Bracket Challenge Round 2: Gang of New York vs Young Jason Voorhees

Ah, the end of Round 2 is here and we have saved the best for last…..? Well, at least it’s an interesting matchup. Who would have ever thought a young Jason Voorhees that jumped out of Crystal Lake to grab Alice and take her down to the bottom of the lake would now have the chance to take a New Yorker down as well. In ten years the franchise sure did change!

Young Jason Voorhees (Friday the 13th 1980)
Jason desperately wants to meet up with his mommy again, but will he be able to get past the almighty Street Urchin? Perhaps Ari’s band, First Jason, can play some 80’s rap/rock music to keep the Street Urchin rockin out to some rad tunes while escaping to the next round.





Street Urchin (Jason Takes Manhattan)
What can I say, but I really like this guy. If I saw a slimy hockey masked dude walking down the middle of Time Square, I would never think of threatening him with a switch blade. Even if he did knock over my boom box. But Street Urchin confronted Jason and then ran only when seeing the worst makeup job of Jason in the series. A perplexing individual, but still entertaining.

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49 Responses to “ Bracket Challenge Round 2: Gang of New York vs Young Jason Voorhees ”

  1. Young Jason, no doubt!

  2. Young Jason.

  3. I’m going to go with Street Urchin. Ari Whoozits only did one thing in the movie and that’s jump out of the water. Young Jason wouldn’t know how to stop a switchblade from carving his pumpkinhead into a nice Halloween Jack O’ Lantern.

  4. Young Jason but really only for the sake of being from the first film, True he didnt do much in the film at all, but Street Urchin is just another forgettable character, Jaso is, well, Jason.

  5. I am with TheRustyMachete, I vote Street Urchin. I love Ari and how he promotes the franchise and the Jason character he helped create, but I just enjoyed Street Urchin too much in HIS 5 seconds of fame.

  6. Young J.V. for me!

  7. Young Jason

  8. Young Jason

  9. Young Jason FTW!

  10. young jason

  11. Young Jason plz!

  12. Young Jason!!! Nuff Said!!

  13. I vote for Young Jason. Street Urchin was freaked out when he saw Jasons true face..but with the hockey mask on He had the balls to pull a switchblade and say “You are dead meat slimebag”. I figure if Street Urchin saw Young Jason and how horrific He looks….He would run.

  14. Young Jason Voorhees (Friday the 13th 1980)

  15. young jason

  16. Street Urchin

  17. Young Jason

  18. Gotta go with young Jason. The street urchin is a forgetable character. Jason is not

  19. Young Jason would own Street Urchin.

  20. Street Urchin……..Because the “young Jason” that we see in the movie didn’t even exist,he was just part of a dream,the street urchin may have been a scuzzy punk but atleast he was real and part of one of my favorite scenes,when Jason reveals his face to them I always pictured Jason’s face from part 6 with the maggots falling to the ground.

  21. Young Jason

  22. young jason

  23. Young Jason the gang from NY have no Chance…

  24. Young Jason

  25. As much as I love “Original Jason,” I am voting on the Urchin ticket.

  26. young jason

  27. I’m going with Street Urchin..Only because I don’t like voting or favor something or something because of it’s “history”, I just go with how I feel.

  28. LOL that should be “someone or something”

  29. To not give my vote to “Jason” in a “Friday the 13th” challenge would be sin… (ya dead ….)


  30. I vote for the street urchins even though i would not choose neither of these.

  31. Young Jason

  32. jason

  33. Street Urchin

  34. Young Jason

  35. street urchin

  36. Young Jason by far!!!

  37. I gotta go with young Jason Voorhees, played perfectly by Ari Lehman. I swear everytime Jason pops up out of the water I still get scared. The next round is gonna be super cool. Young Jason vs. his mom now that’s epic.

  38. ari lehman-young jason…..all the acting in part 8 was beyond bad!!!!

  39. Jason

  40. I vote street urchin. He has back up and I don’t think young Jason could take them all… but when he grows up, he’ll get even!

  41. jason in a good killer.

  42. Young Jason. Skeet Ulrich was only okay.

  43. Young Jason

    Come on, it’s frickin Jason!!!!

  44. Urchin.

    Ari is cool and all but you’re talking about a hallucination, not the actual being. Besides, we’re going to see more of Jason in this thing anyway.

  45. Young Jason. All the hallucination with none of the cons.

  46. got to go with Young Jason Voorhees in this one.

  47. YOUNG JASON.He had probably the scariest scene in all the films……………KI,KI,KI,MA,MA,MA.

  48. Young Jason. Where would we be without the street urchin? Where would we be without young Jason? Exactly.

  49. young jason