Bracket Challenge Round 2: Camp Director vs The Final Girl


So this matchup will draw a very narrow line in the sand between people’s favorite character and the character that should win based on the actions that were carried out in Part 2. At this moment I still do not know who I will choose, but needless to say, it will take a few moments to think long and hard about my choice. Good luck in the voting and may the best of the couple win.

Paul Holt (Camp Director)
The man that single handedly made the Jason camp fire story into a horror movie legend. The prologue to The Final Chapter, which showcased this scene, sealed the deal for me as one of the best and creepiest camp fire tales to be told on film. It ranks right up there with the camp fire tale told in the beginning of The Fog. Besides the tale, Paul did manage to bed Ginny and write Beware of Bears on her mirror. I believe that was very thoughtful!


 Ginny Fields (Final Girl)
What can be said about Ginny that has not already been mentioned. She not only used child pyschology on Jason, but Paul fell to her trickery as well. Will she let her man overtake her to move on to the next round?

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60 Responses to “ Bracket Challenge Round 2: Camp Director vs The Final Girl ”

  1. Ginni!

  2. The sweet Ginni!

  3. I Like both characters but I have to go with Ginny

  4. Paul Holt

    Ginny was clever with the child psychology, but Tommy did the same thing in TFC, so basicly a 13 year-old is just as clever with Jason as she was. But the thing that does it for me(why I vote Paul), is when Paul says to the girls that they should keep ‘clean’ or the bears will come. Classy.

  5. Ginny.

  6. Ginny

    No sexplanation needed

  7. i love them both but i have to go with GINNY

  8. GINNY.Too easy………………KI,KI,KI,MA,MA,MA.

  9. Ginny!

  10. ginny,one of the best final girls

  11. Ginny !!!

  12. My vote is with Ginny, hands down. I believe she was the most intelligent of all the “last girls”. Not to mention, she outsmarted Paul and Jason, and held her own against Jason better than Paul did. BTW, what ever happened to Paul?

  13. Ginny by far! As much as I loved Chris in part 3, I wish that Amy Steele had gone for part 3 like they wanted her to. It would have been awesome to see Ginny have her hand at Jason again. Chris’ flashbacks would have been Ginny’s flashbacks to part 2; all of the referneces to “what happened to me happened a long time ago” would have been way cooler because we would have a frame of reference. Also, I just like Amy. She’s very natural. Loved April Fool’s Day.

  14. Yeah. Ginny. Especially knowing that an idiot like Chris can survive part 3, I like to see a clever survivor.

  15. Ginny all the way!

  16. ginny

  17. I have to say Ginny

  18. Ginny….She nailed Jason at the end of part 2 and Paul was never heard from again.

  19. this is hard.

    but . . . Ginny (just by a teensy bit, though)

  20. Sorry, I thought that Paul was kind of an arrogant ass. He taps Ted on the shoulder to keep him in line. Gives Ginny shit when she’s a couple of minutes late even though it wasn’t her fault. Rick in part 3 was way better as was Bill in part 1 and Rob in the final chapter. He was kind of a chach-bag.

  21. Ginny. props to her child psychology knowledge

  22. I gotta go with Ginny. She buried that machete deep!

  23. Ginny

  24. Have to go with Ginny on this one, no contest

  25. Ginny will always be my F13 love!

  26. Ginny

  27. I vote for Ginny. That scene in Jasons shack where She messes with His mind is one of the greatest moments in the franchise.

  28. Ginny Fields (Final Girl)

  29. Ginni for me

  30. ginny

  31. I’ve got to give a vote for Paul - he ran a tight ship - if he had not come back to wrestle Jason, Ginny would have met an untimely death at the hands of Jason! Without Paul - there would be no Ginny.
    Paul Still Lives!!!!

  32. I def go with Ginny…..”Paul, somebodies in the room Paul…..PAUL SOMEBODIES IN THE FUCKING ROOM!”

    I love that it is so scary!

  33. Ginny

  34. You rock, etherwanger. Now, you saved Paul. :)

  35. etherwanger..I was about to say the same thing actually.
    Without Paul, Ginny wouldn’t have existed..

    I vote for Paul.

  36. Ginny, easily!

  37. Paul.

  38. Ginny Fields

  39. Paul

    etherwanger is right, think about it…

  40. Its clear to me that ginny is going to win so ill jump on the bandwagon too.

    I vote for Ginny

  41. Ginny

  42. ginny

  43. Ginny. The second best final girl (behind Tina) and did I mention hot?

  44. I vote for Ginny

  45. BEHIND Tina?????? Wow! I thought that she was terrible! Second after Alice maybe but other than that… I liked the first four and I thought that Tina was bottom of tghe barrel along with Pam. Oh well, chaqun son gout!

  46. without a doubt, Ginny, series has always been about the final girl, sorry Paul

  47. Ginny

  48. Ginny is the winner in this one!

  49. Part 2 is my 2nd fav of the series. I have to vote for Paul. He set the tone of suspense for the entire movie. I’m thankful for that.
    I can’t vote for Ginny, she was the most unattractive final girl in all the films.

  50. ginny hands down

  51. Ginny!!! Although Paul does have very nice Farrah Fawcett hair, Ginny is super strong and sexy!

  52. Ginny

  53. Paul

  54. Well look at it this way….

    This is the first time Ginny actually “screwed” Paul, so smile Paul! (wherever you are!) you finally got it!


  55. Ginny. No doubt.

  56. G I NN Y! Paul ain’t got no alibi.

  57. “I can’t vote for Ginny, she was the most unattractive final girl in all the films.”

    Whoa, Wille man, that was harsh bro. I personally have always found Amy Steel VERY lovely & attractive, even since Part 2 as well as Walk Like a Man and April Fool’s Day.

    But alas, to each they’re own, and we all have our own tastes. After the first five, I don’t personally think there were that many attractive women actually in the series, save for some of the Canadian hotties in Part VIII (which, sadly, was one of the worst over all of the series). And most of the New Line Cinema off-shoot years feature skank-tastic ladies, I always thought. But alas, to each they’re own. I just never heard her called unattractive before.

  58. Amy Steel was indeed a cutie…. So was the Rowland chick from Jason X. :)

  59. Ginny is the best.A educated woman with a brain meets hand down the fools, of part,3,4,5,7,.Ginny better than that diapered virgin Tina.

  60. I want to vote for Paul because I voted for Chris over Ginny. Still - I gotta go with Ginny, I guess.