Bracket Challenge: Sheriff’s of Jason



These characters played pretty big parts in their respective movies. Which Sheriff do you think can uphold the law and put Jason in his place? Vote now to move your favorite sheriff to the next round.

sherifftucker1Sheriff Tucker (Part 5: A New Beginning)
He was concerned for Tommy Jarvis. Also, he thought Ethel looked lovely, but Tucker’s ass was on the line. It got so bad that the mayor told him that he didn’t care if the sheriff had to put his own mother behind bars. Remember, this is a small town and small towns are supposed to be safe.




sheriffgarrisSherrif Garris (Part 6: Jason Lives)
Garris has the biggest role out of all of the sheriffs in the Friday the 13th franchise. He is a devoted father that doesn’t take any crap. You try to steal one of his guns, that’s just like screwin’ the pooch. It figures, he tries to be nice to some people. He bends backwards and all he wants is respect. Iron this punk.





sherifflandis1Sheriff Landis (Jason Goes To Hell)
In the grand scheme of the franchise, Landis had the most difficult scenario to deal with. Not only did he have the unenviable task of dealing with the freako bounty hunter, Creighton Duke, but he had to deal with a body hopping Jason trying to bump uglies with his lady, Diana. Even after getting his nose shoved into his cranium, he shows up at the Voorhees house to help Jessica. She thought he was dead, well she was wrong.

sheriffwiliamsSheriff Williams (Freddy vs Jason)
You would think the this sheriff would have the hardest task. He has two serial killing madmen running loose in his streets. However, he never comes face to face with either of them. At least the other sheriffs in this list confronted or spoke to the crazed killer. Give Sheriff Williams credit though, he had to deal with annoying deputies and bad dialogue throughout!

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78 Responses to “ Bracket Challenge: Sheriff’s of Jason ”

  1. Wow, this was a close one with Garris and Tucker.. but hey let’s be honest, Garris had the most screen time and the most important role im my opinion. Plis he had character.. so I guess it’s going GARRIS!

  2. Garris, shot Jason so damn much, and then started to slam a rock on Jason’s face. The man held out pretty damn well.

  3. Garris. Although he comes off as a kind of dick rogue cop, he actually was just looking out for the livelihood of the town and most importantly his daughter. He definately showed his determination and tried to give Jason hell.

  4. Without question, Garris. He stoood up to Jason and was a more well rouonded and fleshed out character than the rest.

  5. Garris. He stood up to Jason, especially when it came to making sure the kids were safe at the cabin, and his daughter. He stands out the most out of all these Sheriffs. Garris in a landslide, no doubt.

  6. Garris all the way. He’s the only one thats really emotionally invested in battling Jason.

  7. Garris, no contest.

  8. it\’s gotta be the shit-talking father of hot-as-rails-in-hell jennifer cooke: SHERIFF GARRIS!

  9. Garris. He’s stubborn and oldfashioned, but he seems to really care about justice and for that he puts his own life in jeopardy. His competition is either boring (Tucker) or not very sympathetic (Landis). And Williams is more busy covering up things instead of really protecting the people.

  10. god, i hate the Garris character. Tough ass cops who are really pussies with a gun can eat me. He was definitely all talk.

    Tucker: now there’s a real man. yeah, he didn’t really do a damn thing to stop the situation, but hey we all have our shortcomings. I liked his ’summation’ of the crime at the end, flipping through Roy’s wallet which had a picture of Roy in it (I have a picture of myself in my wallet too) and an 8×10 glossy of Domink Brascia. Anyway…


  11. Garris for sure!

  12. Garris

    Who doesn’t hate cops? This guy’s whole don’t fuck with me and I don’t give shit what you say attitude reminded me of a funny dude I used to work with in the laborors union. Plus he did pop Jason more than a couple of times, put up a good fight.

  13. Garris.

    “You’ll be wearing you balls as earrings”

  14. “And if I ever see you around here again, you can guarantee it.”

  15. While there’s a tiny part of me who wants to vote for Williams solely because Gary Chalk plays him, I’ve got to admit Garris is the better character. He reminds me of the bookverse Teasle; a decent guy who lets a personal bias cloud his judgement at the beginning of the story and spends the rest of it adding mistake to mistake trying to justify it (ironically, exactly what he accused Tommy of doing!). I also like the scene where he tries to fight Jason.

    So my vote goes to Garris.

  16. I’ve gotta go with Garris. He literally broke his back trying to save the kids. Tough guy to the last.

  17. “hit the noise and cherries!”
    garris all the way

  18. Tucker

  19. I vote for Garris, although I liked Tucker (as a character) much better.

    Just my opinion but F v J does not count as a F13 entry.

  20. Garris

  21. Garris this one is almost as easy as crazy ralph.

  22. Garris. Easy

  23. Garris

  24. Garris, easily.

  25. Garris, the only sherriff I liked

  26. i vote for Garris for sure.

  27. I go with the guy who said Garris, c’us he’s the father of Megan (jennifer “fine as hell” Cooke).

  28. Williams

    What about the sherriff in Part 2?

  29. sheriffgarris

  30. Garris

  31. There is no sheriff in part 2, just a deputy. I guess the deputies and all the other cops will get their own bracket challenge division.

  32. Garris, though I did kind of like Tucker.

  33. Tiger Mask,
    You are correct on both fronts.

  34. I vote for Garris. He had more screen time than any of the other sheriff’s and confronted Jason and shot him a bunch of times as well and he uses a rock to try and bash Jason’s face in.

  35. I vote for tucker because hes the only one that thought it was jason killing everyone

  36. My vote’s for Garris.

  37. g g g GARIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    would vote for part 2 sherif but o well

  38. o wait my bas parts was a deputy no sherif my bad sorry

  39. “You in showbiz kid,cos you you sure know how to make an entrance”.
    I vote for Garris.He was badass for going toe to toe with the J man.Plus he had the most memorable,coolest/cheesiest lines.His deputy was cool too.”Wherever the red dot goes,YABANG”……………………..KI,KI,KI,MA,MA,MA.

  40. “You’re really screwin’ up here missy”

  41. Deputy Rick Cologne will be making his apprearance soon!

  42. Garris….He’s got attitude

  43. Glad to hear it jasonsfury.
    “I’m not the one with the funny red nose”………….KI,KI,KI,MA,MA,MA.

  44. My vote goes to Sheriff Garris

  45. tucker !!!!

  46. garris

  47. Garris. I thought he was pretty likable. You kinda get a heart for him because he wants to protect his daughter, but more so when you see him interact with the kids at the camp.

  48. Garris……extreme care asshole…if that kid is with her, there’s every good chance he’ll do something crazy…

    Garris had balls…when he found out Jason was really alive, he stood his ground

  49. Garris

  50. Garris FTW

  51. I vote for Sherrif Garris all the way…he actually jumped Jason and started beating him in the head with a rock. And his death scene was awesome. Its always cool to see a cop broke in half.

  52. Tucker

  53. Garris

  54. Well….for once I am going with the majority. I have to vote for Garris for having the balls to stand up for her daughter and to take on Jason.


  55. Garris all the way. He bent over backwards to try and stop Jason.

  56. I’d have to say Garris.

  57. This one’s easy, Garris. And he had a really hot daughter to boot… Though, I don’t care much for cops in general.

  58. even though part 5 is one of my least favorites, i’m gonna say tucker. i really liked the characters in that one, and it was a fun movie to watch… i just wish it had a darker atmosphere.

  59. Garris by a country mile

  60. Sherrif Garris for sure,he was in one of my favorite Jason scenes of all time,where sherrif Garris shoots Jason just to have him get back up again,..and again,and again :D

  61. Im going with Landis

  62. and apparently Im alone on this one

  63. Sheriff Garris.

    He put up the most fight of all of them.

  64. Garris, hands down.

  65. Well, alot of you chose Garris.
    It was made obvious in part 6 that he couldn’t handle Jason.

    Definately Tucker would kick ass.

    Tucker would probably get away from Jason by running away, but definately not without beating the fuck out of Jason for a little while.

  66. definetly sherriff garris in my favorite out of all the fridays

  67. garris

  68. Tucker. All the others were huge douche bags.

  69. Shreiff Tucker

  70. Garris!

    I’m really enjoying these polls, but at the moment….it’s obvious who’s going to win each segment.

    Ralph, Garris etc…

    I can’t wait until the later stages, when it’s gonna be real tight between popular character VS popular character! It’s fun and interesting now….but it’s gonna get really interesting when we start getting down to the finals.

  71. I go with Sheriff Garris.

    I like him because he really is trying to do good in the world. He was against Tommy at the beginning, but that’s because it sounded so, “out there,” what Tommy was saying. Once Garris saw that Tommy was telling the truth, he was man enough to go face to face against evil; as well as do a last ditch attack in desperation to save his daughter. This is far more than any of the other Sheriffs.

  72. Garris, how could you not vote for him?

  73. Garris.

  74. garris, by far, this man had a half a second to decide to die and did and besides the first kill in Freddy vs Jason that was one of the most bout it kills of the franchise, and of course the arrow to the head in the new remake, murder game.

  75. “Pipe down Jarvis”

  76. Garress all the way He Bent o ver backwards to get his man LOL

  77. DOH sorry dave Didnt mean to steal your Joke ..I didnt read all the Posts when i voted

  78. Sherrif Garris