Bracket Challenge Finale: Mrs. Voorhees and Jason Voorhees

I know a lot of people have commented on this finale. Some are confused on if we are voting now between these two characters to determine our overall favorite. Not at all. You voted on your favorite character, which is now Mrs. Voorhees. Everyone voted seperately on the favorite Jason so to set up a fun sort of “what if” end of the Bracket Challenge matchup. So, now that we know the matchup is Mommy vs son. My question is would this version of Jason, from The New Blood, cave into Mrs. Voorhees? Does this incarnation of Jason have any remorse left for his mother or is he a pure killing, undead machine that would plow through his mother to satisfy his thirst for killing?

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49 Responses to “ Bracket Challenge Finale: Mrs. Voorhees and Jason Voorhees ”

  1. Jason

  2. Jason…..Heres how it happens :D “Your job is done now Jason” Mrs. Voorhees says in an almost fake smile,”Mommy is proud” Jason lays his bloody machete on the ground and kneels before his mother “The time has come for you to rest” she then pulls a machete of her own from behind her back and draws back to behead her loyal son,just then Jason looks up and gives his infamous “confused head tilt” noticing her ill intentions,Jason almost instantly grabs his trusty machete and thrusts it into her stomach and gives a quick twist of the blade and watches his mother,with her look of shock,fall to her knees and then face first into the mud. Jason rises and gives one last look at his mother before walking off into the night.

  3. Could there be a more ultimate question? Should the series have stayed with its original killer and not gone in the direction it did? Steve Miner had no idea his Jason would end up a rotten zombie fighting a psychic girl. He didn’t even know his Jason would end up wearing a hockey mask. The real question is did they go right, or did they go wrong? I’m going with right.

    I vote Jason.

  4. “Does this incarnation of Jason have any remorse left for his mother or is he a pure killing, undead machine that would plow through his mother to satisfy his thirst for killing?”

    By Pamela. Looks like Jason is gonna chop you in two. She has no effect on Zombie Jason. She might have held a chance pre zombie.

  5. So Im voting Jason

  6. got to go with mrs voorhees,jason zombie was really bad.beyond dumb.if i wanted a zombie movie to watch it would be a romero flick.i always hated that jason zombie crap,just kill him off and be done with it. NO instead they had to be greedy and make crap 6-10

  7. Good point JJ..
    Pre zombie I think Pamela would’ve had a chance but with ZombieJason, NO CHANCE!!

    My vote goes to Jason..

  8. I honestly don’t think either would kill the other, and when it did happen, Jason would end up killing Mrs. V in a fit of rage over something like her not letting him watch Charlie & Lola because she wanted to watch The Price is Right.

  9. The question of the century, maybe? In my opinion, this incarnation of Jason is too far gone to be the momma’s boy he once was. After being “killed” and the resurrected “Frankenstein-style”, I think the only thing drving him is the urge to kill. He no longer knows or cares why anymore. He just does. Forget Jaws, Jason is the unltimate killing machine. Before Tommy Jarvis, I believe Pamela would have a chance. Post Tommy, Jason kills and doesn’t think twice.

    Jason. End of story.

  10. jason

  11. “Jason… my special, special boy! You’ve done well! You’ve cleaned this camp of all the bad counselors! I’m very proud of you. But now the time has come for you to sleep honey! Mommy is very proud, but now I need you with me!”

    Jason thinking: ‘But mommy? I thought you wanted me to stay here… to look after the camp and keep the bad people from it. From my home…’

    “Sweetie… you’ve done a great job! Mommy couldn’t be more proud! But you now need to be with me!”

    Jason thinking: ‘No mommy. I want to stay here. There is too much I must do. Goodbye mommy. I love you.’

    This is when Jason’s head is cleared of his mothers Schizophrenic thoughts, and can continue ridding the camp of “The bad people”.

    Result: Jason Voorhees

  12. Well, in Freddy vs. Jason,Zombie Jason listened to his ‘mommy’ and rose up to kill for her. Actually seeing the ‘real’ Mrs. voorhess would be an even bigger shock to Jason. I believe he would do what ever mommy asked of him. Hopefully it would be to go kick Freddy’s a** again! ;)

  13. I’m voting Jason. Momma Voorhees neglected to have the police drag the lake for his body. He was so frightened by all the attention he ran into the woods to hide. Because his momma just assumed that he was dead so she could take out all her aggressions toward her husband who obviously was never there for either of them since he’s yet to show up in a Friday film, Jason’s fear and confusion over the years turned to anger and then to rage toward his mother. Momma would show up with arms wide open to greet her son only so that she could attempt to off him once and for all to justify her murderous rampage decades before. Jason would see through this and remember that she abandoned him and dispatch of her quickly. After all, he’s got to get back to camp because a new bunch of unsuspecting teenagers just set up their tents and began telling ghost stories about “the boy who drowned in that lake over there”.

  14. Mrs Voorhees. She brought him into the world and only fittingly should remove him!

  15. Vote =Jason. *Scenario: He will have no trust in his mother for he was fooled by Ginny and in a rage kills her thinking it was an imposter. Now after realizing he killed his mother, he will be even angrier and and more blood thirsty than ever! Beware!*

  16. Jason Voorhees. While I don’t think anything would make Jason stop caring about his Mommy, if he were determined to disobey her, there’d be precious little she could practically do about it.

  17. pamela

  18. No, No, No, I am sorry but Jason is my favorite, however, even though he was fooled by Ginny and Freddy, he still will let his guard down. Remember, mommy is who he kills for. As much as I like Jason, he still will fall for the same trick, even though it is not a trick. However, this will be a twist, Mommy will embrace her son and tell her how proud she is and then it will be a draw!!! Yes, I said it, a draw, Mrs Voorhees will take her son into the woods and this will open up a new chapter in the Friday the 13th legend. The circle is now complete. VOTE DRAW!!! It makes more sense then picking a winner

  19. Jason

  20. JASON, No Doubt.

  21. I vote Jason because if we are honest he has left more of an impression on Friday lore than Mrs V.Don’t get me wrong Mrs V left her mark but whenever you mention Friday The 13th to anyone the first thing they think of is Jason.Plus New Blood Jason is my fave incarnation of Jason as i think he has never looked more menacing……………KI,KI,KI,MA,MA,MA.

  22. I still think that Mrs V still has the mummy effect and it will last no matter how many times he is reincarnated!
    His mum was and is everything too him, shes his life thats why he kills the councelers because off what they did too her and also what they did to him.
    He, i dont think, would ever want him to join her, she knows that he will never be able to stop killing! Its in his ahh…!

  23. So i vote Mrs V

  24. I say Mrs Voorhees. She is Jasons puppet master. As lame as Freddy Vs Jason was, He went to Springwood because His Mom told Him so (Freddy). I know Jason and His mother wouldnt hurt each other, but if it came down to it Mrs Voorhees would beat Him. As much as I love The New Blood Jason, Im going with Pamela all the way.

  25. I vote Pamela.

    While I love both characters, and while Jason is clever, I do think Pamela would outsmart him. Or, if nothing else, as Part 11 proved, Jason will listen to his Mother (or if he thinks it is his Mother as that was Freddy.) I thank Tonyloomis for being the first to point that out. I think if Pamela told him it was time to stop, he would most likely stop.

    To TheRustyMachete
    The lake was dragged for his body and his body was not found. Source, Pamela’s Tale Part 2/2 comic book. Also, many still debate if Jason really drowned or not. I go with he did, actually. To me, I do not see how a man who can find his way home from a graveyard in Part6, New York between 8 and 9, couldn’t just walk around the lake to get home. To me, only death would keep the two apart

    Also, Pamela didn’t forget or abandon him, she killed for him. Also, remember her link to him in Part 1 (the voice.) He clearly remember her at the end of Part 8, and Part 11. Why would Part 7 be any different?

  26. Jason would never hurt his mom and she would never hurt him. thats it thats all

  27. If it comes down to these two, the only winner would be Elias Voorhees. With this much shit going down, I would have to say that Jason’s daddy would finally come into the picture and put them both in check! I vote for Elias Voorhees!

  28. Mrs. V

  29. I think Jason would kill the bitch:-)

  30. They both are at the final….think about it…if they were both up and breathing at the same time in a movie, they would be with each other not against each other…therefor they have both won this Bracket…family is forever…this is exactly what they would have wanted…what a team they would have made…there would have been no survivors in any movie had they been killing together…lol

  31. Tough One but I think Jason just may win it at the death ‘No matter what they do to you, you cannot die’

  32. Cool as these two battling it out sounded on paper I truly was hoping it would have been two other people (or at least one of them… but not both). But this is of course my personal opinion and I’m not angered about it, but I think a different mix would have been more exciting.

    This vote will but my toughest because how can you vote for Jason and not vote for the person that brought him into the world?

    Soooo I’m going to vote this way.

    50% / J.V.
    50% / P.V

    If this can’t be counted I completely understand because if you accepted it, well everyone will do it and the game would end in a tie, but this is my vote… even if it doesn’t count ;)

    Thanks for the Bracket Challenge Jasonsfury (and the rest of the site crew). Hope next year brings some more group interactive content.

    It’s been a great year with us getting THREE Friday the 13ths this year although the years to come are looking bleak with only two more coming in two years. But usually having one a year makes them more special… almost like a second Halloween ;)

    “Happy New Year to All”


  33. Jason.

  34. I think The New Blood Jason would plow right through his mother because by this point he is remorseless and is a pure killing machine.

  35. My vote is for Jason.

    Jason would kill his mom so hard that she would have wished she got an abortion before Jason was born. But ya know what? Not even an abortion would have stopped Jason…he would just keep coming back.

  36. I always saw Jason as a static character emotionally. I never realized so many conceived him as somehow becoming ignorant of his motivation as the Franchise progressed. To say that he is remorseless and would just plow through her is to forget Parts 8 and 11 entirely. Or, I guess it is saying that somehow he knew what he was doing, got ignorant, then became cognitive again. It really just doesn’t add up at all.

    I think a deeper analysis is that people see Jason as a masculine symbol of the visceral power of self-empowering homicide. We are a death culture. Our culture is motivated by death because it fears death. We fear 911, we fear more 911 type events, so we see soldiers and others of a masculine status as somehow the ideal man to be be. A sort of idol.

    It becomes less of what they stand for, and more for the fact that they are a remorseless killing machine. When we look at the torture Americans engaged in, so many were offended NOT by the fact that the torture had taken place. They saw that as soldiers doing what they do. Instead, they were offended at the whistle-blowers for daring to release the photos and get these guys in trouble for “protecting us” by making prisons stack into naked pyramids…

    Look at how our youth are either in gangs, or, are at home playing death simulators. Adult Swim is filled with violent media. And dark comedy and military shooters have taken over.

    This is nothing new as any nation that slides toward a fascist state must militarize the youth. For it will be their job to carry out the dictates that come from the leader the cult personality that surrounds the leader.

    Back to the point. I love Friday the 13Th because there is a point were violent media is acceptable and encouraged. I’m not one of those, “violent media causes violent kids.” That’s a loud of bs. My point is the love of violence of violence’s sake. Where some people respect Marines and the like for being killing machines, not guardians of the republic as they should be seen as and as they should (and many do) act as.

    Jason isn’t a mindless killing machine. He is keenly aware of what he’s doing and why, as the films around Part 7 show. Which, again, is one the key things about Parts 11 and 12 is that they remind the audience why Jason kills. As is increasingly evident to me, many people forget why he kills if they aren’t reminded ever chapter.

    To prize Jason, to aspire to him, as a killing machine is to disenfranchise what he is and what separates him from the dime a dozen killings machines that, frankly, kill a lot more gruesome now than Jason does.

    It’s disturbing to see this trend as it indicates that people “have forgotten where they came from.” That they have forgotten the point. This happens far too much in politics and war. People forget that we shouldn’t be admiring death machines for their abilities to kill. We should admire people who can utilize force for the protection of freedoms and only then. That’s the difference between a nation of freedom and a nation-sized death-cult.

  37. Jason

  38. Really? This would never happen, but for the sake of this Jason would kill his mom, and it would be the final act to remove the only weakness Jason has ever exhibited, his love for his mom.

  39. Jason.

  40. I vote Jason, for a few reasons. I think the part 7 Jason was one of the angriest Jason\’s, he was angry that Tommy had finally beaten him, and he was angrier still to awaken and find teens still at Crystal Lake despite his best efforts. I feel in part 7 he was motivated more by anger then by revenge. This is one of the few entries with no flashbacks, no acknowledgement to the past, save the intro, which talks about \

  41. Jason without a doubt only if we can assume that he doesn’t see her as his mother anymore.

  42. Every monster/villain has a weakness. Mrs. V all the way.

  43. I forgot to mention this in my last post, but there’s also Pamela’s (alleged) overindulgence. While I don’t think either would kill the other, parents and children fight sometimes, and if Jason and Pamela got into an argument (with Pamela arguing and Jason, uh, overturning canoes, I guess), there’s a possibility Pamela would just cave in.

  44. Mommy Voorhees gets my vote!

  45. Jason

  46. Gotta go with Mrs. V. simply because this incarnation of Jason is my least favorite of the entire series. Plus Mrs. V. is very iconic and she started the whole slasher movie craze. Don’t get me wrong I love the movies that Jason’s in to, but must vote against him since my favorite Jason didn’t win.

  47. Jason 100% Slasher!

  48. I’ll match MadWorldDesigns with a 50/50 split, that way y’all can take our votes and count them each as a vote towards each character.

    Jason still remembers his mama, and still kills for her (which is evident in FvJ and even the reboot)& Pamela went on a murder spree at the very thought of her son dying. Either way, these two wouldn’t harm each other unless they were being tricked by someone like Freddy into believing they were killing someone else. From a purely physical point of view, Zombie Jason would win…but that really is a moot point.

  49. Jason all the way!