Bracket Challenge: Prophets of Doom Division


Let the game begin. Starting this week and running towards the end of the year, Friday the 13th The Website will have the fans vote on who their favorite character is from each division. Up to 2 divisions will be unveiled each week, starting on Monday. Voting will close on those two divisions on the following Saturday. Then votes will be tallied on Sunday and announced the next day, Monday, as the new week starts and new divisions are announced.

In order to vote just post a comment with who you think is the best of the division. Feel free to explain your choice. When the voting closes, the blog comments will be disabled so to begin counting.

Also, this is my official disclaimer. I know that there will be some that may disagree somewhere within this game at where I place a character or that maybe I have excluded a character altogether. Please feel free to ask questions about my logic, but don’t go crazy on me. Now on to the first Bracket.

I seriously considered adding Creighton Duke to this list as throughout Jason Goes To Hell he is constantly warning Jessica, her mom, Steven and practically the entire world about Jason Voorhees still being alive. However, I thought that he was better served in a different Division. Anyways, here are your three “Prophets of Doom” Who do you think deserves to move on to the next round?


Crazy Ralph (Friday the 13th 1980)

Slasher movies became all the rage in the early 80′s as every studio raced to create the next big slasher movie to fill the pocket books. One of the key characters in all early slasher movies is the Prophet of Doom. Not many, if any, can rival Crazy Ralph. Just watch the video above and be treated to the “crazy” world of Ralph.


Abel (Friday the 13th Part 3)


After Crazy Ralph’s demise in Part 2, the filmmakers felt they still needed some sort of doomsayer to warn the kids that were heading to Higgins Haven. What better way than to have said kids run into (almost literally) Abel lying on the road. My classic eyeball shot in Part 3 is not of Rick’s glass-eye-on-a-string popping out, it’s of a real looking eyeball forced into the audience by Abel, spouting, “I have warned thee”


The Deck Hand (Friday the 13th Part 8: Jason Takes Manhattan)

This is the first person to spot Jason in the movie and this is before he even gets on the ship. He then spends over half of the movie warning anyone he can that “Jason walks this ship”. He even hears J.J. getting her head bashed in by her own guitar as he stands on the main deck. The deck hand was definitely a nod back to the original film’s Crazy Ralph and was a character that had been sorely missing since Part 3′s Abel.

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91 Responses to “ Bracket Challenge: Prophets of Doom Division ”

  1. Crazy Ralph hands down.

    Abel was pretty crazy looking himself and the deckhand was definatley welcome as a Crazy Ralph counterpart in JTM, but Ralph really creeped me out I mean take a look at that scene with Ginny and Paul. Weird bastard, he always left me with a wtf in my head after watching him lol.

  2. i vote crazy ralph.

    he’s one of the greats. a pretty humorous character. Plus, he’s a victim. I don’t know if the part 8 guy was or not, I haven’t seen that movie in so damn long. But, part 8 guy seems more a New York crazy prophet and i like the New England crazy prophet vibe. As far as Abe goes (wow he had a name?), a good character but a bit transitory, and Jason liked him too much to kill him i guess. Did Jason really give him an eyeball and say, “could you show this to anyone who comes by, and warn them?”

    Ralph also did the voiceover for the intro to part 7, which was a good intro in the series. He’s a defining character. -Ralph- -Ralph- -we- -love- -Ralph-

  3. I vote for Abel.

    No one besides Jason’s mom had a “trusting” connection with Jason. Even though his role is small, I find it a very important part in the film.

  4. Crazy Ralph by a long shot. All the others were cheap copys.

  5. Crazy Ralph.

    The original and most creepy. :)

  6. I vote for Crazy Ralph. He’s not only an original but has lived on to be in the sequel only to die at the hands of Jason. Also in a way, there was a significance to Ralph’s death by Jason. In a sort of demented way, Jason was disappointed in Ralph because he failed to keep trespassers out of his woods and was peeping on Jinny and Paul through the window frame on the door. So hands down, I vote for Ralph.

    “You’re all doomed! You’re all doomed!”

  7. My vote’s for the Deck Hand.

  8. Crazy Ralph

  9. You know, I realy wanted to say the Deck Hand, but I have to in all good sense vote for that Crazy Ralph.

  10. I vote Abel.

    I love all the Friday Characters. That being said, this game is about voting. So, I shall vote.

    I vote Abel without any disrespect to the other two at all Crazy Ralph is without a doubt a mainstay and deserves the praise (and probably the win.) But Abel always struck me as more energetic and more personable. He has the Biblical name, which does add a nice touch to this modern myth. He has the balls to do something I’ve always wanted to do; lay in the middle of the road and trust my fellow man not to run me over. I’ve never done this, as I do not trust my fellow man that much. He also has the personal conviction that God is guiding him, and the trust in God to do this dangerous act. (They did almost kill him.)

    Crazy Ralph is like the prophet who warns you, then rides out of the danger zone on his bike to safe his own @$$. Whereas Abel risked his life to deliver his message. If a man was willing to wait in the middle of the road, on the whim of God, to warn me of a danger and is holding an eyeball; I’m likely to take him more seriously than a guy on a bike saying I’m doomed without proof (eyeball) or willingness to risk self (laying in the road.)

  11. I gotta go Crazy Ralph.

    Though Abel was funny (“he looks just like my grandfather” -Genius!)

    Ralph was a very likeable character, and somewhat sympathetic. He just wanted to help; I think I still get sad when he gets killed. And that voiceover at the beginning of PART VII, oh man that still creeps me out, even though I didn’t realize it was him till years later. What a great touch.

    I can’t see this ending in anything else but a Ralph landslide. In a perfect world he’s still pedaling around northwest NJ.

    Hey Jasonsfury, can we start a Part 9 thread? Believe it or not theres a lot I really like about that movie! Great atmosphere at the very least.

    Can’t wait for the next round, great work

  12. I like Part 9 a lot too. Also, I didn’t realize he did the voiceover for Part 7 until this thread.

  13. hands down Crazy Ralph and his kick ass bicycle too!

  14. crazy Ralph is the original and by all means the Prophet of the prophecy of doom!!!

  15. Crazy Ralph

  16. I vote for Crazy Ralph as well.

  17. Ralph

  18. “I told the others but they didn’t listen”

    Crazy Ralph this isn’t even a contest.

  19. Crazy Ralph Period

  20. I so want to vote for the deck hand but since he is really just a nod to crazy ralph. I vote Ralph

  21. My vote would have to be for Crazy Ralph, because he was the first and made it to two films.

  22. Crazy Ralph

  23. Crazy Ralph

  24. Ralph, easy choice.

    See the puppet version of Ralph warning all the other puppets at:

  25. Crazy Ralph.

    He was the only one to make it in to a second movie. As much as I like Abel, he was there for 2 minutes or less and didn’t even get killed (perhaps taking his prophecy to heart and getting the hell out of town).

    The deck hand was an example of what happens when you confine Ralph to a boat. He starts getting a little stabby and no longer an endearing character.

  26. another vote for crazy ralph . . .

  27. I know everyone is thinking this is huge landslide, so far. I had to start off with something that was painfully obvious to kick off everything and give everyone a feel for what they are in for in the weeks ahead. Trust me, there are some great divisions on there way!

  28. Crazy Ralph

    Though my sister & I always got a kick out of the Crazy Deckhand, since we saw part 8 first. He was our 1st Prophet. But Ralph simply can’t be beat.

  29. My vote goes to Abel.
    Because this whole eyeball scene is just awesome, especially in 3D.

    I always thought the Crazy Ralph character is a little bit goofy. Can’t take him serious anymore afer watching the horror spoof comedy “Hysterical”, where they had a great parody on him.

    And Deck Hand… meh.

  30. Crazy Ralph. The original and the best.

    You’re ALL DOOMED!

  31. this one is easy….crazy ralph!

  32. Crazy Ralph, no contest.

  33. The Deck Hand, cause he’s a salty sea dog…”You’re all gonna die!” Sounds like the old man in Billy Madison when he stepped in the bag of poo.

  34. Crazy Ralph. Also because he did the voice over for part 7!

  35. Crazy Ralph

  36. I vote for Abel!!

  37. crazy ralph

  38. Crazy Ralph all the way, he’s the original town weirdo so…

  39. Crazy Ralph

  40. Definitely Ralph. The only prophet to last more than one movie.

  41. crazy ralph

  42. Definitely Crazy Ralph. The Deck Hand from JTM was creepy in his own right but tried to hard to duplicate Ralph’s “It” factor.

  43. ill go with crazy ralph.

  44. Crazy ralph all the way, his look and voice made the character just plain creepy and crazy. He also had so many classic lines lol
    “this place is cursed. cursed. it’s got a death curse.” or how about.. “i’m the messenger of god. Your doomed if you stay here”

  45. Crazy Ralph!

  46. Crazy Ralph all the way. He is THE prophet of doom. He was crazy but not creepy. I hated it when he died. LONG LIVE CRAZY RALPH!!!!!!!!!

  47. Crazy Ralph!

  48. Crazy Ralph (Friday the 13th 1980)

  49. There really isn’t any other choice than Crazy Ralph! Still the best!!!!

  50. I’m votinv for the Jason takes manhattan guy, I feel bad for him now.

  51. I love all three characters, but Crazy Ralph gets my vote - he was the first and original!!!

  52. I vote for crazy Ralph…seems like he dedicated his life to warning people about Crystal Lake. He does the crazy thing well and I always loved the barb wire death scene.

  53. I vote for Abel. Jason gave him a present and left him alive.

  54. Crazy Ralph-not even a question

  55. Crazy Ralph. The remake needed him. Too bad he wasn’t in it.

  56. Crazy Ralph

    In a re-write to my fan film That I one day will make. Crazy Ralph is in the script. I had to do it.

  57. I wanna vote for myself please!

  58. CRAZY Ralph

    I don’t need a reason

  59. Crazy Ralph, often imitated never duplicated.


  61. Crazy Ralph… I WAS gonna vote Abel but I can’t bring myself to do it. Ralph simply was the first, the original and the better of the two.

  62. Have to stick to the original

  63. Why does Abel just get a picture whilst deckhand gets a quote and Crazy Ralph gets a tribute video? I smell bias.

  64. Crazy Ralph in a landslide!

  65. Crazy Ralph comes ahead for me.

    What about that old lady from the remake?

    “She ain’t missin. She’s DEAD.”

  66. Crazy Ralph as well out of all of those “Prophets of Doom”. I think it’s officially safe to say that the late/great Walt Gorney (RIP) has this one in the bag as far as winning this week. ;)

    Now picking the best series Heroine out of all those who have fought Jason (and to be fair the Pseudo-Jason/Roy Burns imposter and MRs. Voorhees, ect) is going to be MUCH harder for me and many others personally, and of a much greater debate. Just you all watch.

  67. As much as I love part 3, Crazy Ralph. Between Roy and Mrs. Voorhees, Mrs. Voorhees. That one’s not even close either.

  68. LordCrayak,
    Glad you asked about the old lady from the remake. I thought about adding her here too. However, she was never written into the movie to go out of her way to warn others of Jason. Clay went to her house to find his sister and all she said was that she was probably dead and that Jason wanted to be left alone.

    The guys I included in this division actively went out of their way to warn others of their impending doom. Even though Abel just laid in the road, he still put himself out there to warn whomever came his way. Good catch, though! :)

  69. f13ticket,
    Ha Ha. I have no bias. I actually had a vid prepared for Abel, but the file got corrupted and I just ran out of time to make another video. I don’t think it would have made too much of a difference, though, as most Friday fans adore Crazy Ralph. He really is one of the faces of the franchise.

  70. I’d like to hear which final girl, and which chase scene is everybody’s favorite.

  71. Brooke, the final girl division will be coming in the near future. That should be fun to see who is voted on.

  72. Jasonsfury, I don’t even know who I’d vote for on that one. Probably Amy Steel or Dana Kimmell.

  73. crazy ralph deffinitly but how about a nod to the grave keeper in jason lives.martin i think his names was.he was pretty funny.didnt really warn anybody but classic.

  74. interesting crazy ralph looks like the father of law&orders sam waterson.i swear they could be related….look at the eyebrows..

  75. In my opinion, crazy Ralph… Best final girl, Kimberly Beck. And the best chase scene would be Dana Kimmell’s from Part 3.

  76. jasonsfury,
    I know he is. I like Crazy Ralph a lot, and I’ll be happy if he wins too. But, for the reasons I said, Abel has always had a closer feel to me. Thank you for clearing that up for me. I didn’t know that and just wanted to make sure everyone was getting a fair chance.

    Also, you could have had Mark Davis in this category too. He was a prophet of doom in a Friday the 13Th movie, even if he was warning about Freddy. And the Elderly Lady from Part 12, as someone else has already said.

    I guess I see Abel as more of the “prophet of doom” that I’d like to be myself. Someone who knows that he has a mission from God and isn’t afraid to place himself in the road and speak earnestly from his heart.

    Crazy Ralph always creeped me out, in the first one. If I saw a man walk right up to me presuming to know where I’m going like he did to Annie, I’d walk away. He feels to me like someone who is earnest, but too pushy. He even hides in the pantry and scares Alice half to death. I know he was just doing his best to warn the kids, and really did want to help them. However, and I feel sad to say this, I would probably have ignored him because of his approach. And, probabily called Officer Dorf on him myself.

    Abel comes off to me as someone who will give the message, then let you decide to listen or not. He’s so pushy as to fallow you around and keep on after you. I would have taken the Ralph of Part 2 more seriously. He seemed less pushy and more sincere. Part 1 felt almost like he was the “know it all prophet” type like you get on some Christian TV Shows. “Going to Camp Blood aint ya?” Like he was proud of himself for guessing it right. Like he felt he had some place or high on his horse stature to tell me what I should and should not be doing and going. I’d go to Camp Blood just to spite the Part 1 Ralph.

    Whereas Abel humbled himself by lying in the road. He even risked his own life by doing that. It’s a symbolic gesture of his faith in God, his mission to warn, and his faith in the people he is warning, his fellow humanity, not to hurt him. I would have turned back, or at least like to that I would have, for Abel.

    Part 2 Ralph I would have listened to more. He wasn’t pushy like before, he was calm, almost remorseful. As if the deaths of the people from Part 1 inspired him to take a different approach. He realized what he did didn’t work, and wanted to try to speak with them more calmly. He didn’t come off as a know it all that time. That time he came off as a kind, older man, who really just wanted the best for the kids and was trying to level with them.

    That’s my take on the two, anyway. The deckhand was awesome though. He came off as just bad@$$.

  77. You’re all doomed!!!! for me Crazy Ralph… Hell he survived the first movie with enough weirdness to last 5 more sequels unfortunately his weirdness outlived him since he got his due in the 2nd. But as for a prophet of doom Crazy Ralph should survive this round… definately yo

  78. Crazy Ralph by a long shot.I know this is the most popular choice but there really couldn’t be anyone else.Great idea this,can’t wait for all the further divisions…………KI,KI,KI,MA,MA,MA.

  79. Crazy Ralph is THE prophet of doom of all time.

    I just wish the new film had one. They had that old lady with the dog, but she should have had more warning screen time in the film.

  80. Crazy Ralph

  81. Abel

  82. my vote crazy ralph,your all doomed if you choose someone else !!!!

  83. Wow, f13ticket, you do have some great points for Abel!

    I’m having a difficult time choosing between Abel and Ralph.

    Ralph, on top of being one of the more iconic non-Voorhees characters in the series, is a great red herring. Because he is more blatantly out of place than the other two (a hiker is not out of place on the road, and of course you’d expect a deckhand to be on a ship, but Ralph popping out of the pantry like a Ralph-in-the-Box is one of the more surprising moments of the series), it’s easier to suspect him before the “big reveal” proves him innocent.

    Abel, on the other hand, does have a great build up. He starts out quiet, polite, and friendly, then slowly begins to get stranger and more intense, until he finally whips out the eyeball.

    I think I’ll go for Ralph in the end, but I also really like Abel.

  84. crazy ralph

  85. Would the little girl, Nancy, from Part 6 count? She did try to tell everyone that she saw a “scary man,” but no one believed her. They all thought that she was just having a nightmare.

    But since she’s not in the catagory, I’d have to go with Crazy Ralph. He’s the original.

  86. Roadkill,
    Good thought! However, she was not specifically written into the movie to warn everyone of impending doom. She showed up at camp to have fun and then happened to see Jason and got scared. She then told an adult which is what any scared kid would do. The gentlemen I listed here had one sole purpose and that was to warn everyone.

    “I’m a messenger of god”

  87. crazy ralph for sure. he stuck around to become even more crazy for the sequel. thats crazy dedication, no pun intended.

  88. Fri 13th ticket,

    That is good work on Abel. I enjoyed his character. Where’d he get the eye from?

    And I can’t remember and I’m too lazy to scroll up, but that old lady in the new one was great! She’s gotta at least give Abel a run for his money and I think she beats the deckhand.

    hahahha great stuff, I love this damn website

  89. definetly crazy ralph hes the classic doomsayer from the originals no one can beat him but abel came close second

  90. prophet of doom, crazy ralph. final girl, dana kimmell. chase scene, part 3.

  91. crazy ralph of course