge* on her, either her actions or her existence. Pamela was the villain-protagonist of the first film, and her actions and death in that movie caused the events of the others. While Ginny also made a huge contribution- her psych evaluation of Jason impacted the way he was characterized for the rest of the series- much of it was about Pamela, how she was the only person Jason trusted and how losing her must have affected him.

    Plus, I just love Pamela’s final sequence with Alice, especially the beginning, where she fakes a sense of concern and bravado to lead Alice into the building she herself turned into a deathtrap trying to fortify it (“What monster could have done this?”), then in that slow, manical monologue reveals she’s the “monster” in question. That gives me chills and it’s one of my favorite scenes in the whole series.

    Therefore, while Ginny is cool, my vote goes to Mrs. Voorhees.

  22. Mrs.Voorhees

  23. Ginny, I guess. Sorry mommy.

  24. Ginny!

  25. My reasoning may be a little juvenile but I vote Ginny because she went head to head with Jason and won. Jason’s risen to kill again and again where Mrs. Voorhees got lowered about a foot by a newbie girl in the original. Ginny has the child psychology chops to weird Mrs. Voorhees out long enough to remove that head weight again.

  26. Mrs. V

  27. Very tight battle, that involves Tables, Ladders, and Chairs. However with the assist from Paul, Ginny takes it!!! Just kidding, but Ginny takes it barely

  28. Ginny

  29. I LOVE GINNY!!!!

    My vote goes to the best blondie final girl…GINNY!!!!!!

  30. Mrs. Voorhees.

    If Ginny wins, I won’t be sad though. Pamela is just my preference.

  31. Mrs. Voorhees all the way. Ginnys psychology wouldnt really help. I mean whats She going to do pretend shes Jason?

  32. While Ginny was smart with psychology on an exhausted Jason, it would not work on Mrs. Voorhees.

    Mrs. Voorhees

  33. Mrs Voorhees

  34. Toughest challenge yet! I love them both, but it has to be Ginny. Pamela’s only one-on-one fight was with Alice (and she lost). All of her kills were surprise attacks. Her fight with Annie was unfair because Mrs. V had a weapon.

    Ginny was scrappy. She fought Jason, who tried to kill her with a pitchfork!

    Ginny would have beat Mrs. V in a fight. Keep in mind that Ginny fought Jason while she was on her period!!!! ’nuff said!

  35. Ginny please

  36. Tough one…but I’m going with Mr. Voorhees! although, I do love Ginny, Mrs. Voorhees would take her one on one! lol :)

  37. Ginny

  38. mrs. voorhees

  39. Mrs.V

  40. Pamela vorhees


  42. Ginny Field

  43. Tough one, but I’m going with Ginny.

  44. ginny

  45. Mrs. Voorhees

  46. mrs voorhees

  47. Mrs.Voorhees

  48. Pamela

  49. oh man gonna have to flp a coin for this one lol im going with ginny

  50. ginny

  51. Mrs. Voorhees!

    C’mon! Without her there’s no ginny!

  52. Ginny!!

  53. I gotta vote for Mrs Voorhees here as she is more iconic to the franchise than Ginny.It would sure make a good fight………….KI,KI,KI,MA,MA,MA.

  54. Pamela!

  55. Ginny. But whats it matter if she’s going up against “Garris”. Shesh.. seeing the prophet battle it out would have been so much cooler but hey, maybe he will pull it through in the end.

  56. Ginny

  57. Mrs. Voorhees. Mrs. Voorhees is a straight up killer, while Ginny Fields merely wounded Jason with a machete to the shoulder. Enough to save her own life, but she wouldn’t have even had the chance if Paul wasn’t wrestling Jason at the time. I like Ginny, but she’s no killer.

  58. Gotta go with Mrs. Voorhees. If you look at the end of their respected movies, Mrs. Voorhees brought it to Alice face to face and lost her head fair and square. Ginny ran like a wimp, tricked Jason, then attacked him from behind. Nevermind that Jason got her in the end and we STILL don’t know how she survived or where Paul is. Pam Voorhees.

  59. mrs voorhees

  60. Pamela V.

  61. Mrs Voorhees

    Jason, mother is talking to you…

  62. My vote goes with Ginny. I really think that she was one of, if not the, best female character throughout the entire series.