Bracket Challenge Round 2: Week 13 Results

In week 13 there were two more landslide victories. One in particular is notable as the only character to survive to the 3rd Round from a movie outside of the original 4 films. Thanks for voting everyone. We are drawing nearer to Round 3 and crowning your favorite character of the franchise. Soon there will be a vote for one character in particular that is not on the bracket!

garris-300x200Sheriff Garris vs Officer Dorf

Garris:  41 votes
Dorf:  15 votes




Axel vs Roy

Axel:  45 votes
Roy:  12 votes

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10 Responses to “ Bracket Challenge Round 2: Week 13 Results ”

  1. garris……no way !!!!!!!!

  2. I must admit I’m pretty disappointed that Garris won. I thought he was a chachbag! A bigger part but nowhere near as cool.

  3. Both were blowouts..Wow

  4. Hey guys….new poster…..I figured since i look at this page 5 or 6 times every day I should start posting too……

    Garris was a good character, but hafta say I’m a lil disappointed dorf didnt win. Garris had a bigger role, but it wasnt as memorable, in my opinion.

    Axel had to win from the simple fact that he pulled one of the hottest characters from the series. She is second to me behind Vera… I’m very glad Axel won.

  5. Thanks for posting, K.C. Keep leaving your comments. We love to hear from eveyone. :)

  6. Garris? Really?.. hmmm im guessing he doesnt make it past another round.

  7. I love Garris. He was awesome to me. His “cop” talk was great.

  8. I gotta agree with Jonathan his one-liners were pretty funny.

  9. I liked Garris as one of the best characters in the franchise. One of the best acted and written parts in any of the films!

  10. they (garris and the deputy) who’s forgettable name i’ve forgotten,were like sheriff andy taylor and deputy fife from mayberry,that’s not jersey jail that’s for sure.

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