Bracket Challenge: The Final Guy

We’re winding down the first round now and so we are getting into the meat of the challenge. This will be a fun week in seeing which final guy is chosen to move on. The final guy is given that distinction by being the last surviving adult male left in the movie. The following list includes 30 years of characters that have encountered either Pamela and Jason Voorhees or Roy. This collection of characters has defined the series and have been engraved in our minds for most of our lives. What final guy should move on and get another crack at Jason?

Note: Paul from Part 2, Rob from Part 4 and Tommy Jarvis from Part 6 are not involved in this division as their characters were in other divisions.

bill-part1Bill (Friday the 13th 1980)
The only final guy to cross paths with the demented Mrs. Voorhees. He was dispatched in ugly fashion and the only victim to get hung up on a door with arrows. Ouch! Lesson learned, never go out into the dark by yourself, leaving the virginal final girl by herself after you can’t find any of your friends, find a bloody axe in a bed, and there are no working telephones.

“It’s ten miles to the nearest crossroads. Steve will be back soon. We’ll be laughing about this in the morning”

rick-part3Rick (Part 3)
He is one horny dude that is looking to get some Chris action in short order on a steamy getaway weekend with an old flame. A couple of problems arise though. Other horny teens, Shelly, a motorcycle gang, and that guy Jason derail all of his sex ladent plans. His memorable eye popping death is known second only to the ladies outside of Rick’s shirtless hay moving scene in the barn.

“I think everyone else has gone and left us”


tommy-part5Tommy Jarvis (A New Beginning)
The last Tommy Jarvis character to be featured in a division in the first round. The other two incarnations of the character have moved on to the second round. Can this Tommy make it three for three? He used Eddie and Junior as punching bag warmup exercises to get ready to kick Roy’s ass. What happens after that, he stares at Roy and lets him slice him across the chest with a machete? At least he dispatches Roy at the end of the movie becoming the first Final Guy to stop the killer at the end of the movie.

“Is that what they call us?”

nick-part7Nick ( The New Blood)
Nick has some lady issues. He ignores the hot chick living in the same house as him to pursue the homicidal, telekenetic girl next door that unleashes Jason to kill his cousin and friends. I would want that girl, too. Nick really didn’t do much to deter Jason’s murderous rampage except for let him start crushing his back while Tina ties an electrical cord around his neck.

“It was a big pink elephant”


scott-part8Sean Robertson ( Jason Takes Manhattan )
Sean took control of the ship and put McCulloch in his place. After Jason basically disabled the ship, Sean got everyone together and got them to New York when no one else could have. He ran from Jason in New York, but I would have too at this point in the franchise as no one was going to stop him.

“It’s time you listen to me if you want off this ship alive”


steven-part9Steve Freeman ( Jason Goes To Hell )
I don’t know anyone else in this division or franchise that takes and dishes out as much punishment as this guy. He lets a complete stranger break two of his fingers just to find out how to kill Jason. Then, after tackling a possessed Josh, is slammed into the ground multiple times and then thrown into a wall. Later, he tackles a reborn Jason through a window. He then proceeds to be beaten senseless with a shovel, thrown head first into a rock, thrown into a jungle gym and then dragged along the ground.

He does run over a possessed Robert multiple times, tackle and flip his friend Randy over the hood of a police car, blow the back of the possessed Robert’s head off, cut’s the possesses Randy’s head off and at the end gets to walk off into the sunset with the girl that shunned him the whole movie.

“Ah yea. Smoke a little dope, have a little premarital sex, and get slaughtered.”

Tsunaron-jasonxTsunaron ( Jason X )
SGt. Brodski was already in another division, so that leaves Tsunaron as, techincally, the final guy of Jason X. I know he likes to place nipples on an android, but he did come up with the Crystal Lake VR idea. That’s a plus, right.

“It’s a hockey mask!”



will-fvjWill ( Freddy vs Jason )
I give Will credit for wanting to protect his girl and breaking out of the asylum to warn her. Outside of that gesture, he really didn’t do a whole lot to stop Jason or Freddy, except for driving Jason to Crystal Lake for his final confrontation with Freddy.




clay-remakeClay ( Friday the 13th 2024 )
He was one of the better characters in the movie and really established himself as a real foe for Jason to deal with in the future. Persistance paid off as he found his sister Whitney. His first go around with Jason was not good as he got sort of beat down, but I think round 2 could be a different story.

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78 Responses to “ Bracket Challenge: The Final Guy ”

  1. Clay all the way.

  2. Steven Freeman hands down. All the others were pussies.

  3. My vote goes to Clay.

  4. Rick…yummy!

  5. Tommy Jarvis

  6. clay

  7. Rick.

  8. Steve Freeman. I really thought I’d vote on the Jarvis ticket each time, but once again I go with the heart and admire the guy for trying to save his family.

    I didn’t get a real connection to this Tommy. The guy was just pouty and showed his acting skills of looking like he’s going crazy. No real speaking. It was the exact opposite of the Tommys in the other movies.

    Rick and Bill weren’t considered because they didn’t make it.

    Nick and Sean were more like eye candy to the girls…and some guys…not me.

    Tsunaron, Clay, and Will were all good. I just couldn’t choose.

  9. Clay. At least the guy could act. Although I can’t blame Rick because Steve Minor only let them have one take. Bill was good as a pin cushion and that’s about it. Sean and Tommy were basically the quiet guys. I didn’t care so much for the other movies, or at least their moon is out of phase for me at the moment.

  10. Have to go with Clay on this one. He has some balls

  11. well correction, I do Love the New Blood, but Nick man, those shorts!

  12. I’m torn between Steven Freeman and Clay. Mainly because I really like Jared Padeleki from “Supernatural”. However, I have to admit that Steven was probably the toughest “last guy” in the whole series, and I really liked his cool jump over the nahcuffs move he pulled in the jail. I vote Steven.

  13. Make that “handcuffs”. LOL

  14. clay

  15. RICK!

  16. Rick

  17. Clay. I suprised myself with this vote, but he did make it out alive.

  18. Steven Freeman, didn’t think someone from JGTH would get my vote, but John D. Lemay rules. Steven is a great character.

    Don’t Final Girls or Final Guys specifically have to live to achieve that status?

  19. I’ll have to go with the remake on this one, Clay.

  20. Rick all the way - Shelly jacked up his car, he had to pull up all of those bails of hay, he had to listen to Chris’ whining, Jason popped out his eyes, and the guy still didn’t get laid!!!!

  21. Wow I thought Bill would be winning hands down.

    Its nice to see Freeman from JGTH getting some votes!

    I’m gonna go with Clay as well. I wonder if its just cause he’s fresh on our minds. He did play a damn good and very believable character too. He’s a great actor in general.

    Clay it is.

  22. I have to go with Tommy Jarvis…technically he was the last guy three movies running. he put jason down for a dirt nap twice (well one dirt & one water nap)…and also dispatched the cheap imitation jason as well. the part V Tommy gets major points for being a kick a$$ fighter…a skill he apparently loses in part VI

    bill & rick were nice guys, but being nice apparently gets you brutally murdered.

    nick was just eye candy, but he gets points for telling off uber-bitch melissa

    sorry sean robertson, but it would be best to just forget part VIII ever happened.

    clay & steve freeman both put up good fights so they get points for that as well.

    will & tsunaron are more wet blanket than tough guy

  23. rick

  24. Bill, the original Friday the 13th.

  25. Steve Freeman

  26. clay,he survived the real jason

  27. I\’ll have to go with Clay.

  28. Clay! Jared is awesome on Supernatural, and he brought that no-nonsense, take down the monster attitude to F13!

  29. Sean Robertson all the way!!!

  30. Some of you are voting for clay? Clay was a pretty boy ass-wipe. I hated him from the moment he came on screen. He seemed like a fake ass wolerine or something, and if I were Trent I would have beat that dudes ass down hard.

    My vote goes for Steven from JGTH. Part 5 Tommy was a bad ass kung-fu punching mother fucker too, but I’m still putting my money on Steven.

    Nick always reminded me of Superman. That is all

  31. Steve Freeman

  32. I gotta go with Steve on this one

  33. Steven Freeman

  34. Sean Robertson

  35. Suprisingly Im going to have to go with Steven Freeman. Im not too crazy about Jason Goes To Hell…but that fight scene with him and Jason at the end was priceless. It was probably the best scene in the movie. If there was a second choice I wouldve picked real life his Dad was Bing “beat my kids” Crosby..and then he has to deal with Mrs. Voorhees.

  36. Sean!

  37. Steven Freeman. A shovel to the face is a vote for Steve!

  38. Bill (Friday the 13th 1980)

  39. CLAY!

  40. NICK from new blood….he had two honeys!!

  41. Rick !!!

  42. Sean……for keeping his shit together even through dealing with the death of his father,a maniacal killer,getting a defunct ship to shore and street thugs

  43. Tommy Jarvis

    I like this grown up version better than the one in Jason lives. He went ape shit on Jason as a kid, so now all grown up he don’t take shit from nobody. I woulda picked Clay second he’s a cool new character in the series and has a sweet bike too.

  44. Clay

  45. Nick

  46. Rick

    Who didn’t love his eye popping demise!

  47. Steven Freeman. I mean to punch Jason Voorhees in the face, regardless of whether or not he’s coming back, that takes some cojones.

  48. clay-friday the 13th remake.

  49. Going with rick cause of his eye popping exit! And the fact that I love part 3

  50. Clay.

    He was a badd ass, and a true good-guy who wouldn’t quit until he rescued his sister.

  51. Clay

  52. I\’ve got to go with steven freeman. He did whatever he had to do to protect his family. Also, he was smart enough not to fall in with the camping/fucking victims early on. Steven all the way.

  53. To me it is between Bill, Rick and Clay…..Bill was the “first” last guy, but Rick was definitely a character that we all were upset when he died. With all that said…….i think CLay was the best of the bunch.


  54. Clay, it was between him and steve. Both did whatever it took to protect the person they cared about. Clay just felt like a stronger character to me.

  55. Nick Definitely

  56. Sean Robertson

  57. Clay, he impressed me a great deal in the new film.

  58. I vote Steve Freedman.

    Well, for all the reasons in his description. He really took the most beating, and still got to walk away with his girl and his baby. He had determination; and that to me is more than just the bulk of resourcefulness and good luck.

  59. Rick

  60. im going with Steve Freeman

  61. This one was actually hard for me since they were all such unique people in a wide open catagory.

    So I guess I’m going to vote on who I think got it in the worst.

    I’m talking about a guy who gave up a chance to be with THE “Mary Jo Conrad”. A guy that even though appeared to be strong, got seriously “MAN HANDLED” by Jason. I guy who’s head not only got popped but a guy that got dead lifted by his ears!

    So in memory of the “dumb country boy” himself…

    I gotta go for the -Rickster-

    PS: I hope Ricks family got those royalties from Nike.


  62. Tina’s Father from A New Blood!

  63. I vote for Clay as he may be the closest we get to a Tommy Jarvis style character ever again.Plus Jared plays a great hero and deserves another shot at Jason in the sequel.(Unless we’re gonna get a bona fide post y2k Tommy Jarvis.HINT,HINT……………KI,KI,KI,MA,MA,MA.

  64. clay

  65. Got to go with Steve Freeman-those poor fingers-Ouch!

  66. Steven Freeman.

  67. rick

  68. I have to go with Nick. The New Blood is my favorite.

  69. Clay

  70. Gotta go with Rick. He’s my favorite character of the whole series, besides Jason. His death was awesome. Tommy from Part 5 to me was the best adult Jason though. He would be my pick here if Rick wasn’t in this catagory.

  71. My votes go to Bill,Rick and Nick

  72. NIck from the new blood

  73. Bill - because he has a famous father

  74. Tommy Jarvis (A New Beginning)

  75. Clay

  76. Nick ( The New Blood)

  77. Well, uhm…Clay definetly was a great performer….and very cute.
    But I always was very much into Tommy Jarvis (especially John Shepherd) I think he did a great job at playing a troubled teenager. John D Lemay was funny, strong and tough..also a good performer. As for Sean and Nick…they weren’t my favorites.
    Oh f#%*Ck. just give Bill a second chance…he was a very good actor and gave the movie a nice touch as being a calm and sober person. Yes, definately Harry Crosby!

  78. my vote goes to Steve Freeman