Bracket Challenge Round 3: Week 15 Results

I didn’t think it would happen. I thought for sure that Tommy Jarvis would be at the end. Alas, even Tommy Jarvis cannot compare to the power of Crazy Ralph. The Prophet of Doom cannot be stopped. He is a man on a mission to stop the curse on Crystal Lake. All other challengers be warned!

Crazy Ralph vs Young Tommy Jarvis

Ralph:  33 votes
Tommy:  31 votes


Ginny vs Ali

Ginny:  45 votes
Ali:  12 votes

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10 Responses to “ Bracket Challenge Round 3: Week 15 Results ”

  1. Woohoo! You go Ralph!

    The thing is Tommy didn’t have that monologue from part 7 which we all know put ralph over the top!

    What a win!

    This was definately his toughest challenge, he’s going to run through Garris and Axel. How did Axel even get here!

    Ginny v. Mrs. V is the final I’m seeing.

    And I don’t get paid enough to predict that one!

    Nice work Jay, this has been a lot of fun

  2. wow sorry, I meant crazy ralph v. Mrs. V in the final.

    Damn u sam adams!

  3. Wow Ralph eeked his way through that one. I expected him to win by a bigger margin. Ginny was a no brainer.

  4. This is getting harder(that’s what she said).

  5. Ginny Final Girl!!!

  6. Wow. That was a close call on on the Ralph/Tommy!

  7. Huge upset if you ask me.

  8. Yes! Ralph and Ginny! Going to be a really hard choice when it gets to the final countdown!

  9. Fuck, I was hoping Ali would win.

  10. Ralph is a dumbass. He hangs around the camp to tell people how doomed they are for being there, but is too dumb to get away himself. And this dude has a chance at the finals.

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