Bracket Challenge: Gangs of New York

Posted 24 Sep 2024 in Fans

I simply could not resist this division. I actually really like these characters. They fit the franchise perfectly. They could easily be in A New Beginning as that movie threw just about every character possible into it. Which of New York’s finest do you believe deserves to move on to the next round?

streeturchinStreet Urchin ( Jason Takes Manhattan)
The only guy in the entire franchise to mouth off to Jason and live. Jason was feeling generous this day as he did just get done with a long cruise to New York. This guy had the shortest screen time out of the three in this division, but has one of the best lines in the franchise. Gotta love the switch blade action from the 80′s.

“You’re dead meat, slimebag!”

banger1Gang Banger #1 (Jason Takes Manhattan)
He loves himself the ladies. Especially, the ladies he can kidnap to rape in a dirty alley in New York. This guy does not get anywhere near the brutal death he deserves. He gets the ironic drug user dieing by the needle gag. But he does make for an excellent, I hate this guy and really want him to die, character.

“C’mon baby, lay back and enjoy it. I think I’m in love”

banger2GangBanger # 2, Joe Joe (Jason Takes Manhattan)
The typical lacky gang banger. Always the one collecting the money from the victims during the robbery. Always slanging more cain for getting high and rapes. However, Joe Joe does stand tall and fire away at Jason. He also has one of the cooler kills in the movie. A head being rammed into a steam pipe is always awesome!

“We got some good shit here, holmes.”

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  1. Scott (26 Sep 2024, 21:15)

    street urchin