Bracket Challenge Final Four: Sheriff Garris vs Crazy Ralph


We are down to the final 4 characters in this 4 month long contest. There has beenso much written about these matchups and where the votes rank that now is the time for you to turn out and vote. Some have been skeptical to vote as they think that it won’t matter. I would say to those people just type your character in and see what happens.

Two great characters are about to do battle. Series heavyweight Crazy Ralph and tough guy Sheriff Garris are vying for a spot in the championship round. Make it count and have fun!

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64 Responses to “ Bracket Challenge Final Four: Sheriff Garris vs Crazy Ralph ”

  1. Crazy Ralph is too dumb to follow his own advice and get outta dodge. I’m going with Garris. But Ralph has his cult following even though he is brainless. Curious to see what will happen here…

  2. Garris! He’s a bad mofo

  3. Garris

  4. Shit, its getting real hard here. I guess Im going with Garris. He went down swinging. Sorry ralph.

  5. I have to go Garris, as much as I love Crzy Ralph, he made it to the sequel by accident and didn’t take his own advice, and at times I thin he may have only been trying to help the kids to justify his peeping Tom antics. Garris took the J man on head on to save his daughter, and while he was killed for it, I’d rather have balls and courage then be a doomed prophet of doom.

  6. Crazy Ralph!

  7. Crazy Ralph!

  8. I’ve got to go with Garris. He died trying to save his daughter. Ralph died because of his voyeurism.

  9. Gotta go with Garris. He is a man of the law and trying to right the wrongs that have been done at camp blood (forrest Green). Ralph knew someone was amidst and he did try and warn people but he didn’t heed his own advice.

  10. Ralph……He is out for revenge.

  11. Crazy Ralph

  12. Ralph

  13. My vote goes to Garris!!!!

    BODY CRASH!!!!!!


  14. Sherrif Garris … guy took Jason head on, like a real man. Had Jason come to Ralph face to face, Ralph would have just hopped on his 10-speed and rode off as fast as possibly could have cause he was nothing more than a big talking punk !

  15. Ralph!

  16. Garris for me but crazy ralf is a great character but not tough enough to kill jason.

  17. Crazy Ralph!

  18. Got to go with Garris!

  19. ralph

  20. ralph

  21. ralph

  22. Sherif Garris for definatly. Ralph was absent minded went to the camp even though he knew there was a “death curse”

  23. Wow another tough one. But Im going with Sherrif Garris, for many numerous reasons Ive stated before. But one thing I dont think Ive mentioned is how much I love the scene where Garris keeps shooting Jason with the shotgun….and He keeps getting back up. When Jason sits up its kinda like a fast zombie. My final thought is that Sherrif Garris is a tough bastard, and Ralph wouldnt stand a chance. Plus in part 2 Jason took him out so easily.

  24. Crazy Ralph, I’ve NEVER liked garris

  25. Crazy Ralph

  26. Crazy Ralph

  27. Garris, of course!

  28. very hard these are 2 great characters. but i will go with CRAZY RALPH

  29. crazy ralph,garris was awful just like part sux

  30. This is a hard one, I’m going to say Garris because his role was just more important and he took on Jason head to head. Ralph is awesome tho. lol

  31. Crazy Ralph

  32. Garris

  33. Garris!

  34. Hard one..
    I think I’ll go with Ralph just cause of the intro of part 7.

  35. RALPH!

    How could Garris make it this far I will never know. But I refuse to watch him take down the Prophet! GO RALPH!

  36. Garris, I really liked him. Sorry Ralph, ttyl.

  37. Crazy Ralph

  38. Crazy Ralph

  39. sheriff garris

  40. I have to go with Ralph. Garris was cheesy. Ralph was one of a kind.

  41. Ralph will leve wearing his balls as earrings as he messes with Sheriff Garris. Don’t forget to buckle up.

  42. tough call but I have to go with Crazy Ralph in this one.

  43. Garris!!!!

  44. Garris

  45. Garris!

  46. garris

  47. Crazy Ralph

  48. Crazy Ralph all the way…

  49. Crazy Ralph! he was a passionate actor always gave evrything he had even small roles such as this. RIP Crazy Ralph

  50. ralph.

  51. garris

  52. GARRIS all the way…he had no fear taking on Jason 1 on 1…just like he’ll have no fear taking him on in the bracket final

  53. ralph

  54. Sheriff Garris

  55. Garris

  56. I vote Sheriff Garris.

  57. Garris

  58. both are terrific but im going with Crazy Ralph!

  59. Crazy Ralph and this is a no brainer. He told everyone about the murders and no one listened. You can’t blame him for trying to save lives. To bad the police couldn’t arrest him in time to avoid gettin killed. He just couldn’t get that week in jail. Hopefully he’ll be matched against Ginny in the finale. Now thiers a matchup of two screen titans.

  60. Garris

  61. I vote for Sheriff Garris.He was a proper bad ass withsome of the most memorable lines of the series.As for Crazy Ralph,he’s certainly left his mark in Friday The 13th lore and the series wouldn’t have been the same without him but he really should have listened to his on advice…………KI,KI,KI,MA,MA,MA.

  62. Garris.

  63. Garris

    No question, Ralph is a putz…

  64. I’m gonna have to go with Garris here.