Bracket Challenge Round 2: Police Officer vs Sheriff of Jason


Now we will we will see a true test of fan loyalty. The trend has been mostly characters from the original 4 movies progressing to the later rounds, however, I think Sheriff Garris has a solid following and is one of the better characters in the series. Everyone loves Officer Dorf, but who really would stand a better chance against Jason, Officer Dorf or Sheriff Garris?

Sheriff Garris (Jason Lives)
He wants everyone to forget that he lives in Crystal Lake. It was all Tommy Jarvis’s fault that Forest Green turned red. Jason really screwed with that poor son of a bitches’s mind. That being said, Garris wants to take Officer Dorf down. Hit the noise and the cherries!




Officer Dorf (Friday the 13th 1980)
Dorf is looking for somone, a guy named Ralph. Everytime that loony gets drunk he gets his calling and then he spends a week in jail. Will officer Dorf get a chance to catch up with Ralph soon?

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56 Responses to “ Bracket Challenge Round 2: Police Officer vs Sheriff of Jason ”

  1. dorf,friday the 13th.hey it’s the original.

  2. gotta go with Garris He had a more prominent role plus he actually took it to Jason trying to protect his daughter. Gotta respect that

  3. Dorf. Maybe he’ll know better than to try to beat Jason in the face with a rock. What do you think the hockey mask is for????

  4. Garris. He put up a damn good fight with Jason.

  5. Dorf! He rules!

  6. I didn’t vote for Garris in the first round.

    He gets it this time though.

  7. It’s got to be Garris. He died trying to protect his daughter, and his death scene still sticks out as among the most gruesome in the series.

  8. Garris, he was quite a “hero”

  9. I love Garris, but DORF! Eh, why not?

  10. Garris…he had a purpose that meant much more than dorf…. and he was just cooler…. Dorf let kevin bacon mess with his bike too…what a wuss!

  11. garris

  12. Dorf. Garris was such a douchebag.

  13. I’ll give both of my half points to Garris.. One to his upper torso, and the other half to his legs.. :)

  14. GARRIS.He was badass.

  15. Garris all the way!

  16. Garris

  17. Officer Dorf (Friday the 13th 1980)

  18. Dorf, “I told you to sit on it Tonoto”.

  19. Garris for sure!

  20. I vote for Sherrif Garris. Dorf is cool and all, but cmon. That scene where Garris shoots Jason repeatedly with the shotgun over and over is classic. And most importantly He got the coolest death in part 6.

  21. Garris

  22. Garris

    Both are dorks but Garris was a little more believable. Dorf was good for his smaller role he was almost like an Officer Doofy. Like I had said last time Garris reminds me of the real tough guy cops that get hard anytime they get to pull someone over. Talk to you like shit and treat you like just commited a felony for any small traffic or parking violation.

  23. Dorf

  24. Garris

  25. I go with Garris, He @ least tried to stop the evil in Part 6, Dorf is just in one scene and looking For Ralph (LOVE THIS CHARACTER !!!) The Town Crazy.

  26. —————————————

    Very clever match up my friend….

    Sticks and stones may break bones, but hey… they don’t do a damn thing to a hockey mask!

    But got to give props to any man willing to die to protect his baby girl.

    R.I.P. - “GARRIS”


  27. Officer Dorf !!!

  28. Dorf

  29. Garris……There’s nothing more scary than a pissed off cop and damn was he pissed off,he was kind of a dick but I cant blame him,some kid comes in your town claiming a corpse he dug up is going around killing people and your daughter has the hots for this kid? Yeah,I’d want this crazy asshole out of my town too. Plus an awesome death scene to boot,hell,he bent over backwards for Jason :D
    (sorry for bad joke)

  30. Garris

  31. Garris

  32. garris

  33. Sheriff Garris

    Jason lives is an awesome flick! “Son of a bitch, hit the noise and the cherries!”

  34. Im going to go with Garris because he at least fought jason and was doing pretty good. Dorf didnt do anything. so with that being said

    Garris Please

  35. my vote goes to Sheriff Garris

  36. sheriff brackett

  37. sorry wrong movie. Brain Fart. Sheriff Garris.

  38. It has to be Dorf. He’s not going to stand for no wierdness out here!
    Garris tried to hard. “This is for (something something) and screwin’ the pooch! Iron this punk!” Really?

  39. Garris

  40. Officer Dorf

  41. Garris! He was a tough MoFo, and had a hot daughter!

  42. Gotta go with Garris

  43. Garris

  44. I got to go with Officer Garris. He made the ultimate sacrifice, sacrificing himself to save his daughter Megan.

  45. Dorf!

  46. Garris FTW!

  47. Garris

  48. Garris. One of my favorite characters. He had heart and humor.

  49. Garris

  50. “Can it Cochise”

    Office Dorf.

  51. Dorf

  52. This is a hard one for me. I would have to say Garris.

    Dorf has some of the greatest, and without a doubt most prophetic, quotes in Friday the 13Th. However, Garris still wins my heart as he learned that Jason was truly alive and died to save his daughter. I originally came as being a Elm Street fan so seeing the police downplay danger whilst others die was common in those films. Seeing the police really take a stand with Garris gives a far more positive perspective. Which is interesting when you watch FVJ and see how one cop is the good cop while the other is the bad. Blending both franchise traditions.

  53. Garris

  54. GARRIS!

  55. Once in a blue moon, I will concede that a certain character from one of the later installments actually wins one of these battles. Sheriff Garris is one of the few characters, post Part IV that is more than just a one dimensional character. You can tell that there was some actual thought put into this character. It’s a shame that this couldn’t be said for the rest of the cast.

  56. garris