Bracket Challenge Round 3: Young Jason vs Mrs. Voorhees


Will young Jason be able to melt his mother’s heart and have her allow him to move onto the next round? Or, has revenge darkened her heart so much that not even her own son can stop her from realizing her destiny? Which Voorhees will move to the final four, starting next week?

betsyMrs. Voorhees (Friday the 13th 1980)
Her reason for living. Her reason for revenge. Can she really have the desire to defeat her son? She even likes to talk like her son. Mommy is in quite the conundrum!





young_jasonYoung Jason (Friday the 13th 1980)
The one person Jason would yield to is his mother. She is the only one that he would lay down his weapons and die for. So, would he really be able to raise an axe and say good bye to mommy in order to move on?

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53 Responses to “ Bracket Challenge Round 3: Young Jason vs Mrs. Voorhees ”

  1. Young Jason!! No extra comment

  2. Mrs. Voorhees because she taught young Jason everything he knows.

  3. Mrs. Voorhees

  4. Gotta give this one to Mrs. Voorhees. I mean she established the maniac killer thing. As far as killers in movies goes she was quite good and creative with her kills. The fact that she was killed in awesome fashion, beheading, doesn’t hurt her case against her son.

    “Well I’m Mrs. Voorhees an old friend of the Christies.”

  5. Mrs. Voorhees

  6. Mrs Voorhees

  7. My pick to win it all: Mrs. Voorhees.

  8. this is a tough one but I gotta go with young Jasonif he hadn’t come back out to avenge his mother none of us would be discussing this now

  9. Mrs. Voorhees ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!

  10. mrs.voorhees…betsy palmer

  11. mrs voorhees

  12. Mrs. Vorhees. Jason has always been a mama’s boy. lol

  13. Mrs Voorhees. an old friend of the Christies

  14. Mrs. Voorhees

  15. mrs v

  16. Mrs. V gets the nod here. This is setting up probably the best next matchup if she wins. Ginny vs. Mrs. V. GINNY TAKES THE BITCH DOWN! I HEART GINNY!

  17. MRS.V!! “What monster could have done this!”

  18. Mrs. Voorhees.

    I mean she is the driving force of Jason, and without her influence he would have never given us such great kills. So my vote has to be for her in this bracket.

    “Kill her mommy…… kill her”

  19. Mrs. Voorhees :)

  20. Tough one indeed….I’ma go with Young Jason because of what he grew up to become. #1!

  21. Neither, this match would never take place. The love for her son and his love for her would cause a no contest!!!!

  22. I vote for Mrs Voorhees.If it was grown up Jason it would be different………..KI,KI,KI,MA,MA,MA.

  23. I have to vote Mrs. Voorhees. I think that she is more iconic than the younger Jason character within the framework of the seris.

  24. Mrs Voorhees 100%

    Saludos desde la soleada Marbella (Spain)

  25. … this is hard. The mother or the son? I think “young” Jason, would get his butt kicked by his mama. But older Jason, would win. So for this round its Mrs. V.

  26. Young Jason (Friday the 13th 1980)

  27. mrs v no contest

  28. mrs vorhees

  29. Mrs Vorhees, she started the whole F13 saga off!!

  30. Mrs. Voorhees

  31. Mrs. Voorhees all the way. All kid Jason did was jump out of the water.

  32. This is a hard one, I’m going to say Mrs. Voorhees.

  33. Mrs. Voorhees

  34. Mrs. Voorhees

  35. Ok this match up doesnt make sense. Jason and His Mom wouldnt hurt each other. But Im going to go with Mrs. Voorhees. Reason: It was never confirmed whether young Jason’s scene was a dream or not.

  36. Tie

    The only reason I say that is because If Jason and Pam tried to kill each other, they would do just that. Kill each other. Pam would have Jason kill himself, then after that, she would take her own life to be with her son in Hell. Tie.

  37. Mrs. Voorhees

  38. Mrs. Voorhees ( =

  39. pamela

  40. Mrs. Voorhees

  41. I vote Pamela.

  42. Gotta be Mrs.Voorhees

  43. no contest

  44. my vote goes to Mrs. Voorhees

  45. Gotta be the boy. He gives the best scare in quite possibly the whole series.

  46. Mrs. Voorhees

  47. I choose Mommy!

  48. mrs.voorhees

  49. Mrs Voorhees

  50. Mrs Voorhees of course!

  51. Mrs Voorhees.

  52. Mrs. Voorhees

  53. Mrs Voorhees…kill her