Bracket Challenge: Gangs of New York

I simply could not resist this division. I actually really like these characters. They fit the franchise perfectly. They could easily be in A New Beginning as that movie threw just about every character possible into it. Which of New York’s finest do you believe deserves to move on to the next round?

streeturchinStreet Urchin ( Jason Takes Manhattan)
The only guy in the entire franchise to mouth off to Jason and live. Jason was feeling generous this day as he did just get done with a long cruise to New York. This guy had the shortest screen time out of the three in this division, but has one of the best lines in the franchise. Gotta love the switch blade action from the 80’s.

“You’re dead meat, slimebag!”

banger1Gang Banger #1 (Jason Takes Manhattan)
He loves himself the ladies. Especially, the ladies he can kidnap to rape in a dirty alley in New York. This guy does not get anywhere near the brutal death he deserves. He gets the ironic drug user dieing by the needle gag. But he does make for an excellent, I hate this guy and really want him to die, character.

“C’mon baby, lay back and enjoy it. I think I’m in love”

banger2GangBanger # 2, Joe Joe (Jason Takes Manhattan)
The typical lacky gang banger. Always the one collecting the money from the victims during the robbery. Always slanging more cain for getting high and rapes. However, Joe Joe does stand tall and fire away at Jason. He also has one of the cooler kills in the movie. A head being rammed into a steam pipe is always awesome!

“We got some good shit here, holmes.”

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51 Responses to “ Bracket Challenge: Gangs of New York ”

  1. Joe Joe

    This was kind of a lame category but whatever. I’d put a section for the jerks of F13.

  2. Street urchin just because he lived and ran

  3. Lol this is kind of is a lame category. I’m gonna go with wangster #1 just cause he’s got some kickass hair.

  4. Street Urchin. Was way too funny.

  5. Street Urchin,….That scene was one of the funniest in Friday the 13th history :D

  6. Street Urchin

  7. Street Urchin

  8. Street urchin…even though this movie was lame…”Jason Takes A Boat Ride…And Likes It So Much…He Decides To Jump On Another Boat, And Visit The City For A Vacation”…LAME SHEEYIT.

  9. Street urchin because he and his gang remind me of myself and my mates when we were that age.(Except we had cooler hair and didn’t need to carry knives).

  10. Oops,forgot to sign off with my trademark………KI,KI,KI,MA,MA,MA.

  11. Hey guys, I have to show love to the whole franchise, not just the favorite movies and characters. :) Yea, these guys are pretty obscure compared to others, but they were funny.

  12. Gang Banger #1

  13. street urchin, as kid loved how they ran when he lifted his mask

    growing up in nyc, the other two never sat well with me, thought they could ahve done them better

  14. Street Urchin!

  15. Kindof a weak category here, but I’m going with the street urchin. Had a funny line in probably the worst of the movies made. It’s kindof wierd cause Jason walked past alot of people that he could’ve easily killed in this movie

  16. Street Urchin…what a classic funny scene that is….Jason lifting his mask and them taking off…funny as hell

  17. all of these choices are shit,but i’ll pick street urchins really bad and inaccurate stereo types of new yorkers.i live in new york and i still think all these years later that this is a big heaping pile of steaming shit.

  18. Street Urchin

  19. the rapist dudes are more like LA stereotypes than New York it seems. they didn’t do their homework. i’m going with Joe Joe. His death was absolutely awesome!

  20. Street Urchin.

  21. well, out of this group I’ll have to go with gangster #1.

  22. Joe Joe

    This is a lame category w/ lame characters and lame actors. Joe Joe left me feeling the least lame of the lame lames.

  23. I’ll go with Street Urchin. The lifting of the mask thing was kind of lame but he did take smack to J and get away with it. That is until he ran into a cluster of donut eating cops and got arrested for bad acting.

  24. Well, out of 21 comments so far, there has only been 4 comments of lame and 1 comment of weak. :) Not too bad. It is interesting to see how normally this movie and A New Beginning are panned pretty much by everyone, including fans of the franchise. However, most people seem to embrace the characters from A New Beginning on a much bigger level.

  25. Gangbanger #1. He was one of the people you saw and couldn’t wait for him to get killed. Felt kinda bad for JoeJoe

    Jason should have killed one of those urchins to make an example to the rest of them. It was very uncharacteristic of him to just let those punks go.

    By The Way, I’m the guy who used to post as Adam. I am a lot more active on this site than I thought I would be. Adam is boring, and Hoss Vegas is more fun!

  26. It’s hard to pick when both the movie and characters are lame….the druggie losers would have probably been dead by either OD or some badder dudes within 6 months anyway, so Jason just did the city a favor…..the urchins acted tough, but honestly, at that point we didn’t know what jason looked like in the movie…it turns out he is a jack-o-lantern later….i am more surprised they didn’t laugh at what he looked like….

    an uninspired vote for the urchin…

  27. Street Urchin ( Jason Takes Manhattan)


  29. “If the crack don’t get ya then the hookers will”

    ezequiel, that song is hilarious at the end. I’ll throw my vote in for the street urchin.

  30. Street Urchin

  31. How about a “best walk-away ass” category - there are plenty of great shots of girls walking around crystal lake

  32. I vote for Street Urchin…it was one of the high points in Jason Takes Manhattan. The only thing that didn’t make sense was why was a bunch of punk rockers listening to hip hop? I give Jason props for kicking the radio.

  33. Street Urchin

  34. I vote Street Urchin.

    I always thought he was hot.

  35. Street Urchin. Just because of the “Yoa dead meat sluymbag”… such a stereotypical New York accent. Hilarious.

  36. Street Urchin

  37. Street Urchin because he lived…

  38. Gang banger 1

  39. Street Urchin.

  40. hey jasons fury,i can dig this challenge,i say street urchin,”your dead meat slimebag”is classic

  41. Street urchin is my vote.

  42. They all deserve to be thrown into a vat of sulphuric acid one body part at a time to experience as much pain as the body can offer before the brain shuts down for good.

    That said…I vote for JASON!!!!!!!

  43. Street Urchin….a scene no friday fan could forget…Jason is so focused on wanting to kill Rennie and Sean that he just doesn’t even want to waste his time on these punks…lol…hilarious

  44. my vote is going to Street Urchin.

  45. Def street Urchin. That was too funny of a part. He lifts up his mask and they run. ha ha ha

  46. street urchin I guess?

  47. Street Urchin that scene was awesome

  48. Vote: Street Urchin.

    Yeah other than the “Gangs of NY” title I wasn’t feeling this one either. Truthfully I think it should have been a “Gangs” catagory and featured all these guys plus Ali, Fox and Loco instead of them being separated.

    But it’s all good…… I’m still loving the challenge!


  49. 1-.s.u.

  50. Street Urchin definitely. I thought he was cute.

  51. street urchin