Bracket Challenge: Kids of Friday the 13th

Posted 10 Sep 2024 in Fans

The introduction of children into the Friday formula seemed outrageous when the films were first released. Not only were critics and parents already up in arms over the brutal nature of the films, but now kids were being featured in films that were thought of as immoral and inconsequencial. However, havng kids in the film lent more creepiness to the overall experience as you never knew if Jason was really going to kill these kids or not.

Which kid deserves to move on to the next round?

Tommy Jarvis (The Final Chapter)
A quirky little dude that likes to be a peeping-tom by night and Zaxxon player by day. The only character in the franchise to truly get into Jason’s head. Unless you count Freddy!

“Some pack of patootsies, huh?!”
shavarbracketReggie the Reckless (A New Beginning)
This was one bad mo-fo. Not only could he outrun Pam and Roy, but he could scream at a higher pitch than any girl that I have ever met. However, any kid that can drive a tractor through a barn door, knock pseuodo Jason one hundred yards in the air and then smile at him later is bad. Solid!

“Freakin’ A, where’d you get that?”

Tyen and Billy (Jason Lives)
The uninterested and bored-to-death camping brothers who lent some insight into how “exciting” camp can be for kids. Originally, I thought these kids were annoying, but over the years I appreciated the child’s angle they brought to the film. These real life brothers have a pretty funny scene towards the end of the movie as well.

“If this is as exciting as it gets, we’re in big trouble dude.”

Nancy (Jason Lives)
The kid who sees the monster in the closet and no adult believes them. This has been a cliche’ in horror movies for a while now. Even John Carpenter incorporated it into Halloween over 30 years ago. For me, one of the scariest scenes as a kid was watching Jason lean closer to Nancy, wondering if really was going to kill her.

“I saw a monster, and he was after me, and he wanted to kill me”

Tina (The New Blood)
She buried a pier on top of her dad under water because he slapped her mom around. Imagine if she didn’t get her Malibu Stacy doll for her birthday? I would have really liked to see the young Tina do some damage to Jason, just to see if he would contemplate going after her. Would Jason actually kill a kid in this instance?

“I hate you. I wish you were dead!”

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  1. An old friend of the Christys (11 Sep 2024, 3:59)

    Oh, and that should be “friend”, not “freind” in the name. Apparently I don’t type so well after a handful of Oktoberfests.

  2. Hevymentl13 (11 Sep 2024, 4:01)

    Tommy all day, get real.

  3. Rod (11 Sep 2024, 4:13)

    tommy jarvis

  4. Michigan Brian (11 Sep 2024, 4:25)

    Tommy Jarvis in a landslide.

  5. MadWorldDesigns (11 Sep 2024, 5:59)

    “You scared of spiders?…. you scared of rubber spiders?… you scared of rubber spiders on strings?” “Man…. you are one scared cat!”



  6. Fridayluver (11 Sep 2024, 6:47)

    I vote for Tina (New Blood)

  7. Brian (11 Sep 2024, 7:34)


  8. Rob (11 Sep 2024, 10:53)

    i wanna say Tommy but im gonna go out on a wire and pick Reggie…he ran over Jason/Roy with a Tractor..saved Pam…Did a flying cross body on Jason…Saved Pam again….all that and he was only visiting the damn house with his Gramps

  9. Tom (11 Sep 2024, 11:48)

    I vote Tommy Jarvis. He killed Jason and looked like him doing it. Not only that but he was alot smarter than the others. The best kid by far. Reggie is a not to distant second. and the others just plain sucked.

  10. JASON_GOALIE_67 (11 Sep 2024, 12:12)

    Tommy Jarvis because his character was an homage to Savini

  11. dustin (11 Sep 2024, 12:36)

    Tommy. The monster mask maker got to use his talent to transform himself into young jason. I also like the fact his mother lets him take strange men up to his room to show them his creations.

  12. chuck30 (11 Sep 2024, 12:40)

    Tough choice between Tommy and Reggie “The Reckless”. As cool as Reggie was, he still screamed TOO much like a little girl, while Tommy repeatedly attacked Jason with a machete. I know Reggie used the tractor, but Tommy made sure Jason was dead!

  13. Adam (11 Sep 2024, 13:33)

    Tommy. Because of him, we got Roy Jason, Zombie Jason, Demon Spitting Jason, and Space Jason.

  14. Adam (11 Sep 2024, 13:37)

    Oh. Reggie would be second, followed by Billy and Tyen, young Tina, and finally little “Miss lead Jason to the police slaughter” Nancy. She was one of my least favortie characters in the whole series. “Is he killed?” Meagen should have been like “shut up you little bitch! You are the reason Pappas and my dad are dead. If my boyfriend is dead too, you’re next.”

  15. andreana2112 (11 Sep 2024, 14:53)

    Tommy all the way! The kid KILLED Jason. No contest in my book.

  16. Jay (11 Sep 2024, 15:42)


  17. WitheredCarnation (11 Sep 2024, 17:53)

    I vote for Tommy “Die! Die! Die!” Jarvis. Reggie is a close second, but Tommy’s ballistic machete is hard to beat.

  18. chris (11 Sep 2024, 18:27)

    Tommy..definitely….no one else whacked jason 30+ times with a machete screaming “die!”

  19. TheRustyMachete (11 Sep 2024, 19:00)

    Reggie the Reckless hands down.. Tommy Jarvis second.

  20. Chris (11 Sep 2024, 22:29)


  21. captain_brandon (11 Sep 2024, 22:34)

    A young Tommy Jarvis, no doubt.

    For starters, the young Corey Felfmen was the first to truely get into the adult Jason’s mind after Giny Field (Amy Steel) from Friday 2. Second of all, it was next to ingenious the way he did it, even going so far as to take off his shirt and to shave his head, as opposed to just putting on a sweater!

    Next, he was a genunine good character and actor in the film, much like Danielle Harris in Halloween 4 & 5, as opposed to just a child actor trying to act. Next, I REALLY like how The Final Chapter ended on that old school freeze0frame ending on his suitably spooky eyes, which leaves you wondering if the “evil gene” of Jason has somehow passed onto another poor, lonely soul, just as scripter Barney Cohen intended it to, as he says both in the Crystal Lake Memories book and in the Deluxe Edition.

    Plus, he is just a hands-down fave character of mine. So yeah, Tommy all the way.

  22. John Robert (11 Sep 2024, 22:59)

    Young Tommy Jarvis.

    Sidebar; Tommy Jarvis in Part 5 is the best Tommy though.

  23. Tom Gotti (11 Sep 2024, 23:00)


  24. Junior Wadd (12 Sep 2024, 0:53)

    Tommy Jarvis obviously. Duh.

    The girl who played Nancy also played Newt in Aliens so I gotta rank her second.

  25. ROCKY (12 Sep 2024, 2:44)

    junior she was not in aliens that’s carrie henn. the girl who played tina was in leatherface the texas chainsaw massacre

  26. ROCKY (12 Sep 2024, 2:45)

    tcm part 3

  27. Dachande (12 Sep 2024, 6:02)


  28. Jasons Buddy (12 Sep 2024, 6:41)

    This is a tough one between tommy and reggie for me. Both of them stood up to jason well reggie to roy pretending to be jason… tommy got into jasons head well reggie kept on attacking roy to save pam. Make me wonder how he would have fared agains the real jason though. ummm… my vote would have to go to… reggie because to me he was more of a badass and reminds me of a young creton duke

  29. xXxSocietys-ChildxXx (12 Sep 2024, 6:52)

    Tommy Jarvis (machete’s down)
    why you may ask????
    3 words

    Corey Fucking Feldman
    Owns My SouL!

  30. Spartan-099 (12 Sep 2024, 16:06)

    1: Tommy Jarvis
    2: The brothers from part 6
    3: Tina

    The rest were annoying. I couldn’t stand Nancy’s acting (I know she was a little girl, but c’mon) Reggie screamed like a girl. Seriously, you could shatter glass with that voice.

  31. baz (12 Sep 2024, 18:17)

    Tommy Jarvis.I don’t think i need explain why…………KI,KI,KI,MA,MA,MA.

  32. Curtflirt (12 Sep 2024, 20:54)

    Reggie by a landslide

  33. Fish (12 Sep 2024, 21:00)

    Tommy….killed Jason enough to keep him out of the next movie AND was in 3 of the movies himself(or his character).

    Tommy all the way!!!!!!

  34. Steve (12 Sep 2024, 21:25)

    my vote goes to Tommy Jarvis(The Final Chapter)

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