Bracket Challenge: Week 8 Results

Last week had all of us voting on what some have called “interesting”, “weak”, “lame”, and even “digging it”. So, we will wait no further as I am sure a lot of you are waiting to see who won lat week’s challenges. I am happy to see that a character from Jason Takes Maanhattan has moveed on to the second round.

ali-300x200Ali takes  control of his gang again and says, “Make a wish”.

Ali:  51 votes
Fox:  13 votes
Loco:  5 votes



streeturchin-300x200The man with the switchblade demands respect. And he got his from you the voter. Jason better watch out as next time this guy isn’t running anywhere.

Street Urchin:  37 votes
Gang Banger #1:  5 votes
Joe Joe:  3 votes

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6 Responses to “ Bracket Challenge: Week 8 Results ”

  1. 1)ALI I always thought he should of given jason a bigger ass whooping but he did the best he could I guess.

  2. Ali was a wuss who just pushed around his weenies. Get Ali by himself and Shellie could have kicked his ass.

  3. For some reason, I always wished Ali had lived through part 3… I thought it would be cool if he was all beat up and barely alive… but just showed back up at the end to help out in someway. But, I guess that would have been too much like Friday part 2… ah well…

  4. How did Foxy not win that bracket? C’mon hot black biker chick from the 80’s. Oh well. . .

  5. Good to see these ones win.. They deserved it.

  6. Can you imagine if Friday The 13th part III had been made in let’s say 2024? We wouldv’e had some stupid Rapper who couldn’t act playing a guy like Ali. Thank God, I grew up in an era where they actually had casting calls. Today, it’s like, “Oh, that Rapper just went double platinum with his latest album. Cool, I’ll use him as our token black guy in the film. He can’t act? Oh well, he’ll help us sell tickets to all those dolts that purchase his music”.

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