Bracket Challenge: The Pranksters

This genre of character was a staple of the slasher movie in the early to mid eighties. It seemed every movie had that silly guy trying to impress a girl with his crazy antics or he was just looking for attention. In the Friday series, this character showed up in the first three movies and then disappeared as the decade grew older. Vote to let us know which prankster should move onto the next round.

nedfullNed (Friday the 13th (1980)
When he wasn’t practicing his trick shot or making fun of Kevin Bacon talking about emergency generators, he was dancing around as a “Native American”. Ned could do it all, even taunt Officer Dorf . “There’s no crazy people around here. Me, I’m as dumb as they come”

ted2Ted (Part 2)
He gets gas station owners to steal friends trucks and runs around at night in bear skin underwear wearing a mask and toting a spear. Why wouldn’t you want to bring thiis guy home to mom. “This is ridiculous, two of our kids got hauled in today, because five years ago some girl panics and falls out of a canoe.”

shellyShelly (Part 3)
Shelly grew up to become a lawyer! Who would have ever thought that. There is no doubt that this character is one of the faces of he franchise. Not only because of shenanigans, but because he will forever be linked with giving Jason the trademark hockey mask. “They said they were going skinny dipping and I’m not skinny enough.”

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82 Responses to “ Bracket Challenge: The Pranksters ”

  1. Ned. I found him genuinely funny and a wise-ass. Rather than Shelly, who despite a few bright moments, was rather annoying.

  2. I would go with Shelley because he did bring the hockey mask into the series, but I’ll go with Ted from part 2 because he actually lived. He was smart enough to stay in town and get lucky while his cohorts back at the camp ended up not so lucky.

  3. TheRustyMachete, could not have said it better myself.


    Also, nice shirt. Did he really live though? I seem to remember somewhere in the final chapter Rob’s newspaper clippings with an article about a massacre at a diner. Can’t find the movie on Youtube anymore or I would verify. Since the ’spree’ took place in a finite amount of days, where Ted and crew were drinking would have to be the place. (?) Can’t imagine Jason going into a diner but hey.

  4. ratta tatta touille,
    The diner mentioned in the article is from the beginning of Part 3. That’s where Harold and Edna get the axe, well actually knitting needle and cleaver. Their little grocery store was attached to a diner.

  5. ted

  6. Shelley provided the mask, how can you not vote for that

  7. ah yes, thanks. So Ted is among the living

  8. Hands down- SHELLEY. The man was a walking talking joke! He couldnt get ass to save his LIFE!

  9. Ted, he made me laugh the most.. And I always say “Yes boss” in the voice like he did.

  10. ned

  11. Going with Shelly.

  12. Ned

  13. Shelly of course. I think the fact that Ned survives is the biggest crime in horror movie history. Bring him back to get his PLEASE! I hate Ned.

  14. Wait-I said that wrong-I meant Ted, not Ned. I feel really stupid now. Ted should have been butchered.

  15. I vote for Shelly for sure…He gave Jason the hockey mask and the spear gun for Vera’s death scene.

  16. Shelley’s pranks playing into his demise put him ahead of the others; he likes horror makeup, he likes to put it on himself and pretend he’s dead to get cheap thrills… so when he really gets his throat slit and stumbles around searching for help, everyone assumes it’s fake and does nothing!

  17. Ted

    Getting your friend’s truck towed is wicked. That dude cracked me up all the time. I love it when he’s drunk and making fun of the old man he asks if there are any after hours places around. Goofy wardrobe also made it hard not to laugh at this guy.
    Jasonfury man you really keep picking some of my favorite quotes.

    Shelly is a close second besides providing the hockey mask he was a guy who truly was dedicated to the art of pranking. Too bad some just never saw it that way. So he came off as an asshole. C’mon who can’t appreciate a fake death?

  18. Shelly far and away, I cant believe he doesnt have every vote.

  19. Another tough one this week. While Ted was funny, had some great lines, especially in the bar,and lived, I still think my vote goes to Shelly. I found Shelly to be a sympathetic character. The oddball who hangs with the pretty people (and some hippies)and just wants to be accepted. His methods were questionable, but you knew deep down he had a good heart. Plus his kill was the perfect “boy who cried wolf” too many times scenario.

  20. I love \’em all, but I have to go with Shelley.

  21. Shelley

  22. I would have to go with Ned, the “original” prankster.

  23. I vote for Ned from part 1.

  24. damn for me this is a toss-up between shelly and ted…..but i have to chose shelly,because of the hockey mask and the fact that jason killed him even though he didn’t get any ass

  25. Probably 3 of my favorite characters ever. I’m voting for Shelley though. He reminds me the most of myself.

    Stu Charno and Larry Zerner are really nice guys. I haven’t talked to the guy that played Ned. Another good group of characters.

  26. Shelly.

  27. Shelly

  28. NED

  29. Ted

  30. I have to go with Shelly…..not only could he NOT get pussy if it was handed to him on a silver platter….but he also provided Jason with his trademark hockey mask.


  31. Shelly because like in his description he did bring the hockey mask and part 3 is my favorite entry into the series

  32. Hands down, Ted. Not only was he a funny bugger, but he lived to tell the tale.

  33. ted. he breezed through the whole mess without so much as tusslin his firey mane.

  34. shelly

  35. Shelly. by far

  36. Ned (Friday the 13th (1980)

  37. ahh, lets see….Shelly was just a nerd trying to get attention, but Ted had an awesome prank…ah what the hell, Shelly (yes, because of the mask) Hey Jasonsfury, do you vote as well???? if so, would like 2 know who you voted in the past brackets…

  38. Shelly all the way!!!! I’m tired of seeing “Ned” playing that weird, lizard for a pet guy, in every 80’s movie! lol

  39. shelly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. Shelly

  41. Let’s look at this on a “pranking” level since this is the “Prankster” bracket.

    NED: “ok he did the arrow prank scare” what else? hmmmmmm if you consider running around with Indian headwear on a “prank” then that too. Truthfully he wasn’t a prankster at all but just a silly guy.

    TED: Ok you get the “towing prank” and the “campfire prank”.

    SHELLY: You get the “fake knife in back prank”, the “hatchet in head prank” and the “harpoon/mask prank”

    I guess the winner with 3 pranks would have to be my man….


    Plus could you vote for anyone else if you looked like this?


    PS: If I missed on any of the others then I apologize for lack of memory but in my opinion Shelly was a “prankster” more than anything. Hell that’s what was in his “little box”….. pranks!

  42. MadWorldDesigns,
    Ned also faked drowning so he could kiss Brenda on the deck. So, if you’re keeping count, then he has 2 as well.

    There were other characters in the franchise that I thought about adding to this division, but they would have been a stretch.

  43. “Welcome to God’s Country” Ted all the way. How can you argue against someone saying “welcome to gods country” when describing camp crystal lake.

  44. I think Shelly is the best. After all, Jason did get the hockey mask from him.

  45. I have to go with Shelly, Jason gets his mask from him. For that reason, Shelly gets my vote.

  46. Shelly He is probably my favorite character in the whole franchise,he’s nerdy,does horror movie style pranks,he’s funny,and of coarse he was responsible for bringing the mask to the movies

  47. I honestly don’t like any of them, Ned was kind of a douche, so hes out. Ted reminds me of my friend, that’s a good and a bad thing. Shelly is annoying, but Jason gets his mask from him. This is hard.

    I’ll go with Shelly.

  48. my vote goes to Shelley from part 3

  49. Not was the hottest, Shelly was the most adorably pathetic, and Ted, well, he didn’t die. But Shelly def played the most pranks. So….Ned, because he’s the hottest.

  50. Oops, I meant Ned not “Not”

  51. Shelly all the way.

  52. Shelly

  53. Jasonsfury:

    Excellent call on Ned. I had this feeling I was leaving something out which is the main reason I through that PS in there ;) I’m ashamed to call myself a F13 fan anymore after missing the first prank of the series! Truthfully though that was his only prank, I was giving credit for the arrow which was truthfully more like a “dumb idea” than a prank ;

    Thank for the clarification though. It was needed!


  54. i’m gonna have to go with TED.

    shelley gets annoying after a while with his desperation to get laid and crying about how ugly he is, while ted plays it cool and actually may have gotten laid that night (we’ll never know).

    ned’s okay, but he passed up some golden opportunities, like making fun of ralph when he shows up in their kitchen. instead we get ‘hey get the hell out of here man’, so serious but with no balls to back it up.

  55. Ned

  56. For all of you saying that Ted didn’t die, do you guys know how much he drank? He either died of alcohol poisoning that night or was ultimately killed by the alcoholic binge he started on that night. Jason still didn’t kill him, but maybe his drinky-drink did.

  57. I vote for Shelly because he gave Jason the hockey mask!! Thanks Shelly for keeping the series going!!:)

  58. shelly

  59. Shelley! Larry understands the fanbase and helps out any way he can.

  60. Ned, just feels the most genuine. Ted is a close second & I have lots of love for Shelley as well. These are all great characters in the franchise & love a brackett challenge within the 1st four movies.

  61. Shelly all the way!
    Before Jason crossed Shelley’s path he was just another average madman. After he met Shelley he became an icon. Think about that.;)

    But Ned & Ted were funny, too. Can you imagine how hilarious a weekend trip with all 3 of these guys would be? That would be a fun clique to hang out with. Constantly mocking each other and setting up traps for others. I guess it would be like meeting the 3 stooges.

    About other characters that might have fit in this division:
    Scott in part 2 likes to shoot chicks on the butt with a slingshot or steal their clothes while they are swimming.
    Chuck & Chili might be in an upcoming stoner division or something, but they did a prank with their bongs in the van and also planned to scare Shelly back in the barn.
    Ted in TFC does sort of a prank when he sticks his finger out of his fly.
    Young Tommy did a prank on Rob with that rubber spider arm (as well as the toy guillotine trick, which was cut out).
    Reggie in ANB scares Tommy with the rubber spider and…

    Uh, nevermind. The list would get too long.

  62. I vote for Shelly because you almost kinda feel sorry for him and then he gets wasted anyway,cool.Plus it’s because of him Jason gained the most iconic item in horror………KI,KI,KI,MA,MA,MA.

  63. Tough decisions, I would go with Shelley. You’ve got to hand it to him, he did like what several of the others mentioned, introduce the iconic hockey mask.

  64. Ned - the original Friday the 13th.

  65. Ned

  66. Ted, i just wish we got to see a bit more of him, the opening with him is great, he mentiions to Sandra and Jack ? is that right?…that “this is gonna be just like old times” i wish we knew more of their back stories, the casts are very likable in the first 4 films i think.

    “Welcome to God’s Country” !! TED

  67. Shelly. Putting aside the fact that he introduced the hockey mask to Jason, he had the very BEST pranks out of anyone! C’mon, who hasn’t wished they could pull off the effects work to convincingly scare the crap out of your friends? Shelly was a doughy nerd who couldn’t get laid if he paid for it, but he came up with some of the best practical jokes ever! Ned & Ted were great, but they have nothing on Shelly!!!

  68. “I just want you to like me”
    “Being a jerk is better than being a nothing”

  69. shelly

  70. Shelly….great afro….great hockey mask!!!

  71. SHELLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Come on he had the hokey mask.

  72. “Shelly all the way!
    Before Jason crossed Shelley’s path he was just another average madman. After he met Shelley he became an icon. Think about that.;)”

    Exactly. Which is why I vote for Shelly, as well.

    Sure, he was a jerk, but an interesting failure of a jerk. He was bloated, run like a girl (priceless bit on the ‘04 made cast reunion commentary get together from the boxset about that one and his tight jeans, by the way), pulled off convincing pranks that were pretty well done for the time, and of course, introduced the iconic fiberglass old school hockey mask. After Parts 3 & 4, the hockey mask would never be looked at the same way again.

    So for giving Jason that, and for being a delightfully tubby glob of good, rememberance, and for striking out with the incredibly hot, fit-as-fuck as they say in Scotland fiesta young Latina (or was Vera bi-racial? Nothin’ serious, was always just curious myself) gal, would be doing a disservice as a hardcore and big time Part 3 fan if I voted any other wise. I’m actually surprised he doesn’t have more votes, to tell you all the truth.

  73. Shelly for sure! More of a fleshed out character, more depth. Ned was just annoying, Ted was barely there.

    There are so many reasons Shelly deserves the vote
    -had the hockey mask
    -”fought” the bikers
    -faked his death
    -great look-afro & tight jeans lol
    -freaking dragged himself from the barn to the house with a slit throat…what a tough guy! lol

    and for those reasons and more, my vote goes to Shelly…

  74. shelly

  75. Shelly, he was just so damn awkward it makes me laugh every time.

  76. shelly because he is a survivor as well as ted lol remeber shelly lives!!! but seriously i felt his pranks were a bit funnier and he did have the most no by much but still the most.

  77. Shelly

  78. i wanna say Ted so bad but i cant go against the Obvious…Shelly all the way!!!

  79. Ned looked to be wearing a Miami dolphins jersey/shirt, ill almost vote for that alone. My vote has to go to Ted, living is cool.

  80. Ted

  81. Easily the most difficult challenge so far. While I think in some ways both Ned and Ted were more entertaining, the character of Shelly has become iconic through the series for both his loveability and his bringing the mask into the equation.

    Gotta go with Shelly.

  82. Gotta go Shelly. No trademark Jason mask without him.

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