Bracket Challenge: Week 1 Results

This was a huge landslide as Crazy Ralph won by a huge margin.

Crazy Ralph: 71 votes
Abel: 6 votes
Deck Hand: 3 votes

This was a much closer contest as there was a tie for second place and the first place won by 10 votes.

Roy: 24 votes
Katie: 14 votes
Burt: 14 votes
Larry: 5 votes
Stan: 3 votes

I think this was great first week of voting and I am glad to see a lot of enthusiastic participants. Good Luck this week with the new brackets!

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17 Responses to “ Bracket Challenge: Week 1 Results ”

  1. Awesome I’m 2/2. Gee I guess my vote does count, too bad political votes don’t feel as balanced and rewarding.

  2. lol of course ralph wins (:

  3. Well I disagree with Roy but whatever. And yes I am probably the first guy to disagree with that.

  4. 2 for 2

  5. Jasonsfury

    Looking at your Bracket Challenge, and seeing that Ralph and Roy won - does that now mean that Ralph Vs Roy in the next round. After all on round one is over? Just wondering…??

  6. Lazarus,
    They may end up against each other, but I am waiting to see which characters make it through to the next round before I set the matchups. I want to make the next round matchups challenging to vote on, so I don’t want to predetermine things yet.

  7. jasonsfury, are you gonna do one of these about which is everybodys favorite chase scene from all of the fridays?

  8. a chase scene bracket challenge is a great idea. personally, i’d pick dana kimmell’s.

  9. Me too.

  10. I think Dana Kimmell’s performance in Part 3 is way underrated…

  11. There is going to be a final girl division, which of course will include each of their chase scenes!

  12. Jasonsfury
    The girl divison wont be all the final girls up for vote at the same time? or are you doing to do part 1-3 and 4-6 and so on, and so on. then the winners from that round (rounds) go on to and then top 3 of 4 girls face off?

  13. My favorite final girl and chase scene is different. Amy Steele is my favorite girl, but the chase scene with Dana Kimmell is by far the best. None of the other chase scenes even come close. And Part 2 is my favorite movie, so I’m pretty much torn between those two movies… It’s like with the best ending, I’d have to say Part 1 or 4, it’s hard to pick. There’s different things about different movies that I love.

  14. That’s me. My favorite final girl is Kimberly Beck, but I have to say, the chase scene with Dana Kimmell is without a doubt the best. It’s the most gritty, realistic and suspenseful chase scene ever. And with the atmosphere it had, with the wind and ghostly isolated feeling, it was great. Dana, Richard Brooker and Steve Miner did a great job… As far as the best ending, I’d say Part 4. Which is also my favorite movie.

  15. i couldn’t agree more, dana kimmell’s chase scene was incredible. hands down, the best. part 3 is way underrated.

  16. Yeah, that was a great chase scene. I’m surprised it doesn’t get more praise. There’s some people (who are not very perceptive) that only give Part 3 credit for the hockey mask. Which is a shame, because it really is one of the best horror movies ever made.

  17. In my opinion the best ending was Part 1.

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