Bracket Challenge Round 3: Week 16 Results

There was no surprise that Mrs. Voorhees would win this round as she is one of the most popular characters in the franchise. I, however, have been unsure about Shaeriff Garris throughout this game. He keeps on winning, though and has a great chance to possibly win it all. What started out close with Axel and Garris turned out to be a pretty good victory for Garris. Lets see how far he goes.


garris1Sheriff Garris vs Axel

Sheriff Garris:  38 votes
Axel:  20 votes






betsy3Mrs.Voorhees vs Young Jason

Mrs. Voorhees:  44 votes
Young Jason:  5 votes

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8 Responses to “ Bracket Challenge Round 3: Week 16 Results ”

  1. I voted for Garris every time. Part 6 is one of my favorites, if not, is my favorite of the series.

  2. Go Ginny and Garris!

  3. Crazy Ralph and Ginny are my vote for the next round.

  4. I agree with JJ, I think that will be the case.

  5. It’s go time!!!

  6. We all know it will end up Garris vs. Ginny, with Ginny winning. But I’m voting Garris all the way!

  7. Lets go crazy ralph! Dont let that dick Garris make it the finals lol

  8. My favorite character of the whole series ( beside our beloved camp ground killer) is defenitely Ethel Hubbard. I love that character, and second I like Mrs. V ofcourse…

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