Bracket Challenge Round 3: Ginny vs Ali


The other matchup this week is really, really close. Closer than I thought it would be. Will this new matchup be anywhere near as close? Ali had multiple lives against Jason. Can Ginny deliver the knockout blow as she did to Jason in his shack? This should be another fun vote. Which character should move on to the Final Four?

ali-300x20011Ali (Part 3)
To this point, Ali has faced his fellow biker gang and THE Final Guy, Clay. Now he faces his stiffist challenge yet, Ginny. Can he handle his business with her like he handles his business with Fox? “Make a wish.”




ginny1Ginny (Part 2)
After Ginny dispatched all other Final Girls and her main squeeze Paul Holt, she now has to deal with the local arsenist. Many have tapped Ginny the odds on favorite to win the whole competition. Can she withstand the full on stench of Ali’s gasoline soaked breath?

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61 Responses to “ Bracket Challenge Round 3: Ginny vs Ali ”

  1. Ali.

  2. This is all Ginny Here folks. It’s gotta be.

    She helped take out Jason, has survived once already, has manipulated him in to thinking she was his mother. I mean comin, that out weighs Ali in my eyes.

    “Paul, sombody’s in this room. PAUL SOMEBODY’S IN THIS FUCKIN ROOM.”

  3. Many have tapped Ginny the odds on favorite to win the whole competition.

    She was the best final girl and the way the bracket is set up is ridiculous. The next round is gonna be hard if she wins, but I’m going Ginny all the way. Also going young Tommy!

  4. “and the way the bracket is set up is ridiculous”

    Explain why or what is ridiculous, please??

  5. Ginny…….The smart sassy survivor wins over the dead guy lol Although Ali was a bad ass cool character.

  6. In like a good way, like a “that shit is whack” kinda way. These are some tough match-ups. And breakdown a little tougher going forward. Let me elaborate on that a little.

    Starting on the left side of the bracket. Looks like Crazy Ralph is gonna pull a slight upset, imo, over Young Tommy. Im okay with that. His opponent in the following round is a fifty fifty toss up. Garris or Axel, or who is the more popular one, imo. I don’t care for either one. I think I am leaning more towards Garris. I think Ralph over Garris/Axel so he makes it to the final round I assume? Not sure if it will be a three way dance or a final between the last two and then that one fights Jason. Im not sure. Can you elaborate on that more by the way.

    Right Side-I went Ginny over Ali, like it should be. Then I go Mrs. Voorhees over Young Jason. The next round would be Ginny vs. the lovable manic that started this whole thing. Going Ginny all the way.

    Will Ginny be put up against Jason one last time? Will Mrs. Voorhees be THE ONLY PERSON to finally put her son to rest for good in the finals? Crazy Ralph, looking for revenge in the finals against Jason, or is he looking for some campy teens to warn them? Time will tell.

    VOTE GINNY ‘09

  7. I’ve gotta go with Ginny here. She is the best final girl in the whole series. She really gave Jason a run for his money. Her understanding of child psychology gave her the edge over Jason mentally. If my picks go to form, than this bracket will have a lot of interesting matchups in the next few rounds. Either way it should be fun seeing how the matchups end up. Go Ginny!!

  8. Ginny

  9. GINNY

  10. GINNY

  11. Ginny.

  12. ginny fields

  13. Ginny is gonna be tough to beat!

  14. ginny only cause she lives and makes jason stop in his tracks when she plays his ma.

  15. I go with Ginny on this one. I think she can outsmart Ali enough to advance.

  16. Tough call. Ali should have gotten the hell out of that barn while he could have. Homeboy stayed the afternoon just to get a piece of Jason. If he was fresh in the game, he could have finished him off…for that movie anyway. Love part 3, but the fact that Chris survived always burns me.

    But I have to vote for Ginny on this one. She took it to Jason. Now if she could just overcome her fear of rats.

  17. Ali was awesum

  18. ali only because he looks like he could have done better

  19. Ginny

  20. Ginny!

  21. Ginny. sad that ali had to go head to head with ginny i wouldve loved to see them both advance. RIP ali

  22. Ginny.

  23. Ginny. This isn’t even a contest!

  24. This one is easy, Ali all the way.

    Ali … had a motorcycle gang.

    Ginny … peed on the floor when saw a mouse.

    Game over.

  25. Ginny is definitely getting my vote in this round.

  26. I really like the Ali character but Ginny\’s got the stones to make it to the next round.

  27. And my vote goes to Ginny, of course.

    The best final girl.

    Lovely Ginny

  28. Ginny. Got to give it to the tough chick.

  29. Ali.

  30. Ginny will trick Ali with her superior psychology-skills by pretending to be Fox! Therefore: Ginny wins!

  31. Ginny


  33. Ginny (Part 2)

  34. Ginny.

  35. Ali will show Ginny a mouse, she will piss her pants, and then run her butt out of Crystal Lake. Ali all the way!

  36. Ginny wins hands down ! Love that girl. Best final girl of the entire franchise. Ali was a cool character also but unfortunatly for him Ginny has my heart…

    marry me Ginny! lol

  37. I vote for Ginny..I like Ali and all, but She was the first to mess with Jasons head. As for the peeing thing, i believe it was the mouse that peed. She succeded once and if She faced Jason again Shed probably still outsmart him.

  38. I vote Ginny.

  39. I vote for Ginny.Never ever thought Ali was much of a convincing biker…………….KI,KI,KI,MA,MA,MA.

  40. I gotta go with Ginny. Sure, Ali scared Shelly, but even Shelly “sacked” up against him and ran over his bike. Ok, so here is my reasoning for Ginny - she defeated Jason while she was on the rag! C’mon, give her some credit! I do not know many women who can handle much of anything during that time of the month, let alone, take out the greatest slasher in the world, without complaining! The choice is simple - Ginny!

  41. Ginny.

    “You ain’t gettin away with this…. god d*mn it!”

  42. Ginny

  43. Ginny

  44. Ginny of course

  45. Ginny

  46. definitely Ginny

  47. Ginny

  48. Ginny

  49. ali

  50. ginny

  51. Ali

  52. Ginny!

  53. I know Ginny will win but i have to go for my Boi Ali and yes i spelled Boy wrong on purpose

  54. Ginny without a doubt.

  55. going with Ginny but you have to love Ali and his peoples for just hanging around quickstops picking on people!

  56. Ginny. Ali was a punk.

  57. Ali

  58. Ali

  59. ginny for sure

  60. ginny

  61. Ali, all the time.