Bracket Challenge: Week 2 Results


sheriffgarris1 Both divisions last week were major victories. The upcoming week will be more challenging.

Garris: 57 votes
Tucker: 9 votes
Landis: 1 vote
Williams: 1 vote




axel-300x2001Axel pimped his way to an easy victory and moves to the next round.

Axel: 63 votes
Phil: 11 votes
Assistant Coroner: 5 votes

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10 Responses to “ Bracket Challenge: Week 2 Results ”

  1. Yay! Way to go Garris!

  2. cool my favs

  3. Woo hoo,so far i’ve got 4 out of 4……………KI,KI,KI,MA,MA,MA.

  4. 3 for 4 here

  5. I thought Williams got shut out! Oh well.

  6. Yes, Im the only one that voted Landis. I love life.

  7. Yep 3 for 4 here. Sweet!!!!

  8. 3 for 4, stupid Roy

  9. 4 for 4 so far, I know it’ll get alot harder in the later rounds

  10. I think all of the right people have won, so far.

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