Bracket Challenge Round 2: Week 14 Results

We had a great Friday the 13th here on the site. Thank you so much to everyone that contributed to all of the discussions and for voting! Three matchups were voted on this week with two having no competition at all. The Best Jason Character was the closest matchup we have ever had in this game. One vote decided the winner.


betsy2Mrs. Voorhees vs Mrs. Jarvis

Mrs. Voorhees:  48 votes
Mrs. Jarvis:  3 votes






bts1_jason11Young Jason vs Street Urchin

Young Jason:  37 votes
Street Urchin:  11 votes






partVII-300x200The Best Jason Voorhees Character
Part 2:  4 votes
Part 3:  13 votes
The Final Chapter:  20 votes
A New Beginning:  0 votes
Jason Lives:  7 votes
The New Blood:  21 votes
Jason Takes Manhattan:  2 votes
Jason Goes To Hell:  4 votes
Jason X:  2 votes
Freddy vs Jason:  0 votes
Friday the 13th 2024:  7 votes

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17 Responses to “ Bracket Challenge Round 2: Week 14 Results ”

  1. I have to say, that I think it was cool that Street Urchin got 11 votes. Funny! The New Blood Jason winning was a surprise, but I know alot of fans like that movie and the look of Jason in that movie. Thanks so much to everyone that voted!

  2. Wow! I thought that TFC was winning by a landslide. Interesting. So for my fellow obsessive compulsives:
    1. The New Blood
    2. The Final Chapter
    3. Part 3
    4. Jason Lives & The Remake
    5. Part 2 & Jason Goes To Hell
    6. Jason Takes Manhattan & Jason X
    7. A New Beginning & Freddy vs. Jason
    Some of those really surprised me like part 2 tying with JGTH! Cool to see. Cheers!

  3. Great Friday the 13th Fury. Hey someone said you had done some sort of special edition shirts with fright Rags. Any idea what they were? Pics?

  4. Yes! I freaking love the Part 7 jason look. For me its Part 7 Jason for the win!

  5. Mrs V sure did a number lol good to hear

  6. I’d like a Pamela Voorhees T-shirt. Black T with a black and white version of the pic above! ‘Killer Mommy’ written along the bottom in a child’s hand. That would be cool.

  7. Part 7 Jason? Come on!!!!!!

  8. I agree EagleEye, seriously? He had his moments. The part where he was chasing the newly made-over girl in the barn was good but only because it was reminiscent of part 3. The outfit was cool from the back. The ribs were a nice touch. The shot of him in the kitchen in the dark when the lightening fired was cool but when you took off the mask he looked like an angry muppet! Kinda goofy. Certainly nothing to comapre to parts 3 & 4. Seriously.

  9. I agree w/ EagleEye & Puck! He killed a girl w/ a damn party blow for christs sake!

  10. the party blower just showed how strong and creative jason is lol he also killed a girl in a sleeping bag, smashed an ax into that blond, this is definitely the most aggressive JASON yet and that why he won.

  11. LOL, part 7 won by ONE vote! Yay!

  12. For posterity, I too would have voted Part 7 Jason. Though, I would have voted Street Urchin because he is HOT.

  13. jason PART4EVER

  14. Jason Part VII………are you kidding me? Just another reason, in what is a litany of reasons why Friday fans will never be taken seriously. This insane vote would be the equivalent of telling someone in the metal world that Poison are the real kings of metal, or that Kanye West was one of the forefathers of Hip Hop/RAP, and that The Fray trumps Elton John/Billy Joel in that of piano rock. People get over yourselves!!! The only thing this laughable vote has contributed to is (for those who voted Part VII), you folks are inherently responsible for Kane Hodder\’s ego growing to epic proportions. So, when you visit Kane at some horror convention booth, make sure you let him know that he really was the first Jason. He will like to hear this, because in Kane\’s \

  15. Well, Cullen, I see you are no fan of Kane from your many, many posts to that effect. You know, people voted on who their favorite Jason character was from the movies in the franchise, not the actor who played the character. It’s a group opinion and shouldn’t be looked at in the scope you are offering. A little over dramatic don’t you think? And telling people to get over themselves makes you out to be someone that perhaps should get over himself?

    You have a problem with Kane, thats fine and your opinion, but don’t put people’s opinions down because you seem to have a hatred for someone.

  16. Jasonfury, your point is taken. I won’t continue browbeating Kane’s minions regarding the odd results such as this vote, I will reserve that for the man himself. Let me ask you this though, isn’t it pretty obvious that the character Jason and who played him go hand in hand? In terms of hate, I don’t think that I ever used that word. If you stated a strong dislike, I would fully agree with that assessment. Until then, I think I will reserve my hate for the likes of child molesters/rapists/serial killers/terrorists, etc…

  17. Honestly I didn’t vote for Part 7 cause its Kane, I voted part 7 cause I love the fact that this was (and still is) the only Jason that showed all the damage he received over the years. The motor boat to the face, the machete to the side of his head, the axe to the forehead, and the decay of the water on his skin, not to mention fish taking some chomps out of him. He looked like a ripped up corpse, which is what he should look like after all this damage, and being stuck under water for (months or years, I’m never too sure on the time line).

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