Bracket Challenge: Jason Hunters


Jason has attracted a lot of attention over the years. His fan club has grown more and more in the past 30 years. But every so often he attracts those people that don’t particularly care for him. In fact, they go out of their way to let him know it. So, begin voting on your favorite hater, um, hunter and lets see who has what it takes to get that much closer to a final battle with Jason.


Rob (The Final Chapter)
Rob has the distinction of being the very first Jason hunter in the franchise. He set off to avenge his sister Sandra’s death with his tote bag full of motion tracking equipment and machete. However, he further proved that having the most equipment does not necessarily translate into the most common sense. Don’t go into a dark basement by yourself after the power just went off and the front door has a huge axe hole in it. “He’s killing me”



tommypart6Tommy Jarvis (Part 6: Jason Lives)
Tommy Jarvis will be appearing three times in this competition. Each incarnation of the character from each of the  three movies he has been apart of will be found in different divisions. In this division, Tommy goes hunting for a Jason corpse only to unleash Jason on Crystal Lake, err, Forest Green once again. Now, Tommy must hunt Jason down on some familiar camping grounds and set up one of the best finales of the series. “Hey asshole, I’m over here waiting. Come on, ya pussy!”


creightondukeCreighton Duke (Jason Goes To Hell)
What a lot of people I talk to don’t realize about this character, is his motivation for hunting serial killers and his afliction for Jason. His backstory was omitted from the final movie, but was written about in the movie magazine that was released in 1993 and since then in a lot of other media. Creighton Duke, once married, lost his wife at the hands of Jason. This sparked his need to hunt serial killers, but more specifically, Jason. Although, his final confrontation is somewhat anticlimatic, he is still the coolest customer in the franchise. “Why, she’s only your lady, cause she hasn’t had a taste of the Duke yet.”

brodskiSeargent Brodski (Jason X)
The only character in this division to not start off the movie looking for Jason. I seriously considered leaving this character for an entirely different division, grouping him in with the other Marines from Jason X, but I thought placing him here suited the character better. After Jason awakens on the Grendel, Brodski and company hunt Jason in all corridors of the ship. Only Brodski survives, but after taking a major beating from Jason. In the finale, Brodski gets his revenge by thrusting Jason into a planet’s atmosphere? Whoa.

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111 Responses to “ Bracket Challenge: Jason Hunters ”

  1. Creighton Duke

    Baddest hunter I think. I really wanted to pic Rob because his death was kinda sad. Tommy’s sister kinda having a thing for him I almost thought he was going to survive. I went with Duke cause he just knows how to dress, the whole cowboy getup is cool and he breaks fingers for information lol.

  2. Come on.. it has to be ROB DIER!

    He is the “Original” Jason hunter.
    The first to bring family revenge to the series.

    Yeah Rob was this built up Jason killer that not only gets zero points but goes out like a bitch!

    I still watch that scene and wonder if Rob truly just wanted to be iced by the king. Who holds their arms out when being shanked. So on that reason alone I give the vote over TJ to my man Rob!

    PLUS: in the remake the “Clay Miller” character was a total Rob Dier rip without a doubt!

    GO DIER!

  3. Creighton Duke

  4. This is the hardest one yet but I gotta go with Creighton Duke. He was the only one who I thought could really give Jason a run for the money.

  5. I agree it was to be Rob

  6. Tommy Jarvis

  7. hardest one so far.

    I wanna vote Seargent Brodski cause he put up a pretty good fight. “Its gonna take more than a poke in the ribs to put this guy down….yep that otta do it.” I think thats what he says when Jasons stabing him. Haha funny shit.

    But then you got the duke. the bad ass hunter. And although he is cool and mysterious in his own way, I don’t think the movie built his character up as much as they could have.

    Majority will probably go Duke, but Im going Brodski.

  8. Gotta go with Seargent Brodski here. He came the closest to finally exterminate Jason completely. And he’s a tough dog.

    Duke just acted like he was a match for Jason, but instead he got crushed like a bug.
    Never cared about Tommy Jarvis in Jason Lives. His sudden character transformation from a psycho in part 5 to a hero in part 6 never made any sense. I think Thom Matthews (sp?) portrayal of Tommy was rather weak.
    And Rob was just an amateur. He acted totally stupid by going into that cellar.

  9. Rob

  10. I am torn between Rob and Tommy Jarvis, but in thinking about it for a little bit, I have to go with Rob from the Final Chapter. The original Jason hunter, the first time I watched it, I hope he would be the one to survive. I have to go with him here.

  11. Rob No doubt

  12. Tommy. He was the most prepared, had experience ‘in the field’, and actually did stop Jason. Course, he brought him back to life too- what a dumbass! Still, he was a vet.

    All these characters are great, but for sheer Jason stopping power and for the relationship (he was avanging Mom, just like Jason that bastard) I will say Tommy. All that mousse and California accent aside.

  13. Tommy, too much history there!

  14. It’s a toss-up for me between Duke and Tommy. Duke’s the cool badass, but Tommy did manage to survive - 3 times! That alone gives the nod to Tommy in my view.

  15. good one. i gotta go with tommy. seriously, you needs some massively swollen man-grapes to come up with a plan to
    A: lure an undead jason with superhuman strength out into the middle of crystal lake, armed with nothing more than the Marlboro man’s jean jacket
    B: set all the water around you on freaking fire!
    C: wrap a chain noose around undead jason’s neck
    D: and finally, assuming he’d survive steps A-C, actually manage to kick out an impossibly large boulder tethering the chain in order to drown jason at the bottom of the lake.

    the craziest part of this crazy-ass, overly complicated, pragmatically impossible plan . . . IT ACTUALLY WORKED!

    so tommy jarvis get my vote.

  16. i think Rob would be the winner here as the first one to excat revenge on jason, which added something new to the series. i vote for Rob.

    Duke, without his backstory in the fim is a little underwheling as a hunter, he seems like he is out for the prize in the film, we needed the backstory, his death didnt bother me, it seemed he was thrown in to tell them how to desatroy jason thats all. with the backstory in the film it would have filled out more.

    Ive never thought of tommmy as the hunter, he wanted to make sure he was dead, but that was due in part to how screwed up he became.

    brodski was a bad ass dude , but not really a hunter, he didnt have an orignal motive for hunting jason he was only a hunter because he had to fight for his life, he didnt come into the film seeking revenge it was thrust upon by the events in the film.

    man im a nerd ! ha

  17. I vote for Sgt. Brodski because he was badass!!

  18. Creighton Duke all the way!

    Creighton Duke had balls. He had a great sense of humor that added a lot to Jason Goes to Hell. Probably my favorite character in that film. Whenever I watch that movie, or show it to a friend, it’s usually to see their reaction to Duke.

  19. I’ll have to go with Rob. Yeah he didn’t really have his crap together when gonig out hunting the man himself but he did have a tragic death. His last words were screaming at the sister to get away.

  20. Tommy Jarvis

  21. Well technically, Tommy Jarvis is an accessory to murder in Jason Lives because he brought Jason back to life which allowed Jason to go on a killing spree before Tommy killed him again. In my opinion, that negates the excellent blow to the head that Tommy gave Jason to his head (with his own machete, no doubt) in The Final Chapter. Tommy gets no vote from me.

    Rob in The Final Chapter was pathetic when he actually met Jason. He screamed, “He’s killing me!” to which I always want to respond, “No Shit you idiot…why don’t you try protecting yourself a little better then!” What an dumb guy!!! Rob gets no vote from me and I’m glad Jason owned him the way he did (all backed up in the corner of a basement, getting hacked up like a pig in a slaughterhouse).

    CREIGHTON DUKE IS THE HUNTER TO VOTE FOR HERE. He is the Captain Ahab of the franchise and he wore a really cool cowboy hat and smoked a mean cigar. He puts up a mean fight (unlike Rob) and makes sure the things he kills are dead the first time around (unlike Tommy). In general, he is the only cool thing about Jason Goes To Hell.

  22. I seem to be in the minority but how the hell is Creighton Duke gettin so many votes. Worse movie in the franchise… I didn’t like how jumps into the series out of nowhere and knows all the Jason mythology and hes the highly appointed Jason hunter. Just seemed cheesy and corny to me. Dont HATE on me just my opinion.

  23. Ouch, this is a *really* difficult one. I actually *really like* all of these characters, and I can’t hold their inglorious demises against them, since only Tommy managed to avoid the sort of ridiculously cheap death you can usually only get from that one red pirahna plant in castle D-4 of the Super Mario Bros. Lost Levels.

    Painful as the decision is, I’m going to vote for Rob Dier. Creighton Duke is such a close second it hurts, though.

    In Duke’s corner, there’s his ambiguity. Even if you know the omitted backstory, there’s a lot about him that doesn’t add up, making him almost as mysterious a figure as Elias Voorhees. Also, while he’s probably going to get more points for his “badassery,” I was actually more intrigued by his casual subtlety. He didn’t always (or even usually) solve his problems by fighting, and like Jason, his enemies often did not even know he was there until he wanted them to.

    Rob has my favorite story of them, since I liked Sandra in part 2 and bringing him into part 4 really made it feel like these characters had lives before Jason killed them. He also gets points because, unlike Duke (who’s pegged as a hero, albeit a rather unusual one, right off the bat), Rob’s a little suspicious until he tells Trish what he’s doing there. I think that’s what gives him the edge for me.

    So, yes, I vote for Rob Dier.

  24. Tough, but I have to go with Tommy Jarvis.

  25. Tommy Jarvis

  26. Yeah, this is hard. But after reading a few posts on this specific bracket challenge, especially Walmart Mans, I vote for the Duke.

    Tough, badass, and funny. Duke.

  27. How can you deny Tommy, he is Jasons arch rival

  28. I would be torn between Rob and Tommy. They both were favorites of mine. If I had to choose I would choose Rob.

  29. Tommy Jarvis. WOW This one was tough, by far the hardest category so far. I honestly wanted to vote for all of them.

  30. Tommy Jarvis (Part 6: Jason Lives)

  31. Tommy

  32. I’ll go with Tommy (though I never really cared for the Thom Mathews version). Rob’s a close second though (even if his death just sucked).

  33. Tommy Jarvis

  34. Mr. “oh god he’s killing me” himself. lol, gotta be Rob

  35. tommy jarvis

  36. My vote’s for Rob.


  38. rob-the final chapter-can’t believe that after rob,i’d pick the sarg.

  39. Tommy Jarvis for sure….but what about Julius from Jason takes Manhattan….” I say we go find this mother fucker, before he finds us, uh”

  40. I thought about him being in this division, but when he ran from Jason to go to the top of the building in Manhattan, he had to be omitted. None of the guys in this division would ever run from Jason.

  41. Tommy Jarvis

  42. Rob for me!

  43. My vote is Seargent Brodski (Jason X).

    Great character and he was never annoying. He was cool. And (although I dislike the ending of this chapter) he did come back for, and got, Jason in a big way.

  44. Despite Peter Mensah’s kick ass performance and Tom Matthews’ perfomance (which gave a flash back to Return of the Living Dead 1 & 2), I’d have to say Creighton Duke. Not only for the character himself, but also because the style and energy that Steven Williams puts into characters he plays.

  45. I vote for Tommy Jarvis…after he wasted Jason in The Final Chapter, it kind of took over his life and he came back for 2 more movies. Plus he wasted Roy in part 5. But the main reason I choose him is how he calls Jason out to the boat, calling him names and taunting him…great scene.

  46. Jeremy,

    Although i know what you mean by part 5, technically the Tommy Jarvis character can’t be used as a whole because it was a different actor, that’s why part 5 is so widely criticized.

  47. VERY hard choice… Tommy.

    Tommy because he survived and was in 3 movies, that’s the only things justifying him over Duke and Rob to me. I don’t count Jason X in anything, sorry, so that’s why Brodski isn’t even close IMO.

  48. Jarvis. And I’ll have to agree with everyone. This was a hard one to choose. I picked Tommy because he was haunted by Jason more than anyone else. He was subjected to such violence and actually DID kill him. Sure, he brought Jason back to life, and we owe that debt of gratitude to him. He had the most personal connection of any of these. My next choice would have been Duke, then the Sarge, and then Rob. Rob may have been above Broski, but I can’t get over “He’s Killing Me!” Eh, no shock, Sherlock. He’s Jason. That’s what he does.

  49. Tommy will be in another brackett…so I will leave him alone. To me, it is between Rob and Creighton Duke. Rob was throwing all caution to the wind to avenge his sister’s death. He wasnt out for the money as Duke was. On the other hand…Duke knew alot more about Jason and his past then Rob. I have to go with Rob…he wanted to hunt down his sister’s killer…plain and simple. In the end….he joined her in heaven for a family reunion.

    Rob Dier!!!!

  50. Tommy!

  51. Tommy Jarvis! The biggest mistake the F13 producers made was not continuing to have Tommy in these movies past 6! He is the Van Helsing to Jason’s Dracula!

  52. Tommy!

  53. Rob, because he had so much high tech security and he was a good character. It was a toss up between him and Tommy and since Tommy will be in 2 other divisions ill get to pick him

  54. rob

  55. my vote is definitely going to Tommy Jarvis.

  56. Rob

  57. tommy jarvis definetly by favoeite character next to jason of course

  58. Duke all the way

  59. To make a point about fairness, and I know this is for fun, but aren’t some of these reasons biased for Tommy; as they are referencing the two other films are their primary motive for voting for this character in this bracket? Seems to give Tommy an unfair advantage if everyone isn’t going to separate him into three characters. Technically, as far as the voters should be concerned, they should be imagining Tommy driving into Eternal Peace Cemetery as if he’s a new character they have never seen before. These posts here don’t seem to be doing that.

    “Tommy did manage to survive - 3 times! That alone gives the nod to Tommy in my view.”

    “Tommy, too much history there!”

    “Tommy did manage to survive - 3 times! That alone gives the nod to Tommy in my view.”

    “How can you deny Tommy, he is Jasons arch rival”

    “Tommy because he survived and was in 3 movies, that’s the only things justifying him over Duke and Rob to me.”

    “Jarvis. And I’ll have to agree with everyone. This was a hard one to choose. I picked Tommy because he was haunted by Jason more than anyone else. He was subjected to such violence and actually DID kill him. Sure, he brought Jason back to life, and we owe that debt of gratitude to him. He had the most personal connection of any of these.”

  60. Hey, for that matter, why wasn’t Clay in here? After Part 12 was released, all I would hear for about a month was how great a nod to Rob the character Clay was. He specifically goes to find his sister, similar to Rob, and is actually more successful with his encounter (he lives.) Or, and maybe to a lesser extent, why not Lawrence? He even goes into battle with a shield!

    I guess I’m curious as to what defines a “Jason Hunter” Apparently, so far, it’s anyone who goes to an area and attacks Jason (for a considerable length of time?) and doesn’t run away. Rob and Trish walk from one house to another and leave Tommy. Not really running away, but rather irresponsible. I could see leaving Lawrence out, he died fast. But, again, he do go to an area prepared to fight Jason. And, to me, did better than Rob at that. Lawrence at least stabbed him. Rob, kinda just died…

  61. Tommy

  62. Well f13ticket, you’re right, this is just a game. Now I could see you being upset if I was biased in how I presented the characters for this division. Hopefully, I have not shown bias. If people visiting the website decide they want to vote for Tommy, then that’s the way it is.

    Is there someone out of this bunch I would like to see move on? Of course. I have seen some comments that I may not agree with, but they are opinions and take them for what they are.

    Now you want to know what what constitutes a Jason Hunter. Basically, in my opinion, it is a character that was written for the sole purpose of seeking out Jason to destroy him. Three of the four fit this mold. Brodski is a bit of a stretch, but as I mentioned in my opening on top of the post, I felt that he gave Jason enough of a fight originally and then got a chance for Round 2. And if his deleted knife fight scene with Jason was left in the movie, it would lend even more credibility.

    Anyways, hope I could help with the question on the division and if Tommy goes through, there are plenty of other characters to go through. Have fun!

  63. There is no bias in your presentation of the characters. You made it clear. It just seems as though about half of Tommy’s votes are based off of a combined image of Tommy. Not really sure of a better way to organize it. Personally, I would have probably saved Tommy for a “heroes of Friday the 13Th” category or something. But, I can see how he fits a Jason Hunter in this one too. Brodski is kind of a stretch, at that point you might as well throw in Lawrence.

    I guess I’d still question, under that description, why Clay wouldn’t fit. He was originally trying to find and rescue his sister, then attacked Jason. It’s not the same as going after him the entire movie; but his story is almost the same as Rob and Duke. The whole killer killed a family member and now they want vengeance. In this case, Clay just happened to save her in time. Though, he’d probably go better in another category. Such as boyfriends of the survivors or something like that. That could have Part 6 Tommy, Clay, Paul, so on, so forth.

    Friday the 13Th has many great characters, and I’m sure it’s hard to put them into categories. Especially considering that many of them fall into multiple categories. Mostly just being nit-picky I guess. I had a bad day today, so considering, I’m being a lot more civil than I usually am on such days. lol

  64. Tommy. I really had to think about that one.

  65. tommy jarvis! he is one of the few that can survive Jason’s wrath!

  66. I vote for not Clay. He sucked.

  67. ROB!

    come on duke sux and tommy is great but not the part 6 tommy. rob is the OG of hunters.. come on people get it together.

  68. Brodski. Those marines are some tough hombres.

  69. My Vote goes with Tommy Jarvis all the way

    it just sucks that It has to be the Tommy from 6. He was the weakest of the Tommy’s.. FELDMAN would OWN both those 2 and corey haim together!

    Go Tommy (Feldman tommy)
    Vote for Tommy (loser Tommy from pt.6)

  70. f13ticket:

    I completely agree on the Tommy votes with you. I love the Corey Haim Tommy, hell I even liked the V Tommy. I liked the going crazy part cause it was raw and evil like the movie concept was based on before It turned into a zombie series. I liked part 6 though I never liked that Tommy in the series.

    I never liked the actor nor did I like this newly reformed Tommy plus if you look at him as a “Jason Hunter” he seemed to spend most of his time in jail. He was ALWAYS getting caught and hell even the little girl thought his ass was grass haha.

    Not that I’m upset with anyones vote in any way, I just agree that I think the Tommy vote is probably being overused some, but either way I’m diggin’ this bracket game and can’t wait for the new ones!


  71. mwd,
    The Tommy character is one of the most recognizable of the franchise, so you’re right, voting for him is easy to do. People identify with that character the most. It is expected and is not a problem. If that’s how people really feel. Glad you’re liking the game so far!

    I see where you’re coming from and thanks for being civil after having a bad day. It’s apreciated. ;)

    One final thing on Clay and Rob. Rob’s sister was killed in Part 2, so his character was written to exact revenge on Jason. That is all. He went up to the lake to hunt and kill Jason. Clay was just searching for his missing sister. He had no weapons, didn’t know who Jason was at all. Rob did. He knew exactly what he was going to do. Clay happened upon the Jason situation and was just trying to survive.

  72. jasonsfury:

    Yeah it was unfair that I said Rob and Clay were twins cause they were different in many ways. But when they did the remake they even said they took from the old and redid or made new and you can find many original feels that are placed through out that movie.

    I guess when I first saw Clay I first said to myself that’s Rob Dier with him being “solo” and looking for a killed sister. Though Rob’s sister was actually a character from another film and Clay’s sister was a character from the “intro” re-creation of another film that also made it similar, but true he wasn’t searching for Jason.

    Wow I just spent 5 mins talking about Rob Dier.. I guess I need to rap this up with “Debi Sue Voorhees has really nice tits” ;)


  73. Tommy Jarvis

  74. Tommy Jarvis…if nothing, for the fact that his character appeared in several films from the series.

  75. I vote for Tommy.I must be one of the very few that actually likes part 6 Tommy.I can\’t believe all the love for Duke.I always thought his character pretty cheesy and hard to take seriously as a badass.Oh well,each to his own.Lovin these bracket challenges by the way jasonsfury……………KI,KI,KI,MA,MA,MA.

  76. Tommy Jarvis.

    A tough one. Rob tried really hard, Duke was a badass, & Tommy DOES calls Jason a “maggot head” (which I am considering a strike against him). Oh, Brodski was never in my running.

    But Tommy has a little bit of Rob & Duke in him. Plus he may be the only character in the franchise that finds redemption and gets over on Jason, at the same time.

  77. Rob- think about it… the man was camping in the woods (all around the lake) for a while trying to find Jason!!!

  78. Rob. He not only camped out for him but he gave up his machete to Trish and went back to fight Jason with a 4 inch knife. Balls!

  79. This is a hard one.

    While I like the Tommy character, I don’t think of him - or Brodski - as “Jason Hunters.” My reason is that neither of them really went and hunted Jason.
    In Tommy’s case, he went to destroy Jason’s body (and considering he knew where Jason was buried, doesn’t really qualify it as a hunt)and ended up reanimating him. When he tries to warn others (HEY! Wouldn’t that qualify him as a “Prophet of Doom?”), they don’t believe him. So he mainly acts out of responsibility. I guess he could’ve turned and ran, but I still can’t think of him as a hunter.

    Brodski was the same way. Like Tommy, it was cicumstances that pitted him against Jason. He was head of security on the Grendel and had a responsibility to protect those on board. It wouldn’t matter if it was Jason, Freddy, or Mother Goose - he would’ve acted or re-acted the same way.

    Both Rob and Creighton Duke went out of their way to track Jason. Which in my opinion makes them true “Jason Hunters.”
    In Rob’s case, he was purely motivated by vengeance, and really went after Jason unprepaired.
    Creighton Duke (also motivated by vengeance), however, was armed with knowledge. He knew what it would take to bring Jason down.

    So as much as it pains me (because I think JGTH is the worst of the franchise. No redeeming value what-so-ever)I have to go with Creighton Duke as the better “Jason Hunter.”

    Oh and I agree with one1 about Rob having balls to go fight Jason with a 4 inch pocket knife. But Brodski went up against UberJason in hand-to-hand combat! Bigger Balls!!

  80. baz,
    glad to hear you are liking the game. As we get deeper into the remaining characters, it is not only difficult for everyone to vote on their favorite, but more so to effectively group the characters into sensible divisions. I do have some creative ways to do so, however.

  81. already voted,but went back to read some comments.i voted for rob but the tommy jarvis character in parts 4 and 5 were pretty good.thom matthews on the other hand was awful.if i’m wrong then were did his career the toilet !?!?!. He was good in Return of The Living Dead,comedy he can do but not in a friday the 13th movie.

  82. ROB!!

  83. Tommy Tommy did accidently revive jason,but he could have just split town and got the hell out of there,but instead he fought off the towns asshole sheriff and stuck around to finish the job.Me?..I would of just said “oops” and got the hell out of there :D

  84. So my vote goes for tommy jarvis, as i read people are upset that everyone is including the performances from the tommy\’s from 4 and 5. What the people who dont like the inclusion of all 3 are failing to understand is that they are all one character. Fieldman was the original jarvis that went through the traumactic expriencence, sheperd was living with the trauma and was hunted by jason even though he killed him, and matthews \

  85. oh my post got cut so here is the rest and matthews “after dealing with roy”, didnt know if jason was really dead or not and in order to move on had to make sure he was. These are all one character not three different characters everything that happened in 4 and 5 lead up to the end of 6 on the lake where he finally put an end to his curse and survived a third time.

  86. rob.

  87. i don’t see how some people didn’t like matthews as tommy. personally, i think he was the best tommy.

  88. tommy

  89. Rob… The Final Chapter was the best.

  90. Rob, without a doubt.

  91. How a can anyone like Thom Matthews in Return of the Living Dead, and not like him in Jason Lives? Hell for that matter, how can you like Return and not like Jason Lives? Both of those movies are the same, Horror/Comedy. I understand the people that only like the first 4 fridays, those were straight Horror. But to like part 5 and not 6… O well, to each their own I guess.

  92. My vote is for Rob. It was a tough one though. Tommy was a close second. Matthews was great as Tommy, the best IMO. But in Part 4 when Rob was killed, I felt really bad for him. Out of all of the characters in the series, his death was the saddest. And can you imagine Part 4 without his character?

  93. Duke was an OK character, but JGTH sucked. Brodski and Jason X both sucked, so that wasn’t even close. The whole thing was really between Rob and Tommy.

  94. I’m gonna have to go with Tommy. He was so cute, and I just loved his and Megan’s characters. I agree with Amanda about Rob’s death, it was really sad. He would’ve been my second choice… As far as Duke and Brodski, I couldn’t care less. Their characters and movies were lame.

  95. gota go wit tommy jarvis man

  96. Rob “He’s KILLING ME!!” Dier, all the way.

  97. Rob, nuff said.

  98. Duke and Brodski were fuckin’ stupid. How could anybody vote for them?

  99. I like Tommy a lot and he did survive 3 films but I gotta vote for Duke. This line wins it for him-when thinking of Jason \

  100. Tommy. He survived 3 attacks from a maniac in a hockey mask. One of which was able to survive gunshot wounds to the head and could fold a man backwards.

  101. rob

  102. ;Jasons Buddy
    “as i read people are upset that everyone is including the performances from the tommy\’s from 4 and 5. What the people who dont like the inclusion of all 3 are failing to understand is that they are all one character.”

    Then shouldn’t it stand to reason that he should only appear in the bracket challenge one time under one category under your point of view?

    You seem to failing to understand…

    “Tommy Jarvis will be appearing three times in this competition. Each incarnation of the character from each of the three movies he has been apart of will be found in different divisions.”

    I guess you feel you can completely disregard the rules of the game set by the site administrator. But hey, who am I to judge?

  103. Jason Lives was great but this is the last Tommy Jarvis I would vote for. He might be the same character but the portrayal in each movie by the actors is way different. In part 4 he’s a smart creative little fucker then in the final moments he goes apeshit. In 5 he is like traumatized, pretty nuts still and almost mute. Then by six it’s like he just wants revenge and is not the same, very different. It might of helped if they at least used the same actor.

    During these votes in the bracket challenge I have actually found myself not judging the winner on what movie they acted in but in how funny that particular character was or how cool their death was. Everyones vote is their own and that’s cool but I think alot votes are based on what ever movie is prefered.

  104. ;Sinz86

    I think you are right about a lot of the votes. I think they are based mostly on what film the people like the most. That’s another reason I think it’s so easy to see Tommy is 3 characters, just like you said, each Tommy is very different from another. I’m still trying to figure out how we got from Part5 Tommy to Part6 Tommy. They just don’t even seem like the same people, character wise.

  105. Rob

  106. Hell I liked Thom Matthews in 6, I don’t see why some of you hate him so much.

  107. F13 ticket, im not dis regarding any rules i was just explaining that jarvis is a character as a whole, so even if he is gonna be included 3 times that is by the administrations choice not mine. secondly you have a very closed mind when it comes to this matter anyway. like i explained, everything that happened in 4 and 5 lead up to this revenge seeking, jason hunting jarvis. part 4 shows this perfectly by him being a kid and as sinz86 put it, went ape shit at the end because of his experience with jason and was not the same innocent kid that he was in the beginning.That would be like saying jason isnt jason just because he looks different walks different, has different clothes whatever. Anyway you dont have to get a stick up your____ when you read something you dont like just pointing out somethings that many missed in my opinion nobody has to accept it just saying my thoughts thats all. and by the way if you do classify the other jasons as not being jason then you are a biased fan and not true to the franchise.

  108. Tommy, he “killed” Jason in 4 and in 6.

  109. Rob. His part was so important to the movie, and I felt bad for him when he died.

  110. I vote for Sgt Brodski, He put up one hell of a fight

  111. This is a tough one. Tommy, Rob, or Duke?

    I like X…er, Duke… He would have been a great character for New Line to keep around and jump between movies…. (like Freddy, etc…) But, Jason goes to Hell… well, sorry. So, because of this movie and his poor timed demise, I exclude him.

    Tommy or Rob? Hhmmm… I love Tommy in 6… BUT, Rob was the orginal Jason hunter. Sadly, he died way to quick… but, he was the orginal. The actor playing him was good… so, I will go with Rob.

    Rob is the best Jason hunter…