Bracket Challenge Round 2: Week 11 Results

The first week of Round 2 is in the books. The entire bracket has been set and what you see below are the complete matchups you will be voting on in the upcoming weeks. I foresee some tough and interesting battles in the other matchups, at leat more than what we witnesses this past week.


tommypart4Tommy Jarvis (Jason Lives) vs Young Tommy (The Final Chapter)

I was surprised at how much of a landslide this ended up being. Young Tommy is indeed a fan favorite.

Young Tommy:  48 votes
Tommy Jarvis:  13 votes



Crazy Ralph vs Shelly
In this matchup I actually expected Ralph to make it as I know how much everyone loves our special Prophet of Doom

Crazy Ralph:  40 votes
Shelly:  17 votes

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4 Responses to “ Bracket Challenge Round 2: Week 11 Results ”

  1. Ralph is a truly great character and portrayal. In this case, the first is truly the best. Walt Gorney set the standard, while Shelly was a standout among many, but not the definitive.

  2. I’m suprised Ralph didn’t win with a bigger landslide.

  3. Okay I love the matchups and I have too predictions on how this will turn out.

    One, if it’s the classic bad vs. good matchup at the end I predict a Mr. V vs. Young Tommy! Awesome if you ask me.

    Or we might so too of the only people survived match up, Ginny vs. Young Tommy. Either way its gonna be awesome to see what others think.

    There are two potential matchups I cannot wait for in later rounds. Young Jason should beat Street Urchin and Betsy should beat Mrs. Jarvis, imo, in round 2. Meaning a round three matchup of young Jason vs. his beloved mother, Betsy Palmer!!!! It’s like a dream almost.

    The second potential match up would come in round four if you will, Ginny who looks like she is running away with round 2 should overcome round three and make it to round 4. Setting her up with a Betsy Palmer(who should overcome young Jason in round 3) vs. Ginny match up. That would be great.

    I love this buddy and now it’s gonna be fun.

  4. I also vote, for pastarity, for Ralph and Final Chapter Tommy. Final Chapter Tommy was creepy as Hell. And Ralph has some of the greatest quotes in the series.

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