Bracket Challenge: Week 9 Results

In what might be the biggest surprise in this whole challenge, Clay has won this division. I never thought anyone from one of the movies outside of the 1980’s would win a division like this, let alone the reboot from this year. Wow! There are three more divisions left in the first round of the Bracket Challenge. One division you might be able to guess and one you might be surprised is excluded from this round completely.

Week 9 Results

Bill:  5 votes
Rick:  13 votes
Tommy Jarvis:  4 votes
Nick:  6 votes
Sean Robertson:  5 votes
Steven Freeman:  18 votes
Tsunaron:  0 votes
Will:  0 votes
Clay:  24 votes

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25 Responses to “ Bracket Challenge: Week 9 Results ”

  1. Yeah, that really was a shocker. Probably the only winner from that movie we will have. Kinda bummed for John Ritter’s kid and that Tsunaron. I thought the good looks or the sense of humor would have given at least one vote for each.

  2. WHAT ABOUT PAUL FROM PT2?????????

    Will sucked cuz all he did was smile
    such a crappy actor nothing like his dad

  3. Go clay

  4. Like I said… I hated this dude from “Supernatural”, but for some reason… he really clicked here… I liked him and hope to see him again in a future friday…

  5. yeah supernatural isnt my favorite show,but jared was great in ths movie for sure glad he won

  6. This one is a shocker for sure.

  7. Granted, if I could have voted 9 times, I would have voted for all of them except Rick and voted for Steven twice, but that wouldn’t have done much good. This was a great bracket and challenged a lot of us to decide.

  8. Awe shit. I hated Clay. Even the weiner from Manhattan was cooler than that dead-fuck.

  9. LOL @ de*d-fuck

  10. Clay kicked @$$! I’d love to see Jared return in the next entry. In fact, I’d like to see a film where the end of the previous film was definitely NOT a dream sequence (as some believe), and have Clay on a mission to avenge his sister’s death! Clay could become this series’ version of Tommy Jarvis!!

  11. Kind of a shock, I didn’t vote for him, but I like Jared (and “Supernatural”), so it’s cool. Jared is actually a really fine actor, for those who didn’t think he did well. Like Nana Visitor, who many didn’t think was good in her few minutes of screen time, you can only work with what you’re given. Both of these actors have had a chance to shine in excellent tv work.

  12. Hey Jasonsfury, is it possible to put up the bracket so we can see how it’s looking please?


  13. Chris,
    I’ll add it tonight when I add the new division.

  14. You know what rhymes with Clay?? ;)

    God I hated that Chud, but hey to each their own I guess.

    JASONSFURY: When are you going to put the “big board” up so we can see whats current? Or is there one already out there that I missed.


  15. Please, MadWorldDesigns, tell us…what exactly does rhyme Clay? Granted, I didn’t like his character either, but leave your homophobia out of this.

  16. Alright everyone, the bracket has been posted.

  17. Well, Jared did an alright job. I have to say the acting in the remake was not that bad, infact Jared was very nice to watch.

    But John Shepherd wasn’t that bad either…

  18. “Homophobia”? That’s not even a real word, it was made up by liberals… You can’t openly speak your mind these days with out some PC liberal calling you “racist”, “homophobic”, etc… Those people need to lighten up. I seriously doubt that MadWorldDesigns was trying to put down gays.

  19. I guess the next bracket challenge is probably gonna be the final girl. That will be a close one.

  20. Hey guys,

    A bit off topic here, so i apologize in advance:

    On the Platinum Dunes/Bloody Disgusting blog, Brad Fuller says that he and Drew “realize that Nightmare on Elm Street is the most important movie they have made.”

    Does anyone find this as disturbing as I do?

    There’s no way they should think NOES is more important than Friday, and if they do…maybe it time Platinum Dunes gives the movie back to Sean Cunningham, Joe Zito, or Adam Marcus..anybody as long as its their #1 priority.

  21. John:

    Thanks for backing me up there. I’m not a hate-monger in no shape or form.

    Truth is I “never” said what Clay rhymed with!

    I left that option up to the reader…



    Thanks for the bracket! It helps to see whats going on and the big board helps a lot!



  23. MadWorldDesigns, no problem.

  24. Fuller probably just said that because Elm St is what they were working on at the time. He’ll probably say the same thing about the next movie he does, lol…

  25. I\’ll preface my comments by stating this, the fact that Clay won should tell us something about the studio heads and the guys they picked to play the lead roles in the Friday franchise. I actually liked Jared Padalecki, but when you looked at who he was up against, it wasn\’t really that hard to go with him. I\’m really not about ripping into actor\’s and their abilities, but some of the male lead roles throughout the franchise were absolutely pathetic.

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