Bracket Challenge: Week 10 Results

Well, the first round has concluded and we had an amazing turnout for the Final Girl Division. Starting next week, we will have the beginning of Round 2. In this round, the winners from the first round will be aligned into comparable matchups and the bracket board will be realigned to reflect how the rest of the competition will play out until the end of the year. Stay tuned this coming week for the second round.

Ginny runs away in a surprise landslide. I thought this would have been closer and that Chris would have been shown more love as she really put a hurtin on Jason.

Alice:  8 votes
Ginny:  42 votes
Chris:  14 votes
Trish:  7 votes
Pam:  0 votes
Megan:  10 votes
Tina:  12 votes
Rennie:  0 votes
Jessica:  1 votes
Rowan:  2 votes
Lori:  1 vote
Whitney:  2 votes

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29 Responses to “ Bracket Challenge: Week 10 Results ”

  1. some interesting matchups in that bunch, has been a blast so far

  2. alice is still the best final girl

  3. alice was lucky her ass wasn’t up against Jason, Chris is still the best girl the way I see it

  4. Wowzers. I thought this one was going to be a LOT closer. Interesting brackets for the next level. I see some obvious shut-outs…or what I assume will be obvious. And I do like the Mrs. Jarvis vs. Tommy Jarvis idea.

  5. What about best Jason? Isn’t that going to be a division?

  6. good point hunter i hope so because i want to see who will win CJ Kane or Ted white XD !

  7. Ginny wins by a landslide as it should be. Any other outcome would have been a sacandal.

  8. Awesome! So glad Ginny won, which I assumed would have as I was re-looking over all the voting once all was said & done.

    “Ginny wins by a landslide as it should be. Any other outcome would have been a sacandal.”

    Indeed :D Big time original series fanatic here, but no other Heroine in the series really comes close to how well mannered, real acting (both in looking wise without being a Sears model type and in her reactions to real life fear, ect) girl-next-doorish. It would be unwise to really try to make an argument as so.

  9. Poor Rennie , buth she was prety, the best is trish

  10. The numbers don\’t show it, but I think this was tougher than you might think. It was tough choosing the right one… but when push came to shove, Ginny was still standing.

  11. To John:

    Indeed. That Bracket Week Challenge was hands down some of the most posted in of the blog’s that I have ever saw, and with greta measure. It was even more important then picking the best played Jason actor/stuntman, cause very few times has the series best Heroine ever truely been brought up here. And I’m so glad Ginny won, as basically her and Alice are the only ones with beyond decent storylines written for them. Fuck the character of Tina Lar-Park Lincoln played. Besides, that movie is terrible anyone.

  12. Sorry captain b,i can’t let you have that one.I have fond memories of part vii.It presents the best use of make up effects for any of the Jason incarnations,past or present and it was Kane’s finest hour as the J man.There were certainly worse outings than this.Good to see you posting here again by the way…………KI,KI,KI,MA,MA,MA.

  13. Hey Baz from Scotland!

    Oh no problem my good big man :D I guess to each they’re own, as they say, ya know? Must say the first five more Exploitation-style pictures have always been the Friday’s I re-watch and get scared of and enjoy the most.

    By the way: Whilst I have been a bit busy, learning two new foreign languages to one day have better pay and working out, I have been posting around here regularly (as well as on under the same screen name as well, by the way), so feel free to search around here and enjoy my latest. ;) hope your doing well mate!

  14. definatly some great matchups there!!! great choices!!!

  15. Glad Ginny won, she so deserved it!

  16. what up are you.

  17. hi ryan I think they got the winner of the final girl wrong . chris should have won anybody who go toe to toe with jason should win hands down

  18. I think chris should have won.

  19. aaron. there\’s one thing about the bracket challenge that i don\’t understand.why has there not been a best jason bracket. my pick wolud be kane hodder without a doubt.

  20. Ithink they sould have a bracket challage for the best jason. kane hodder wins hand down.

  21. hurry up ryan. by the time you finish i will be collecting my gd social security

  22. I can’t believe that Tina got more votes than Alice! That’s terrible. I think that Ginny should be 1st but only marginally before Chris and Alice. Pam, Renny, and Tina should be fighting for bottom of the barrel. So, I’m writing this line up for my own edification as much as anyone else’s. It’s easier to look at:
    1. Ginny
    2. Chris
    3. Tina
    4. Megan
    5. Alice
    6. Trish
    7. Rowan & Whitney
    8. Jessica & Lori
    9. Pam & Rennie

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