Bracket Challenge: Week 3 Results

Thank you to everyone for the great tunrout in voting last week. We got a lot of great discussions on the characters and fans really showed their support for their favorites.

tommypart6-300x1831This was the closest there has been in the competition so far. Tommy edged Rob by 7 votes.

Tommy: 39 votes
Rob: 32 votes
Creighton Duke: 10 votes
Brodski: 6 votes

mrsjarvis-300x1671Although close for a while, Mrs. Jarvis pulled ahead for good towards the end of the weekend.

Mrs. Jarvis: 37 votes
Ethel: 21 votes
Mrs. Shepard: 10 votes
Joey B.: 4
Diana Kimble: 3 votes

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17 Responses to “ Bracket Challenge: Week 3 Results ”

  1. Good choices!!!

  2. That sucks 3 for 6 now. How did Rob get so many votes? He doesn’t do anything to Jason he just gets all his shit broken and then walks into his own death lol. I guess you can’t lose if you vote for the older movie in each category. *wink

  3. PART 4 IS THE BEST the jarvis legacy , i hope tomy jarvis in a new friday the 13 movie

  4. Rigged.

  5. No I do not think this is rigged at all. It’s fair and square.

  6. So Tommy and Mommie Dearest are facing off next? This should be a landslide…

  7. Yeah thats what I noticed.. the two Jarvis’s and people wonder why Rob should have won! I guess it will be Tommy VS Tommy by the end cause you know he’s going to pop up again… Shame people voted for him this time but oh well.

  8. Hey Jasonsfury: do you compare IP address in these to eliminate people putting multiple comments under different names to help there favs win? You should have made people sign up in advance or something like that to eliminate that theory, but its no big deal just curious.

  9. Everybody, it’s as if someone yelled fire. Walmart Man says rigged and got exactly the reaction that was wanted. There is no double voting. I do check all votes before I tally them. So, please feel confident in the results. From what I have seen, fans hold the older movies dearer to their heart. We can’t change that. People feel the way they do. I try to present each character on an even playing field so people who visit the website weigh their options appropriately.

    We’re getting great turnout for voting again this week. Keep having fun and we will see who ends up in the second round.

  10. Hey jasonfury don’t trip I know ur doing your best to keep this unbiased and fair. I was just pointing out again that people are probably voting for the favored movies rather than the characters themselves. Everybody has their reasons for why they vote for who but it does make things a little more predictable. I see Ned is pretty popular right now in the pranksters division.

  11. Actually I take that back Shelley is doin pretty good maybe I’ll be proved wrong.

  12. Jasonsfury:

    Hey he didn’t make me feel as if it was rigged. I was only curious if you did cause I figured if you made it noted that you did IP check it would eliminate any “potential” cheats down the road ;) Just trying to help keep the peace. It’s no reason to cheat in this cause there is no prize ;) Sorry if I sounded nervous. I wasn’t. I was laughing when I read “rigged” like this is an election of some sorts haha.

  13. Nah, even if there was a catch for IP addresses, I work in a library and you could go to each of the computers and post, or if you went to a Cell phone store where they let you test out the Internet and make calls from their phones…if someone was that desperate to rig the vote, they could go to different ones. But in either case, I don’t think the brackett challenge is that important to anyone. Its all just for fun.

  14. Bummed I missed the mother’s voting while I was on vacation, but my pick won anyways.

  15. Woo hoo,6 for 6…………….KI,KI,KI,MA,MA,MA.

  16. No stoping Tommy!

  17. To me, Rob won that vote. Didn’t even want him to, I agree with Sinz86; Rob just walks into his own death. But, if you take out the votes that Tommy got because people voted on “Tommy All” instead of just “Tommy Part 6″ Rob would have won by a landslide. I voted Duke; at least he has some good jokes and adds a lot to the storyline of the movie he’s in.

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