Bracket Challenge: Week 5,6 and 7 Results

I know that I have been behind on the results the last couple of weeks. Things have been quite busy as of late. I will try to get these out on a more consistent basis. So, here are the results current up to last week.

Week 5 Results
dorfOfficer Dorf:  29 votes
Deputy Rick:  24 votes
Deputy Winslow:  12 votes
Officer Tierney:  5 votes
Officer Pappas:  1 vote




Week 6
bts1_jason1Friday the 13th (1980):  60 votes
Freddy vs Jason:  4 votes
Jason Takes Manhattan:  3 votes





tommypart4Tommy Jarvis:  45 votes
Reggie:  24 votes
Brothers:  2
Nancy:  1 vote
Tina:  1 vote






Week 7

betsyFriday the 13th (1980):  59 votes
Friday the 13th (2009):  3 votes
Part 3:  1 vote
Freddy vs Jason:  0 votes

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23 Responses to “ Bracket Challenge: Week 5,6 and 7 Results ”

  1. I cant believe Mrs Voorhes wasnt a clean sweep. Betsy Palmer should have gotten every vote.

  2. lol @ FvJ’s Mrs. Voorhees zero votes.

  3. Its amazing how old school most of this has gone…

  4. I love the shot of young Jason. I love the first Friday the 13th but that shot of young Jason is amusing!

  5. John…. That’s because it’s a classic flick.

  6. Chris… True. BUT, does the last number of movies, do they not have anything orginal and GOOD to offer? Besides the hockey mask in 3, and Tommy in 4….????

  7. The new Friday movie was OK… but nothing really great. There were a few things I liked, and it was good to see Jason back… still, it seemed to be more of a homage to the old than a new/legit series. I want some GOOD/NEW Friday the 13th!

  8. Still connected to the classic concept John, you’ll never be able to strip the concept.

  9. I’m surprised that FVJ Pamela didn’t get any votes. I liked her performance and just assumed someone would vote for her. How did Part 3 get more votes than 11?

  10. Cause Part 3 is unique and fucking crazy, unlike 11, which is just a replica of Pt.1, but good in its own right.

  11. looking good so far no surprises yet

  12. Chris… nobody said anything about stripping the concept. I’m talking about adding something good to it. For example… the hockey mask of 3, Tommy of 4, etc… Stripping an orginal and building soundly from it are two different things.

  13. John… I guess the only thing that can be said about Friday the 13th is that it’s still kicking after 30 years, now that alone kicks ass regardless of original concept or what you are thinking.

  14. Chris… it does, and I never said it didn’t. I just want some more good stuff to add to the mythos. Part 2 did that by adding Jason as the killer. You can’t think of Friday the 13th without thinking of Jason. Part 3 did that by adding the hockey mask. You can’t think of Friday the 13th without thinking of the hockey mask. Hardcore fans believe part 4 did that by adding Tommy. Hardcore fans think of Tommy when thinking of this series. Part 6 added the “undead” Jason, so maybe some think of that also when thinking of this series. What you are no understanding is that these things ADD to the series and make it MORE memorable! This is what I am saying. Create more good things that ADD to the series! Everything lately is mostly homage. Jason X was a homage to alien, the new Friday was a homage of the old films. That adds nothing to the series. Sorry Bro… if you can’t understand that.

  15. John…I already said 30 years makes it what it is.. No matter what you try and do…
    NO reason for you to be somewhat rude with your last line… We are done now, I made my point, you made your point, and now it’s over. Enjoy friday the 13th for what it stands for.

  16. LOL… chill out. You were not “Mr. Nice” either. Everyone is free to express their opinion. No reason to argue anyway. NOW… we are done. lol (I just made that statement because you did previous.) Take care. Hopefully we will both have some new Friday the 13th to enjoy here soon.

  17. Sorry i was never rude. But good to see how you put your own spin on what I said.

    John is now on ignore. Thank god for programs. LOL

  18. Anyways back on topic here… It’s awsome to see the right characters winning these challenges. A very interesting finish is coming I do believe.

  19. How are there “right” characters?

  20. “right” as in my favs, may not be “right” for you, but you get where I’m going with it.

  21. Chris, thanks.

  22. Chris, BTW… you were right. You weren’t rude. You were…are a jerk. Anyway…

  23. cool to finally see the outcome of my voting,whens the next challenge?

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