Bracket Challenge Round 2: Prophet of Doom vs Prankster


I thought that this would be an interesting matchup. You have two of the franchise’s marquee characters. They are recognizable by anyone who has followed the franchise. One character is iconic for telling them they’re al doomed and the other for giving Jason his iconic mask. Which character will survive to Round 3?

ralphCrazy Ralph is THE prophet of doom. I respect his persistence on trying to warn everyone from going to the camp, but I still have to wonder why he went to the counselor training center at night after warning Jeff and Sandra they were doomed in the beginning of Part 2. Ralph, however, is a big believer in physical fitness as he rides his bicycle to both camps in Part 1 and 2 when others have to hike and drive miles to get there. He’s a machine.


shellyShelly has his whole world in one little box. How did he fit that hockey mask in there? After Shelly taught the bikers a lesson after, “they went too far this time”, he proceeded to juggle apples and suit up in a super tight, less than flattering wet suit to scare Vera. That damn hockey mask ruined his chance for some play. He should have gave it to Jason earlier in the movie.

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59 Responses to “ Bracket Challenge Round 2: Prophet of Doom vs Prankster ”

  1. Sorry but as much as I like Shelly I have to give it up to my man Ralph. He was cool enough to make it into two movies in the franchise and come on..

    EVERYBODY knows Ralphie!


  2. Plus if you don’t vote for him, well…

    “You’re All Dooooomed”

  3. Shelly is “The man who gave the mask” but I cannot vote against Ralphy :)
    One for the crazy man :)

  4. this is hard but i have to go with RALPH

  5. i have to go with Ralph as well

  6. ralph.

  7. ralph, by a landslide

  8. Shelly

  9. Ralph, Shelly was a waste besides getting Jason his mask.

  10. ralph

  11. Not even a real challenge, Ralph. Doomer wins over Prankster anytime.

  12. Shelly

  13. Shelly, but that was definately a tough one!

  14. Shelly was more annoying than Ralph. So I vote Ralph. Just because his death was with some barbed wire, and he was actually warning people instead of trying to scare a girl to get her to like him.

  15. You are doomed your all doomed! Leave while you still can……Ralph

  16. Crazy Ralph

  17. Easily Ralph.

    “It’s got a death curse”

  18. gotta be ralph!

  19. Oh Ralph, you’re the craziest!

    Sorry Larry Zerner.

  20. Ralph knows exactly who he is in the world, and is unapologetic about the odd way he goes about things. Until Shelly mans up, and owns his fat nerdiness, I’m going with Ralph.

  21. No Shelly,no hockey mask. Shelly ftw.

  22. Shelly

  23. I gotta go with Shelly myself. I’m just such a HUGE Part 3-D fanatic, as I watch it almost weekly with the Deluxe Edition disc. He’s an interesting character, and as many noted, there would be no fiberglass hock without him! :D

    Plus, he’s the series Prankster with the most screen time and best scares, and there are a lot of little quirks about him that he pulls off nicely on his last day on Earth that I really enjoy. So yeah, Shelly all the way.

  24. Ralph!!

  25. Crazy ass Ralph. He lives near Crystal Lake and managed to survive Jason and his mom all those years (til the barb wire of course). Shelly only lasted the day.

  26. crazy ralph

  27. I vote for Crazy Ralph…he survived part 1 and Im sure He knew of Mrs. Voorhees demise. But yet in part 2 he still feels crystal lake is doomed. Its like He was the first to know that Jason was alive and kicking and ready to kill. As for why He was hanging around at night in part 2..maybe he was trying to keep an eye on things…or maybe Hes a perv that like to watch couples have sex. Either way…Im a messenger of god, Youre doomed if You stay here.

  28. Ralph

  29. Crazy Ralph.

  30. Shelly gave Jason the mask that he wore until The New Blood. Plus, Shelly’s death was a huge lesson into why someone should never “cry wolf.” Ralph’s death had no meaning. It was just a surprise to a few people. That’s all. My vote is for Shelly.

  31. Shelly…..My favorite character in the whole franchise,funny,weird,nerdy,awkward,chubby,gave Jason his mask,tricked us into thinking he was dead,ran over one of the bikers motorcycles,came from the water to scare the shit out of Vera,the boy who cried wolf so to speak. Hell,he may be my favorite character from ANY movie!

  32. i liked Crazy Ralph alot but im going for Shelly all the way…simply put, Friday the 13th is known for Jason’s trademark mask, and where did he get it from???? that mask made this series and is what alot of people still talk about today

  33. Crazy Ralph !!!

  34. Shelly. As I had said, Shelly reminded me a lot of myself. I am man enough to admit it. He was my favorite character of all of them. I don’t think he’ll win the entire thing…and maybe not this round even, but I like him.

  35. I vote for Crazy Ralph.I really wished he could have been in the reboot.Or at the very least a suitable equivelant.I strongly feel that he was central to the original and that he should have at least have been represented in some form………………KI,KI,KI,MA,MA,MA.

  36. shelly,i still love crazy ralph though

  37. I am voting for Crazy Ralph

  38. My vote is going to Crazy Ralph because he is one of the most memorable characters from the entire series.

  39. Not that easy because were would Jason be right now if it wasn’t for Shelly and his goaliemask? But on the otherside Ralph is a classic character also and let’s not forget that he was so good (important) that he was in 2 movies. One thing I just can’t get over with Ralph’s deathscene is how the hell can Jason hold the barbwire with both hands when he kills Ralph? Did he flip that wire over the whole tree or?

    I think I’ll go with Shelly on this one..

    You’re going to Camp Blood, ain’t ya?!

  40. Ralph

  41. Crazy Ralph. That was a pretty hard one to decide tho, seeing how Shelly is responsible for the infamous hockey mask.

  42. Shelly for sure.

  43. Crazy Ralph

  44. shelly

  45. I vote Crazy Ralph.

  46. Ralph!

  47. I think it comes down to one thing…ACTING! Give me the late Walt Gorney over Larry Zerner. Whether the lisp was real or not, I loved how the Ralph character was acted and used within the two films. Walt Gorney did a great job of building up the already heightened fear & the unknown which awaited the movie audience. I thought the worst thing the Friday franchise did was kill Ralph. I felt that TPTB could’ve easily concocted a logical storyline involving Ralph knowing Mrs. Voorhees/Elias & maybe even Jason as a child.

    As brilliant as Friday The 13th Part II was, TPTB dropped the ball in two areas, one killing Ralph, and two having the movie end on such an ambiguous note.

    Regarding Shelly, I thought that role was played fairly well by Larry Zerner, especially since that was Larry’s first role in a movie. Larry has also been a great ambassador for the Friday franchise, which you have to salute him for. He loves the franchise, is proud to be associated with it, and he seems to be a hit with the fans.

    All that being said….I still have to go with the late Walt Gorney (Crazy Ralph).

  48. Ralph

  49. Crazy Ralph

    It is much tougher choosing now because we start pickin from all our favorites. Shelly was great in part 3 and had a bigger role than Ralph. The thing is our prophet of doom couldn’t be any creepier and you gotta give it to him for being just the perfect kind of weird town crazy to set the mood right around a small town.

    I don’t wanna know how he knows so much about the “death curse”. He’s better off unexplainded and as a creepy stalking old fart.

  50. Crazy Ralph!!!!!

  51. Tough one indeed.. But it comes down to this; one was extremely bad with the girls and the other actually had a wife and tried to peek in on Ginny before that jerk paul showed up. Gots to go with Crazy Ralph!

  52. This is touogh, but I think I’m gonna have to go with Ralph. He has two films under his belt and did try to warn everyone… the peeping Tom thing aside. lol

  53. Gotta go with Ralph.

    “You’re goin’ to Camp Blood, aintcha?”

  54. Ralph

    part 3 is my all time favorite, but Ralph was such a good character.

  55. Have to vote for Shelly, he reminds me a lot of me

  56. Shelly.


    I just noticed your comment at the top about “How did he get that mask in that little box”.

    You know I always wondered that myself, but even worse is I don’t even want to know how he transported that “Harpoon Gun”…..



  58. Crazy Ralph

  59. I would have to say that Shelly is THE most important character in the franchise. I really don\’t believe that the franchise would still be around if he hadn\’t given the mask to our Jason; however, in the parameters of this survey, I would have to say that Ralph wins. He was cooler. I do find that it\’s kind of a strange comparison though. Wouldn\’t it be better to compare Shelly with Ned? Isn\’t this apples and oranges?