Bracket Challenge Round 2: Paintballer vs Coroner


I am more than a little curious to see how this matchup turns out. I have a pretty good idea where this is going to end up, but I might be surprised. Roy was a very popular pick when he was voted to the second round, but I wonder how he will stack up against a fan favorite and Police Academy alumn in Axel.

axel-300x200Axel (The Final Chapter)
The other coroners did not stand a chance against the superbowl of self abuse. Axel loves Christmas references and finding unique ways to examine cute girls on the slab. He has never matched wits against the likes of Roy, however. Do you think he could be so thoughtful to break a branch off of a tree and try reattaching it?




Roy (Jason Lives)
He was the last surviving paintballer. If only Roy would have stayed lost, he may have survived. He did have the quick reflexes to shoot Jason when he felt threatened. And, Roy is the first person to shoot Jason red, so that has to count for something.

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67 Responses to “ Bracket Challenge Round 2: Paintballer vs Coroner ”

  1. Axel!

  2. Close one, but Axel by virtue of his sleaziness and grisly end.

  3. Roy

    I hate doctors… unless its Doctor Who.

  4. i vote for axel.

  5. Axel

  6. Def Axel!

  7. Roy

    He’s a G and doesn’t hesitate to pull the trigga on any scary face sucka that runs up on him.

  8. Roy my boy!!!!

  9. Definitely Roy

  10. Roy

  11. Axel

  12. my votes goes to Axel

  13. Axel please

  14. “Hey Ladies… Thanks for Waiting..”


  15. Plus look at the kills.

    I mean yeah Roy was chopped into “itty bittie pieces my friend” , but you never see it.

    Look at Axel’s death, its in the top 10 EASILY. I mean were else to do get to see a throat cut with a HACKSAW and just when you think it couldn’t get any better you get a 180 degree head twist?



  16. axel is my pick,can’t even believe the paint ball guy would get this far a whack character in a whack movie.hated that stupid scene(paintballer)and that stupid movie.that movie made me wish roy was back with the nut house kids.

  17. Axel. Ever since I realized that he played Fackler in the Police Academy movies, I was an Axel fan. The line was crossed between innocence and perversion.

    This is going to be a throwaway bracket anyway, I do believe. Unless Roy or Axel really stands a chance against Ginny or Tommy Jarvis.

    But its still fun. Let these nerds have their moment in glory.

  18. Id have to go with Roy on this one.

  19. I have to say Axel, just because I think Roy was too sweet and innocent to compete with the sleazy likes of Axel.

  20. axel

  21. Axel

  22. Axel, the possible necropheliac

  23. axel

  24. Axel. He was funny. Roy was irritating and dumb.

  25. Axel all the way, i loved his sleeziness, kinda made me homesick :)

  26. Axel

  27. Axel…’cause the paintballer scene was irritating….

  28. Going with Axel on this one but it is a good match up

  29. Axel

  30. I hated both of these losers. but if I have to choose bah.. i cant…. I hate them both

  31. Roy please!

  32. I vote Axel.For the kickass death scene…………..KI,KI,KI,MA,MA,MA.

  33. I vote for Axel…Hes a weirdo perv (my kinda guy). And His death scene is one of the greatest in the franchise…. courtesy of the great Tom Savini.

  34. Axel

  35. I’ll go for Roy. He’s the underdog and he did pop a paint cap in Jason. He’ll be remembered for being dismembered.

  36. Axel’s kill scene was good! And he’s a ladies man! Pulled a hottie nurse! Roy was an idiot! lol AXEL all the way!

  37. Axel

  38. Axel

  39. Axel

    Death scene ruled!

  40. Please, it’s not EVEN close. I know Axel wasn’t a likable guy, but tt least with Axel’s death there is some actual degree of horror to the scene. The scene involving Roy ushered in this RIDICULOUS notion of adding a comedic quality to killing someone. When you get right down to it, murder is really funny??? If I wanted to watch slapstick horror, I would gravitate to the likes of Nightmare on Elm Street. I want my horror movie to be scary, and not some “B” movie, where they dummy down the scene/movie, so T.P.T.B. can cater to some new fan that they haven’t reached yet.

    Axel by a mile!

  41. Axel.

  42. Give to Axel for having a crappy night: he works the graveyard shift, failed to secure Jason’s arm, which ruined his chances of getting laid, then doesn’t completely lock the big guy in the freezer, spilled hot coffee on his nuts, then paid for it by getting his neck hacked and his head spun.

    Axel - on a positive note: he has been nailing Nurse Morgan and loves 20-minute aerobics.

  43. I’ll give my vote on this one. I will vote for Roy as Axel was a necrophiliac who never would have stood toe to toe with Jason. Roy at least staired down Jason and took a shot at him. Even though it was a paint pellet, he still reacted in that manner. And then when he realized he was “dead meat” he ran for the high hills. A lot of other charatcters just stand there in fright and Jason picks them off no problem.

    Go Roy!

  44. cullen that pretty much covers it in my opinion too,comedy kills is for freddy fans.hate that sh*t

  45. AXEL

  46. axel

  47. Roy. He was just too damn funny.

  48. And in reply to funny deaths not being a part of friday the 13th, even in part two, (in my opinion), had hiliarious kill scenes. Perv hanged upside down then stabbed, and lets not forget the wheel chair kill. Horrifying maybe, and yet still funny in a sadistic way.

  49. Axel

  50. Axel by a longshot

  51. Axel

    and friday fans check out my friday the 13th franchise review on nov. 13

  52. Axel. Roy looks too much like Woody Allen.

  53. Axel (The Final Chapter)

  54. Dachande, I think your confused on what you think is funny and the intent behind those scenes that were shot/filmed. The difference between the kills in Part II and that of Part VI, is the latter was done in such a way to illicit laughter. Steve Miner wasn’t going for a cheap laugh in Part II, as those scenes were CLEARLY designed to horrify the viewer. Tom McLaughlin on the other hand used sophomoric scenes to cheapen the overall product, rather then enhancing it.

    No offense, but I’m guessing you’re in the EXTREME minority as it pertains to your feelings regarding the death scenes in Part II, as I’ve NEVER seen/heard anyone laugh at those scenes. You found those scenes funny in Part II, why, because both of those scenes involved two of the most helpless victims in the Friday franchise? Generally an audience sympathizes with those who are at a disadvantage, whether it be in life or in the moment. It doesn’t mean their deaths can’t still be powerful, but funny??? Hell, if you thought Mark’s death to be funny, I then suppose you found Franklin’s death scene to be funny in that of Texas Chainsaw Massacre?

  55. Cullen,
    Everyone has a different sense of humor. If Dachande found that funny, so be it. There a lot of people that find the Faces of Death series or Hostel movies funny.

    Also, I don’t think Tom ‘s scenes were sophomoric, he was trying to inject some needed energy into a franchise on it’s 5th sequel. And he succeeded as it was the most critically received of the series. The kills were still there and it was the last time the franchise had a camp in the story, at least until the remake.

  56. Roy. Axel was kinda…weird.

  57. Axel…..what word comes to all our mind when we think of Axel? “Sleazy” of coarse :D And his death scene always made me cringe when that saw blade rips through his neck and his head is twisted around,..definitely in my top 3 best Jason kills of all time.

  58. Jasonsfury:

    I totally agree that people should have a different sense of humor, BUT that doesn’t change what the INTENT was behind each director’s vision in those films. Steve Miner in NO way shape or form was trying to devalue life based on how his movie was directed. He didn’t use some slapstick formula to garner cheap laugh’s like that of Tom McLaughlin. Friday The 13th Part II, like that of it’s predecessor, and the III & IV installment relied on a concept of what we come to know as horror. Whereas, much of what we’ve become accustom to post Part V has traveled down that slippery slope, in which horror has taken a back seat to that of gore and cheap frills.

    Jasonsfury, by injecting some much needed energy, do you mean comedic devices? I’m not sure where you’re coming from? Also, what do you mean by critically received? I can tell you this, Part VI through Jason X were one and done after the first weekend, as it pertained to box office receipts (which in layman’s terms = lost their ass). Those movies were dwarfed by the first four, and that’s even with ticket prices being exponentially higher, and an operational budget that was somewhat higher.

    Regarding “Faces of Death” and a movie like “Hostel” being funny, that comment is disturbing on so many levels. I guess I’m not sure how a movie like “Faces of Death” is funny? Is it funny because you have a total disconnect from human life beyond those that you’re close to in life? I mean, you wouldn’t laugh if you knew one of those people, I’m guessing? Don’t get me wrong, I think “Faces of Death” is an important movie, if only for one reason, it is 100% real!!! The “Faces of Death” movies more or less instilled the idea of the fragility of our existence, and how in a blink of an eye, life can be over as we know it. For myself and millions of others, death is a fascinating subject, so I would hope that we aren’t trivializing the subject matter. Another welcome change would be to see the horror public not being perceived as this unfeeling community. Why perpetuate a stereotype even further?

  59. Steve Miner was just learning how to direct movies when he made Part 2. And he did a fine job on that film. It was the beginning of the slasher craze and the Friday franchise hit at the right time with the kind of movie and formula they were using. So, there was no need for lots of humor or new energy, although it was written in.

    Example: Muffin the dog is seen walking up to Jason’s feet, they cut to the next scene of hot dogs roasting on a grill. There’s humor there!

    However, in 1986, the slasher genre had run it’s course and was pretty much dead. Also, A Nightmare on Elm Street was pushing the boundaries of horror movies. Since Paramount still wanted to make more money with a proven franchise, they decided to go with Tom as he had a unique vision on a 5th sequel in a franchise. He decided to go more gothic with an ode to old monster movies and throw the humor in to show that at movie number 6 they weren’t taking themselves to seriously. It worked.

    The movie was critically received as in the movie critics embraced the writing and directing of the film. It is to this day the best reviewed movie in the franchise. It gave the franchise an ounce of credibility to stand on. The box office was not as good as the prrevious three film, but when you spend 1-3 Million and make over 20 million domestically, that’s a very profitable movie!

    As for humor in franchise movies such as Hostel and Faces of Death. You have to remember that these movies are entertainment and should never be taken so serious to not laugh at some of the ridiculous scenarios that arise. Of course, if someone died in real life, you would not laugh. But these are movies, pieces of fiction that are created to entertain …… and make lots of money! ;)

  60. Axel !!!

  61. axel

  62. jasonfury,having watched the friday movies since the very first one came out all those years ago,honestly watching anything after part 5 is impossible for me,cullen i have to agree with on this one these movies weren\’t suppose to be scary movie.after part 5 the characters went really down hill.they look like they should be on the cw network.freddy was doing comedy so jason really shouldn\’t have.and the sight of a dead dog then a hot dog can\’t compare to horrible music with woody allen running around.won\’t even get into the fact that he\’s a zombie after part 5 and should be in a night of the living dead.thom mattews as tommy jarvis????really???it went and got worse and worse and worse.when he went to space or that sad excuse for manhatten that\’s a good follow up???really???i don\’t see jigsaw crackin one liners or having comedy relief in thier movies and there going for number seven and have better sales figures with 6 movies jasons going on number 13.half as many and here\’s something else that saw does right they actully bring characters back and pay them some money so that the next cast isn\’t an even bigger bunch of slackers.i think that the fans right here can make a better friday the 13th then jason zombie,or jason slug(jgth)in my opinion after part 5 they tried to go main steam \

  63. Rocky,
    You make some good points and I have read numerous times about comparisons between Saw and Friday the 13th. The fact is, there is no comparison. Yes, box office numbers have been better. There is the inflation angle, but also we are talking about two entirely different decades in cinema. Saw is Twisted Pictures and Lionsgate, it’s like the house that Freddy built for New Line. So yes, they will spend their money to bring back actors and have big marketing blitzes. Also, Saw movies benefit from being able to show lots of gore.

    Friday the 13th was pretty much blacklisted by the MPAA and critics alike and the movies suffered a lot of censorship. Because if this the movies had to not only try to come up with creative deaths without as gore, but find new angles to sell the films to the public. As I stated to Cullen, when you get to a 5th sequel you must try to find new ways to bring the audience in. Jason Lives is a good movie and the cinematography looks real good. Now, I personally know people who feel that after A New Beginning they should have stopped. So, everyone can have their feelings on the series, but I just had to voice my opinion and didn’t want to hijack this bracket division. Sorry everyone! :)

  64. Axel!

  65. Axel

  66. I vote horny coroner.

  67. Roy