Bracket Challenge: Police Officers Beginnings

The police officers featured in this division are fan favorites of the franchise in the 80’s. These cops were slick individuals and always tried to uphold the law. If they weren’t looking for town crazies or trying to keep things around camp quiet for more than 5 years they were dying to try out their mail-order laser scope. Who’s your favorite officer from the 1980’s?

dorfOfficer Dorf (Friday the 13th (1980))
In his search for Crazy Ralph he found something more insane…. Ned dressed up as Tonto. Dorf ,worried about people’s well-being, wanted to make sure the counselors weren’t harboring any grass, hash, the weed dig it? As Dorf left the camp, he left one final message for anyone who came into his neck of the woods, “We ain’t gonna stand for no weirdness out here.”

tierney1Sgt. Tierney (Friday the 13th (1980))
Tierney makes it a habit of saving people. First he saves Steve Christie from his broke down Jeep in the rain and then he rescues Alice by pulling her from the canoe in the lake after she kills Mrs. Voorhees. The only peculiar thing about our savior is that he was intent on staring at Alices naked rear end while the nurse was giving her a shot. Good thing the doctor made him look away. “Ma’am, we didn’t find any boy”

cop_part2Deputy Winslow (Part 2)
He hauled in Jeff and Sandra for snooping around Camp Crystal Lake and then followed Jason into the woods and found his run-down shack with momma’s head. The one thing he witnessed even more gruesome than that …. Jeff and Sandra’s punishment of no seconds on desert. “Things have been quiet for 5 years and that’s the way we wanna keep it.”

Deputy Rick Cologne (Jason Lives)
He really hated that little turd. He wanted to punch Tommy silly. He always seemed to be the ultimate underling to Sheriff Garris. He always did the dirty work like getting the food, looking for the missing camp directors or baby sitting Megan. However, he was so preoccupied with Tommy that he forgot one thing. “Where ever the red dot goes, ya bang!”

pappasOfficer Pappas (Jason Lives)
I think that more than anything, Pappas really wanted to uphold the law, and look good doing it. He tried to help little Nancy. However, you had to feel bad for the guy. Not only did he run into Jason and have his head crushed, but his fellow officers ridiculed him with the jealous remarks about him begin handsome. “Ah, what scary man?!”

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77 Responses to “ Bracket Challenge: Police Officers Beginnings ”

  1. Officer Dorf

  2. I vote for Rick cologne. Ya bang!

  3. Sgt. Tierney

  4. I vote for Deputy Rick Cologne. That phrase is always stuck in my head “where ever the red dot goes, Ya bang!

  5. Dorf!

  6. Another vote for Rick. I liked him even more for having been in His name was Jason

  7. Officer Part 2

  8. Officer Dorf

  9. Rick. He made me laugh. “YA-BANG!”

  10. Grass,hash the weed dig-it. DORF!

  11. Rick Cologne

  12. Dorf.

  13. Out of all these, Id have to go with Rick “Wherever the red dot goes, ya bang!” Cologne….. that is the line I remember most from Jason Lives.

  14. Rick Cologne,he was the most memorable

  15. Rick Cologne

  16. Dorf

  17. Rick Cologne hands down.

  18. my vote goes to Sgt. Tierney

  19. Dorf

    He had a goofy tuff guy cop persona that reminds me of a lot of real cops. My 2nd choic wolda been the officer from part 2. He made me LMAO when he was chasing Jason through the woods. Poor guy looked like he was ready to have a stroke or heart attack before Jason could get his hands on him.

  20. Ya know, to tell you all the truth none of those characters are really my favorites’ in their respect instalments.

    However, for his sheer goofy charm and overall oddly fun lameness, I vote for Part 1’s original lameoid, Officer Dorff.

  21. Dorf

  22. Officer from part 2 just because when jason slams the hammer in his head his facial expression is priceless

  23. Deputy Rick rocks….he will win hands down

  24. Dorf

  25. Officer Dorf!

  26. Sorry didnt mean to post twice

  27. officer dorf,all of these characters were stupid or just generic.where ever the red dot goes should point to awful writers that need to be shot.hate comedy horror movies.

  28. all these guys are pretty good. Dorf was an oddball like a lot of the people in part 1. Tierney was bastion of down home normalcy, with a head on his shoulders. Who wouldn’t want to check out that butt? Officer Part 2 knew what he was talking about, and wasn’t afraid to chase down Jason even if it almost gave him a coronary. Course he ended up with much worse “Oh myy gaaad!”. Cologne was funny as the wannabe as Garris’s foil. Not a huge Pappas fan. His death involved boogers, and if I wanted to see kills with bodily fluids other than blood I would just watch Hostel.

    I vote Tierney

  29. Rick

  30. Rick Cologne “Where ever the red dot goes YA-BANG”

  31. Rick Cologne would be my vote as I believe he stood out the most of any of the others. He was a minor supporting character and had more screen time than the rest. I also think he had some of the best lines.

  32. Well guys, Officer Dorf is my favorite, because Ron Milkey is awesome! I have liked him in other roles he has been in and I like the fact that his character in Friday the 13th is supposed to be this serious guy, but his scene ends up being one of the best and funniest in the movie. Very funny scene, that I believe Victor Miller was not a big fan of.

  33. I know my pick isn’t going to win, but once again, I vote for the character with heart, and that was Pappas.

  34. i told you to sit on it tonto, DORF !

  35. i know i’m gonna lose this one, but i have to go with the cop in part 2. he’s the only character in the series who actually chases jason, opposed to the other way around. he also is the only person in law enforcement who goes inside jason’s little crappy house. it just wasn’t a long visit.

  36. Tierney

  37. The officer from part 2, because when he ran after Jason and encountered the shack, that scene had a great atmosphere.

  38. Deputy Rick Cologne by far! He had the cannon that could’ve blown Jason’s face off, leaving him sightless, wandering Lake Forrest Green for eternity, swinging what he thinks is his machete, never knowing that all he has is Officer Pappas’ comb.

  39. Officer 2 ??? What the hell is that !

    That’s Deputy Winslow & he definitely gets my vote man.

  40. Tough choices on this one. I would have to vote for Dorf. Out of all of the oddball cops in the series, Dorf seemed to be that one special oddball cop who gets assigned to chasing after town drunks. “I told you to sit on it Tonto!”

  41. Deputy Winslow,
    You pointed out something so obvious, I missed it when creating this yesterday. Thanks for pointing out the name being wrong for the character. :)

  42. Winslow from part 2. I liked afterall he did find Jasons hideout and get the hammer to the back of the head.

  43. winslow, cologne is second though

  44. “His death involved boogers” HAHA! Yes indeed it did!

  45. Im new to this site. What is with the Email (is it for updates) Also what else is cool do to in here

  46. Dorf all the way.

  47. Dustin,
    Welcome to our website! :) In the blog we post updates on anything having to do with the Friday the 13th series as well conduct the game such as the Bracket Challenge you’re involved wih now.

    If you want info on the existing series of films, click on to go to the homepage of the website. There you can find information on anything you want about each movie in the franchise.

    We also have an image gallery that you might want to check out.

    It has a lot of fan submitted art and custom covers. Have fun!

  48. Rick Cologne

  49. Deputy Winslow

  50. Officer Dorf, a true classic character.

  51. Deputy Rick Cologne (Jason Lives)

  52. Officer Dorf (Friday the 13th (1980))

  53. Dorf

  54. I vote for Officer Dorf. For a cop he has a cool attitude. Plus I like when he says “hash, grass, the weed, dig it?” And his funniest line ” I told You to sit on it Tonto”

  55. Dorf.. poor guy looks like a cant ride his bike that well- when he goes to leave, looks like he is about to fall over!!!

    Officer Dorf!

  56. Dorf…..forgot about him.

  57. Going Dorf here. His scene kinda set the humor pace in the first film. Love it. And Ned is a tool by the way. He pissed me off.

  58. I can already tell he is not goiing to win, but Deputy Winslow was trying to keep the peace at Crystal Lake and ended up finding Jason’s hut and all the dead bodies from the previous movie…I have to vote for him for perhaps experiencing one of the more painful kills of the series….a hammer to the head is a slow and agonizing death.


  59. Deputy Rick Cologne, no contest…..

    officer Dorf, well his name is pretty self explanatory…in elemantry and highschool we called people like him nerds

  60. rick ftw

  61. wherever the red dot goes ya bang deputy rick cologne all the way

  62. I also must vote Winslow. He found Jason’s house, gave the audience a tour, then got a good look at Jason’s handiwork before his exit.

  63. Minslow That guy was cool

  64. Rick…”Where ever the red dot goes..WHA-BANG!”

  65. Gotta go for Rick Cologne. “Pipe down, Jarvis!” funniest line he had

  66. I want a write in vote. Where’s the guys from Jason Goes To Hell. The cop that killed Jason’s sister. When that guy melted in the Vorhees house it was sick. I stopped chewing pink bubble gum for years after that.

  67. JMDavis,
    He and other cops from Part 8 and beyond will be featured in another division.

  68. Deputy Rick Cologne - Part 6.

    “he picked the right day to pull this shit - Happy Friday the 13th”

  69. Rick!!! “and he did it using Jason’s old M.O.”

  70. Dorf

  71. “and he did it using Jason’s old M.O.”

    Awesome, JoeyCypher. Love that line :)

  72. I guess I would have to vote for sarge rick.

  73. Too easy.Deputy Rick Cologne.One of the best characters the series has ever seen.”I’ll get it for you BABE”…………..KI,KI,KI,MA,MA,MA.

  74. Sgt. Tierney

  75. Man this one was tough for me.

    But it has to go to.


  76. I vote Officer Dorf.

    He has one of my favorite lines of them all. “We aint gonna stand for any weirdness out here.” I always like to think of Jason Goes to Hell and the part where the serpent was have, frankly, demonic oral sex with a strapped down man after shaving. It’s a nice juxtaposition.

    Though, I would have much rather voted for Officer Stubbs and must question why, unlike with the Sheriff Category, this wasn’t extended to the whole Franchise. Officer Stubbs showed a portrait of the police officer who got off his high horse and really wanted to help out. He even dies helping out.

    So often in horror we get police officers with a bad rap. They are the narcs, busting up a good time, “keep your noses clean or you’ll be hearing from me if you don’t,” kind of guys. A lot of media is perception and I think a lot of people really do see police officers that way. Many of them are, and many of them aren’t. Many of them are not out for a power trip and are really out there trying to help people. I always liked Stubbs because he clearly shows those officers as they are; trying to find a way to get around a corrupt system of deception and secrecy; to actually level with and help out the people. I know I usually nitpick for the sake of fairness and completeness, but this one is more. I really like Stubbs and think it’s important to show, sense so much of people derive their perception from the media, that there are good cops out there.

  77. I go with deputy Winslow from part 2. First cop to chase after Jason and first cop to get wacked by the horror Icon. Pappas would be second. These are the only two on the list to die.