Bracket Challenge Final Four: Week 17 results

Both matchups this week were very close. I thought at one point that both might end in a tie. Thankfully, that did not happen. I also wanted to mention to certain visitors that I think that it was pretty poor of you to post under different names and vote multiple times to try to taint the voting. We are able to check if you posted using different names and can identify who you really are, so save your silly games for another website. Thank you.

Back to the game. Both matchups were extemely close. This weeks CHampionship matchup should be very interesting! I am really happy with your voting everyone. I am thankful to all that have participated!


betsyGinny vs. Mrs. Voorhees

Mrs. Voorhees:  32 votes
Ginny:  30 votes





garrisSheriff Garris vs Crazy Ralph

Sheriff Garris:  34 votes
Crazy Ralph:  30 votes

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37 Responses to “ Bracket Challenge Final Four: Week 17 results ”

  1. Holy moly, Garris made it to the dance. But Mrs V has my vote for the championship when it happens.

  2. I can’t say I’m exactly happy that this turned out to be the end result. I was kinda hopin it would be Ginny vs Crazy Ralph, but since it’s the other way around I gotta go with Mrs. V in what I think will be a landslide. At least it otta be out of respect for Mrs. Betsy Palmer.

  3. Poor Ginny!!!

  4. What? Ginny lost??

  5. I’m not really so sure about this next round. Mrs. Voorhees didn’t have the risk of a police force…or really, anyone prepared to put up a fight, much less with guns and ammo. BUT, she did show up out of nowhere. She could be anywhere, just like Jason. I’m going to have to think about it before I make a vote in that round.

  6. Mrs Voorhees has top win this entire game hands down. I love Ginny too but when it all comes down to it. Pamela Voorhees is the reason we’re all here. Cheers!

  7. mrs.voorhees,garris was a homo

  8. Rocky, you do realize that Sheriff Darris had a daughter and was married to a woman once, so I really doubt he was homosexual.

    I agree with Germaniac. It´s a scandal that Ginny got eliminated against Mrs Voorhees.

    People posted under several different usernames to get their point across!? Some people are stupid! ;)

  9. crap, i forgot to vote for Ginny! actually, never even saw that bracket challenge come up . . .

  10. Or some people just add a 2 to there user name and make it clear it is them and forget to change their avatar and repeat the same thing, right Germaniac?

  11. i think the avatar is related to your email address

  12. Of course that was me (how more obvious could I have made it?). I was just trying to be sarcastic!

    I forgot to add to my previous post:
    Even if Sheriff Garris (or any other person, real of fictional) was homosexual that wouldn´t mean a thing. (just making sure not to offend anyone).

  13. I want a recount on the Ginny mrs v battle. Ginny got screwed. Im done.

  14. What?! Ginny lost. Oh well, I guess Mrs. Voorhees is going to take this battle.

  15. Kill him mommy… kill him!

  16. Hey Germaniac, good on you for being honest, I respect that

  17. WHAT THE HELLLLLLLLLLLLLL GINNY SHOULD HAVE WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Ginny lost, haha suckers. She is ugly anyway.

  19. Goddammit ginny lost and garris made it! tHATS BS i think somebody used diff emails and names and fixed it. well with the overwhelming response of pissed off people its prety obvious. no way you can tell me garris is the number two popular character in the franchise hes a douche. RECOUNT!!!

  20. the only thing that I cant understand is how garris has keep winning, he is one of the most annoying characters in all the franchise

  21. These results are legit everyone. Like I mentioned, we caught all of the bad votes, so this is what you guys voted.

  22. sorry let me re-phrase garris was just plain shitty along with all the crap that was part i’m only offending the ppl who like the garbage after part 5 and not a whole group of ppl just a couple.

  23. I hope it counts when i say mommy instead of mrs voorhees :)

  24. Yikes no Ralph!

    This is like when the Yankees and Red Sox have a great ALCS, then the world series stinks.

    Ralph v. Mrs. V would have been so great! Mrs. V v. Garris is like the Red Sox v. Tampa Bay!

    Mrs. V all the way. Maybe it should have been that way no matter what.

  25. Hey Rocky, just a word of advice… You should stop using the term ‘homo’ to represent something. You are using that term to represent a negative or something bad. Being gay is not a negative or bad thing and I know many (gay and straight) who would be offended by your use of the word. Just say Garris was a ‘dick’ or something instead. Take no offense I’m just trying to give you some friendly word of advice.

  26. I think that when their is a clear winner, either Mrs. V or Garris, they should be pitted up against the Jason that was voted on as the best Jason from the Friday the 13th poll. Even though I personally don’t like the Jason that ended up winning that contest. It could make for an interesting end result. Just like with the movies, the last person alive should take on Jason. It’s only logical. Any thoughts on this idea, personally I don’t think this idea can miss.

  27. That has been the plan since the inception of the challenge in July, Thomas Trofholz. Should be interesting! :)

  28. I don’t see what the big deal is about the “homo” comment. It didn’t seem to me that the word was being used directly towards gay people, it’s just slang for something being lame… People need to stop being overly sensitive. We can’t let political correctness kill freedom of speech…

  29. I agree with Dave Lane, there is too much worry about what to say, because there is always something that is going to offend someone. Simply saying “hello how are you” may be found offensive to someone, my point being, soon people won’t be allowed to open their mouth because anything said may be held against you. That’s the crazy thing with politics.

  30. No Ginny?! Sad day indeed

  31. you’re right DAVE LANE AND GABE,but anyone that wants to believe different can go back to forest green with garris.ppl should be more concerned that some ppl are voting more than once under different user names.

  32. There should not be any concern with people posting under different names. We have that handled with no problem.

  33. Momma Voorhees is almost at the final post despite some worthwhile competition from Sherif Garris………….KI,KI,KI,MA,MA,MA.

  34. Ah, I get it … Ginny used some child-psychology on us!!!
    That is not Mrs Voorhees who has won this round … it´s Ginny wearing Mrs´ Voorhees´ sweater!!! Go Ginny!

  35. I don’t remember a favorite Jason poll. Which version won that?

  36. That was won by the Jason from The New Blood. I have his image in the bracket listed at the top of this post.

  37. TFC Jason should’ve won that. I like Kane Hodder but the earlier Jasons were more frightening.

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