Bracket Challenge: The Final Girl


Yes, we are at the end of the first round. This division is probably one of the most anticipated and debated. Everyone has their favorite and everyone has their overrated. Now is your chance to vote for which final lady deserves to get a second crack at Mr. Voorhees.

aliceAlice (Friday the 13th 1980)
The only Final Girl to appear in two Friday movies. And no, the prologue in The Final Chapter and The New Blood does not count. Alice not only had to fight off the murderous advances of Mrs. Voorhees, she had to fight off the sexual advances of Steve Christie. Lucky for her, she survived both.


ginnyGinny (Part 2)
This practicing child psychologist gets unsuspecting guys to fix her car and buy her free beer. She also finds Jason’s shack, wears his mother’s sweater and tricks him into thinking she’s Betsy Palmer. If that’s not a whole lot of talent, I don’t know what is.




chrisChris (Part 3)
After a, shall we say, controversial encounter with Jason a year earlier, Chris must face her attacker once again. What happened in those woods when Chris blacked out an woke up in her bed later on? She does participate in the longest final scene encounter with Jason in Friday history. During that scene, she dumps a shelf of books on Jason’s head, stabs him in the leg, hits him the head with a log, almost runs him over with a van, falls on top of his head from the rafters, hits him the head with a shovel, hangs him from the barn with a rope and then throws an axe into his head. Jason should be ashamed of himself for letting this happen to him. Chris is one tough chica.

trishTrish (The Final Chapter)
Poor Trish had to miss the party next door so she could get the car fixed and get Tommy his bypass patch cord. Who knew that driving into town probably saved her life. And in one of the coolest shots in the movie, Trish earned her stunt card by diving out of the window of second floor of the party house, falling through the railing and falling onto the leave riddled ground. Also, she mouthed off to Jason while slamming a machete into Jason’s chest and lived to tell about it.


pamPam (A New Beginning)
Known fact about Assistant Directors of a Halfway Houses in a Friday the 13th movie, they do not wear a bra. Not saying it’s a bad or good thing, just pointing out a fact. Pam had many daunting tasks, including keeping fornicating teens off of Ethel’s property, playing chauffer for Reggie the Reckless, searching for a demented Tommy Jarvis around town and trying to survive that crazy Roy character. She did buzz saw Roy’s shoulder and hit him with a lead pipe, but  that seems tame compared to some of the previous girls.


meganMegan (Jason Lives)
She gets lots of points for being feisty and giving Deputy Rick a funny red nose. She also spends her time shoving strange guys’ faces into her crotch during high speed police chases. Megan did, however, give Jason one of his greatest damages, the boat motor propellar to the side of the face.


tinaTina (The New Blood)
Where do you begin. It was almost unfair for Mr. Voorhees. There’s so much hurt that Tina inflicted on Jason, it would take a while to list. Highlights include knocking Jason through the staircase and collapsing the roof of the porch on top of him. The roof collapsing stunt is one of most dangerous conducted in the franchise. Tina also gets points for flinging a TV at Bad New Crews.



reneeRennie (Jason Takes Manhattan)
Renny was sweet and all, but she was not all that good with confrontation. Every time Jason came around, she would feak out and have obnoxious dreams of a kid-like Jason with a full head of hair. Wasn’t Jason a mongoloid? If anything, she did throw toxic waste on Jason and make him cry like a baby.


jessicaJessica (Jason Goes To Hell)
The only Final Girl that is a blood relative of our favorite slashing madman. Jessica seems smart and all, but she drops the ball when she decides to date a cheesy television tabloid host and thinks he likes her for her and has nothing to do with that silly Jason Voorhees thing happening in her home town.


rowanRowan (Jason X)
She warned the military about the consequences of tampering with Jason Voorhees and their greedy hands proved her right. She took care of Jason by sticking him in cryo statis, but 400 years just can’t keep a good killer down. She pretty much spent the rest of the movie warning people of Jason and running away from him. Luckily, two sassy VR campers helped distract Jason while she escaped an exploding ship.

melissaLori (Freddy vs Jason)
Lori actually takes up most of the movie trying to escape that dirty Freddy Krueger than surviving Jason. However, she does devise a way for both Titans of Terror to duke it out to the end and slice of Freddy’s head. I mean, who doesn’t like her line to Freddy, “Welcome to my nightmare, bitch”.


whitneyWhitney (Friday the 13th 2024)
This movie could almost have two final girls as Jenna was set up to be the final girl as well as Whitney. However, by subtraction Whitney was the last girl alive in the movie. Lucky for her she has a striking resemblance to Jason’s mommy. Jason liked keeping her chained up in the underground mind shaft. What did he do with her down there for six weeks, sing her songs or read stories to her?

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106 Responses to “ Bracket Challenge: The Final Girl ”

  1. Ginny

  2. My votes for Tina - I’d love to see her have a second crack at the J man.

  3. Chris was a bad chick

  4. this is a tough one…

    despite my love for the classics, i’m gonna have to go with rowan…she is so freaking hot, a 10 on my scale. plus she kicks ass & has some great one-liners.

  5. Megan all the way. Shame she stoped acting.

  6. Tina, because she is such a great character & her telekinetic powers rule!

  7. This is a really tough one. I think I would have to narrow it down to the “classic four”: Alice, Ginnny, Chris and Trish. That being said, my vote goes to Alice. For beheading Mrs. Vorhees and starting this whole mess, and making it to two films.

  8. Ginny

  9. Ginny

  10. Chris

  11. Ginny! will you marry me?

  12. megan

  13. Gotta go with Jinny. The final fifteen minutes of pt2 were probably the most frightening and intense of the entire series. She’s a trooper.

  14. i have to go with ginny. she was kick ass and she had the best chase scene and final confrontation

  15. Chris!!

    She wanted some payback. She was willing to pull a knife out of her dead best friend’s neck and shove it into Jason’s knee. Plus she gave him the famous axe chop to the head. Plus I find her the most attractive, next to Rowan maybe, but Rowan just stood there yelling at a monitor while everyone else took their licks.

  16. i gotta go with whitney,cuz really she is the hottest


  18. Alice !!

  19. Megan.

  20. I have to say Chris or Tina

  21. ginny

  22. IM going with Ginny. I love her. “It’s all done Jason. That’s a good boy. Mommy has a reward for you.” WTF? F’d up stuff right there.

  23. Chris - for all the reasons that ratta tatta touille mentioned. Dana is smoking hot in that flick. Plus, the ending to Friday 3 is still, IMO, the best showdown to any entry of the franchise - period. Only The Final Chapter and The New Blood come close for me by comparison. But Chris delivered the J-man’s signature battle damage, and did so all by herself. No help or support from another surviving cast member, which seemed to become the full-on trend after Part 3 - there’s always at least two people left standing by the end.

  24. Tina gets my vote. Just re-watched The New Blood over the weekend (that’s what u do when you’re an Oakland Raider fan this season, ugh) and it reminded how great the flick is/was.

  25. GINNY

  26. MEGAN

  27. Ginny

  28. Tina, she kicked Jason’s ass big time.

  29. My vote goes to Ginny.

    It was a very close call between Ginny and Tina, but Ginny just edges it in my opinion. As someone else mentioned, her chase-scene ranks as the most genuinely scary part of the entire franchise. Plus, I always thought that Ginny was a cool character. :)

  30. Alice.Got to go with the pot smoking,strip monopoly playing,highly flirtatious,great looking in a swim suit,machete swinging final girl that is Alice.

  31. Ginny

  32. I gotta go with Ginny, the first to beat Jason, been my fave for years.

  33. This is certainly the toughest bracket for me. I guess in the end I’m taking Chris. Pam was a favorite because of all those scenes running in the rain…which brings to mind a good point-where is the “Best Friday Rack” Bracket?

  34. Ginny by a long shot!

    She is the best final girl in any slasher-mive PERIOD! Better than Laurie Strode, Nancy Thompson, Sally Hardesty,and all the others.
    Ginny is attractive … not in a “big boobs and nice ass” way. She is just a nice looking girl … and you don´t reduce her just to her looks (like Megan from Part 6 who was just “hot” but lacked in personality).
    Ginny is a smart girl that manages to outsmart Jason and she is just a sympathic character (which I can´t say about final girls like Rennie)which you really care about. It´s also a plus that Amy Steel delivered one of the best performance (acting-wise) in any F13-movie.

  35. This is the toughest division in this bracket challenge. With that said, my vote goes to Ginny.

  36. Ginny!

  37. Ginny, although I could have voted for 5 or 6 other girls easily.

  38. Chris

  39. Im going to have to go with Tina. She was the only girl with supernatural powers and gave Jason a run for his money…She messes him up so bad that they had to bring in Kane Hodder to do His best stuntwork ever.

  40. Alice

  41. Whitney (Friday the 13th 2024)

  42. Ginny Field, hands down!

    She’s seriously always been my favorite heroine. Some are for the reasons our good friend & museum curator Germaniac just listed in his post, but also for several more reasons. And not just because I always thought she was very beautiful, which of course she stunning is so.

    Indeed: I’ve honestly always found her very attractive, and it’s fine to me that it’s not in the traditional “sweet perk tits & a nice ass like Trish from The Final Chapter” kind of thing, but also cause of her cool personality. She has this winning smile and never says anything stupid, but in fact, say’s really bright things. Sure, some of it’s general pop-psychology stuff to be sure, however, she is the first to try to diagnose Jason and his general psychosis. And to me, she does a surprisingly damn good job of it, and does it in a real way with her own style.

    She also has this very real way of being scared like a woman alone with a hooded killer in the end, however, she DOES of course defend herself because she has to, and like in the next also directed by Steve Miner follow up, she did fine battle damage to Jason. It’s too bad that as I look over my DVDs of the failed Howie Mandel kiddie comedy Walk Like a Man (which was of course a lot funnier when I was a young lad) and of course the original April Fool’s Day, that she never got another big, juicy role in which she could show off her acting chops, cause I always really enjoyed the Pennsylvania native’s voice.

    So hands down, I don’t know how very few couldn’t choose her as anything else but a damn good heroine, and easily the sersie’s best.

  43. Oops, I ment to say serie’s up there. My bad with the spelling mistake. ;)

  44. Even though I already voted for Megan….I gotta say I’m digging all the love Ginny is getting.It’s nice to see that this is not just a “who’s the hottest” contest.
    Still stick by Megan, she was good looking, but I really do like her the best too. Screw Lori…glad to see no one voting for her.

  45. Damn, it was close between Trish & Ginny but…I have to go with Trish. She got to slam a tv on Jason’s head, cut his hand vertically and smack the crap out of him with a hammer.

  46. Dang… what a list…..

    This may be the hardest one to choose…. I think we should have split this up into two groups….

    Um… When it comes down to it, I dig Ginny and Chris the most. UGH! WHY MUST I CHOOSE????????

    I will go with Ginny JUST because Chris whined a bit too much. She’s still awesome though.

    Ginny is my girl!

  47. Trish from Part 4. Jason practically molested her.

  48. I actually have to go with Chris here. She really gave it to Jason. I loved the scene where she goes onto the deck and waits for Jason to walk out of the door and then clocks him over the head with the log making him fall through the railing. And then she knocks his ass out with a shovel and hangs him in the barn. How many people in general would have enough nerve to do that? She was awesome!

  49. Ginny!

  50. My vote goes to Chris. No not me, the character Chris (part 3) LOL.

  51. “Dang… what a list…..

    This may be the hardest one to choose…”

    John is indeed right. No bullshit, even though Ginny is my personal favorite heroine of the series, I spent a little over the twenty minute mark going back & forth re-reading what Jasonsfury had wrote and thinking of just WHY I’m choosing Ginny. And I’m happy everyone is not just choosing who they’ve overall most attracted to, as this week’s challenge could have easily dwindled into a quick & easy “Whoa, but so & so is the most smokin’ hot! You can almost see bare tit when she’s running in the woods along with no bra on” or “Whoa, dude, you can see Trish’s panties when the stunt woman falls to the ground” as in total grade school shit, ect.

    So yeah, good on ever here. ;)

    Jason’s Brother Ted wrote:

    “Trish from Part 4. Jason practically molested her.”

    And interestingly enough, there may have been something there. He looked like he was just trying to strangle her to me, but on the Deluxe Edition interview special features, we see now that originally scripter Barney Cohen originally wanted Jason to accidentally touch one of Trish’s tits, and to be stunned that he’s sort of “falling in love”. Which would have been VERYING intersting for The Final Chapter’s finale. We can only think of what might have been.

  52. It’s really hard to choose from so many beautiful women. I want to choose Ginny because of her little trick against Jason with Pamela’s sweater. I’m gonna go with Megan though for being such charming horny little chick and driving that kick ass Camaro.

  53. Chris for sure. She’s so timid and innocent at first but when crunch time comes she delivers serious damage to Mr. Voorhees. She does owe a high five to Ali, an awkward left-handed high five due to the dismemberment, but…
    Ginny is my #2. Rennie = worthless. Tina beat him up, but Jason was a teleporting zombie at that point. I would love to be in a Rowan and Megan sandwich if possible. And Alice, thanks for beheading Mrs. Voorhees and pissing Jason off so bad that he keeps on killing for all of us die hards.

  54. Voting for Ginny. She was pretty tough.

    Alice was ok, but she didn’t fight Jason, and she got to have the whole thing explained to her, so that gave her an advantage to think about escape before getting slaughtered.

    Pam, Trish, and Chris are twits.

    After that, the others are all suitable candidates, but I had to choose one.

  55. Gotta go with Ginny. Incredibly resourceful chick, and one of the more realistic final girls in her reactions to what she was dealing with.

  56. Ginny…….Now this was a tough one,but the last 30 minutes of Friday 2 was so awesome because of the tension created by Amy Steel’s character,she puts on a corpses sweater out of shear desperation in one of the most memorable scenes in the whole franchise.

  57. Megan.

  58. This is by far the hardest challenge. I loved so many of them and it is so hard for me to decide. It is between Chris, Ginny, and Tina. I think I would have to choose Tina because I feel that she was a great opponent for Jason.

  59. Even though Jason lives is my favorite movie of them all, I’m gonna vote for Ginny. She was just great

  60. Megan

    What a hottie. I just loved the teaming up with Tommy, and her killer ride!

  61. if i were to base my vote on looks, it would be either lori from FVJ. or Rowan from jason x, but my favorate character has to be Ginny from part 2 :)

  62. Chris has always been my absolute #1 favorite. Many of the reasons I love her have already been mentioned, but on top of the fact that she starts out so non-confrontational and winds up in what I feel is still the best endgame fight sequence in the series, she is… for lack of a better word… elegant. The way she speaks and moves are so deliberate and thoughtful. She has an emotional vulnerability she never quite overcomes, even though she survives, and I love her strange perceptions (that we occasionally get to see). That she isn’t naturally assertive makes it all the more impressive she’s so willing and effective a fighter.

    Although I can certainly understand picking Ginny or Alice, because they’re excellent, too. But Chrissy shall always be my ultimate favorite Final Girl.

  63. TRISH jarvis

  64. ginny

  65. Ginny.

    This is my first ever post. I feel like it needs to reflect my opinion on the series. F13 is my favorite horror franchise. Specifically, I feel that Part 2 is not only the best of the films but one of the best horror films ever made. And after having a nightmare about hooded Jason stumbling in a circle around me in a field last night, I felt it’d be appropriate to support Ginny.

    She was the most realistic, likable, well written, well acted heroine of the series. She worked very effectively opposite the most realistic, most horrifying Jason in what I consider to be the strongest final chase of any horror movie. Easily Ginny. thanks. I like this site I look at it much, felt I should throw in an opinion for once.

  66. Alice.

  67. Chris! She put up the best fight against Jason, and is the most attractive if you ask me…

  68. my vote goes to Ginny in this round.

  69. Ginny

  70. ginny has my vote.chris was my second choice close one though.

  71. very hard as i honestly love them all! but Lori from freddy vs jason.

  72. jessica from jason goes to hell shes badass

  73. tina tina tina

  74. Though I should go with Alice, with her being the first lady, I can’t do it, I have to go with “Ginny” hands down! She’s still hot ;)

  75. I vote for Chris.

    This was a hard one for me. Ginny is a close second. I see a lot of Chris in myself.

  76. Ginny. Most realistic of the fights. She literally pissed her self, and still kept on fighting.

  77. The early girls are the best. But my vote has to be Ginny - she got physical with Jason and used a chain saw! She also had to put on that smelly sweater of Mrs. Voorhees! She was the only “final” girl to pull a mind-fuck on Jason. Plus she gave it up to Paul while she was on her period (hats off to Paul). Ginny all the way!

  78. Ginny!!! …she actually sent someone to the hospital via axe wound.

  79. For me it\’s between Ginny and Rowan, but I have to go with Rowan. Watching her blow the hell out of Jason into the cryo tube was freaking awesome, and she still manages to look hot as hell doing it

  80. Trish Jarvis. Easy.
    I feel sorry for her thought…Having to hang with little Corey Feldman

  81. Also
    After reading the responses The over all tone is Ginny.
    And After reading all the information on all the girls I must correct a few things.

    1. Lori didn’t say “Welcome to my nightmare bitch” she said world.
    -My proof is because I just got FVSJ. On Blu-Ray and recently watched it.

    2.Jason’s Brother Ted wrote:

    “Trish from Part 4. Jason practically molested her.”
    Reading all the info on the girls made me think…He didn’t molest Trish. No I think he possibly molested Whitney. Think about it. A Hot chick chained to a bed in a dirty old mine shaft for weeks? Sounds like a porno to me

  82. alice

  83. 1. Alice…she fought a catfight with a chick? #1 by default.
    2. Chris…She’s the hottest, and because she was so scared went crazy…most believable.
    3. Ginny…Had sex on her period…should she have really been a survivor girl????? BEWARE OF BEARS
    4. Trish…..I’m still not sure if that was you or a man that hit the ground after you jumped out that window. ; )

  84. Megan…. hottest one of them all. Still looks hot now because she didn’t look “80’s” like the rest.

  85. GINNY!!! She was fucking badass.

  86. Erik said:
    “The early girls are the best.”

    I would also have to agree that the best series Heroines are hands-down the the early Paramount instalment years of Parts 1-through-4. Those that cover the first half of the ’80s simply can’t be beat in this big time retro fan’s eyes. Mean while, I find some others attractive, but that’s about it. Once the series became even more about creative kills and the Tommy Jarvis character and with insane bullshit tales of psychic teens with telekenetic powers, I sort of tuned out.

    And to Bogus:

    Welcome to the main Friday Blogs my good man! :D And indeed: I’ve always loved Part 2 (1981) as well. And I’ve always stood up for it, since I also feel it’s not only the best of the sequel’s during they’re initial run, and not only is my favorite sequel, but also in my top ten of the ’80s decade of all time. No lie.

    If you have time and since you’re also a big time Part 2 fanatic, you should check out the awesome Canadian reviewer Rhett’s review of Part 2’s Deluxe Edition on over at where I go a lot, as he shows it a lot of love and says a lot of great things about it as well as The Final Chapter:

    AWESOME Part 2 write up and quotes there that I feel that any other Part 2 lovers should check out. Enjoy! And welcome again. :)

  87. 1-trish

  88. Tina. Rowan would be my other choice, seeing as how aside from whitney she is the only final girl to not be blonde.

  89. Trish Jarvis gets my vote by a slim margin.

    I just keep seeing her confused and frightened to death on the top landing while Jason is rushing up the stairs. That scene itself is one the more vivid scenes in the franchise for me. She portrayed trapped fear brilliantly. The she jumps out the landing window and continues to fight. And I thinks she’s the most beautiful of the F13 girls.

    Another very honorable mention is Rowan from Jason X. I pretty much loved her character throughtout the movie.

    …”you brought him on board?”…

  90. What did he do with her down there for six weeks, sing her songs or read stories to her?

    LMAO! Poor Whitney. :( But I am not a fan of the remake, so my favourite is the original- Alice!

  91. Ginny. But I want to put it in all of them.

  92. TINA TINA TINA TINA !!!!!!! *____________*

  93. Tina

  94. Megan

  95. Gotta go with my personal fave, Megan. She knows there’s a legendary killer at the camp, and still goes out to look for her pops and the kids. She also brave enough to go out to the middle of the lake to save Tommy when she knows Jason is still there, and she puts some real effort into slicing up his neck and face with the propeller.

    As a side note, was I the only person that would’ve rather had Jenna be the final girl instead of Whitney in the remake? They could have had an epic finale where Whitney saves Clay and Jenna by sacrificing herself to “kill” Jason in some epic way. Something like have her set up the house’s gas line to explode while Whitney and Jason are in there, with Clay and Jenna escaping. Take a note from Darkman, and have Jason’s burning body fly into the lake.

    Any opinions?

  96. i want chris to win because she went toe to toe with jason 2 times

  97. Tina! She was kicking his ass. But I would like to see Ginny have a rematch with the mouse that made her piss her pants.

  98. First time poster:

    I think the women of Friday the 13th became more or less a caricature of everything ridiculous regarding what a heroine is supposed to represent after that of Part V. That being said, I think my top 3 would be Ginny, Trish, and then Chris (though on any given day I could flip flop Trish and Chris). What was great about these young women, is they represented the girl next door look. Even though they were all attractive in their own little way, I like a girl with intelligence, and all of these women carried that virtue. Friday the 13th films started to follow a trend in their later installments, when they sacrificed intellect and moxy for charm & good looks. I was happy to see that the Whitney character from the reboot got us back to the nuts and bolts of what a Friday heroine is all about.

    Anyways, that was my two cents. So, my vote goes for Ginny (The beautiful Amy Steel!

  99. jenny was great she outsmarted jason alot and tricked him into beleaving that his mom was still alive.Chris on the other hand faced jason and was not aware of fat him of lived and faced him againin part 3 they need to bring all or most of the girls back to finally kill jason or so they thought.

  100. I gotta go with Ginny on this one,she ticks all the boxes for me.However Chris is a pretty damn close 2nd place on this one.Congrats again to jasonsfury on the bracket challenges,i’m loving them and find myself anticipating the next one.I know a minority of visitors have had negative things to say about them but hey,you can’t please them all right.The amount of voters on a weekly basis far outweighs any negative comments anyway so keep up the good work jasonsfury and don’t let the man get you down………………KI,KI,KI,MA,MA,MA.

  101. Im going with Tina….not only did she outmanuever Jason…she was the first i believe to actually frustrate Jason…..


  102. Pam looks soooooooooooo good! i love her, always have, always will……

    but i’m going with Ginny! she’s the 2nd hottest, but actually survived Jason! Sorry Pam.

  103. alice

  104. my favs are the 1st 3 but if i have to pick 1 it would be ginny

  105. Ginny Field

  106. chris