Bracket Challenge: World of Mrs. Voorhees


I know that I am going to get some, shall I say, interesting feedback on this division. I had to throw this one out there and let people vote, though. Mrs. Voorhees, the deranged, vengeful mother of Jason exacted her revenge on the unsuspecting counselors-to-be in the original Friday the 13th. She returned for a brief stint at the end of Part 3 in the end dream serquence, but after that she was not seen again until Freddy vs Jason. Recently she appeared in the reboot. The need of fans to see Mrs. Voorhees has grown as the years have passed. I think there is a weird connection to Mrs. Voorhees, almost like an empathy towards the character.

Well, pick your favorite Mrs. Voorhees and try to keep an open mind when voting!


betsyFriday the 13th (1980)
The original, and many will say the best. She laid the groundwork for everything we know about Jason and Mrs. Voorhees. She truly was vengeful and also an old friend of the Christie’s.

“You see, Jason was my son and today is his birthday.”

mrs3Friday the 13th Part 3
Although, this incarnation of Mrs. Voorhees never speaks and has the least amount of screen time, she did have an impactful appearance in the end dream sequence. Some people may disagree and view it as a cheap ripoff from the original, but the makeup work and homage to the original make her appearance worthy of the division.

mrs-fvjFreddy vs Jason
I actually really liked this portrayal of Mrs. Voorhees. I thought that this version of the character better exhibited the characteristics of a dominearing mother that could cause a son to go maniacal on kids for three decades.

“You’re like a big stupid dog!”
mrs-2009Friday the 13th (2009)
I am well aware of the majority feelings toward this movie. However, for nostalgic reasons, I thought the brief appearence of Mrs. Voorhees helped start the movie out on the right foot. Nana Visitor did an ok job in rehashing lines written by Victor Miller for the original movie. I just wish we could have seen this Mrs. Voorhees for a longer period of time.

“It’ll be easier for you than it was for Jason.”

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69 Responses to “ Bracket Challenge: World of Mrs. Voorhees ”

  1. First!! And I am voting for the first(And only) Mrs. V. All the others are bad knockoffs

  2. Wow is this even really a competition? The original Mrs. Voorhees.

  3. i don’t think anyone could not vote betsy palmer.

    the part 3 “mrs. voorhees” is kind of a WTF?

    fvj’s-just pitiful. acts more like freddy than mrs. voorhees, and after all, it is freddy…and the movie was made by people that have never really watched a f13th movie, except maybe drunk with a few friends, not really taking it in.

    the reboot mrs. voorhees..worst actress in the world.

    hey, what about part 2? the head and sweater does a better job than the last 3 imposters.

  4. Original Mrs. Voorhees

  5. Ahh.. There is none other than the original

  6. All of these women did a fantastic job in their role at Mrs. Voorhees. However, in this vote, I have to go with the orginal!

    One of these days, they may make a Friday that sheds more light upon this important character. Then, they may find a women that makes a bigger impact than the orginal. This may happen… till then, the orginal is the best!

  7. Original Mrs Voorhees

  8. OG Mrs Voorhees. The others mark low points in the series.

  9. The Original Mrs. Voorhees. The others were hideously terrible!

  10. Voting for the original, however, each portrayal brought some interesting aspects to the screen.

    I liked that whole dream sequence. It made me jump the first time I saw it.

    I liked Freedy’s portrayal, that’s basically what that was. Nice twist if you will.

    I ecspically liked the new Mrs. V. I thought she did a great job, even though it wasn’t for a long period of time. Remember, no one is going to the new movie for Mrs. V. People are going to go see Jason. I liked that she brought a nice youthful mother compared to the rest.

  11. Hmm.. this is a toughy… ;)

    Betsy Palmer all day long baby!

    JASONSFURY: I noticed in the subject that you mention you might get grief for this one. But rest assured as “easy” as this one was I think I would have been angry if you hadn’t created a World of Mrs. Voorhees bracket! :)


  12. I have to say the original Mrs. Voorhees! Betsy Palmer was brilliant.

    Saying that, Nana Vistor would be my second. She did a good job. Wish I would have seen a little more screen time from her. She probably would have given the votes a little bit of diversity.

  13. betsy palmer

  14. betsy, hands down

  15. betsy

  16. Of course, Betsy Palmer.

    Jasonsfury is right to point out the animosity towards Jason v. Freddy; it really blows.

    But I popped it in tonight and I think the one shining star is the Linderman character. He really is quite the sympathetic individual in this lackluster movie. Im guessing Ronnie Yu didn’t have anything to do with him, which would explain why he’s actually good in the movie. God I hate Ronnie Yu.

    Haha I’m on a Marcus Nispel rant today as well. Aside from him not thinking camps are scary, you think he would have said “no” to that “jason, say hi to mommy, in hell” line at the end of the 09′ remake. Ridiculous. Awful, awful writing.

    Sorry to be a little of topic. I’m on a nispel rant today. Im looking forward to hearing from the walmartman on this topic.

    And I never thank Jfury for this site. So so good. keep it going my friend.

  17. gotta go with the original mrs. V Betsy Palmer will always be the best Mrs. Voorhees. Don’t forget her appearance in part 2 with her conversation with Jason at the end. Part 3 was lame. How could she be in the lake. Her head was at Jason’s cabin and Chris didn’t even know about her. Jvsf that lady was ok, but not great. The reboot was ok, but she seemed too feeble to kill anyone.

  18. Original hands down!

  19. Feeble! She really did, didn’t she? She looked like if she missed stabbing that girl, she would have fallen down and been done anyway! Nice catch

  20. Betsy Palmer

  21. Even though for me, the original series really started with the Steve Miner sequels, I of course gotta vote for the original post-menopausal Saltun of Slaughter of the X Chromosome self, Betsy Palmer. ;)

  22. Nice decription captain b.I too have gotta go with F13(1980).Betsy rules………..KI,KI,KI,MA,MA,MA.

  23. “Nice decription captain b.I too have gotta go with F13(1980).Betsy rules………..KI,KI,KI,MA,MA,MA.”

    Why thank you my good man of Scotland! I actually put a few seconds of thought into it, I dunno, just to add a bit of pazazz, and I’m glad someone liked it. :D Nice/fitting choice there of course, by the way, since we both voted the same. ;)

  24. No competition at all: Betsy Palmer all the way.

    But her FvsJ reincarnation was also quite good. The other 2 are forgetable.

  25. the one and only Mrs V is Betsy Palmer…no reason needs to be given!

  26. BETSY RULES and she could still play the part too bad greed get in the way

  27. betsy palmer-friday the 13th part 1,all the rest were cheap knock-offs.

  28. I would have to agree with the obvious and vote Betsy Palmer. I thought all of the portrayls brought something that worked for their respective films, but Betsy Palmer IS Mrs. Vorhees. On a side note, I saw someone say that Nana Visitor was the worst actress ever, and admittedly, she didn’t have much to work with here. However, before a statement like that is made I suggest seeing the excellent work she did while on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

  29. Original

  30. Yeah, going with the landslide on this one. Betsy Palmer/Pt 1.

    I think Nana could have gotten some votes if her part in the movie was longer (which would have really ruined the rest of the Jason stuff). She was working with some real emotion on that scene.

    And probably the FvJ Mrs. V was probably similiar to how she really treated Jason as a child. Then he died, and she became this monster who realized how much he meant to her and she got the sympathy. Is this the closest we’re getting to Freddy in this bracket?

  31. John,

    pt3 mrs.V was played by a man! That being said, he did a great job. Never figured out how mrs.V got her head back on in pt3. Recently watched pt2 again, and I swear it’s a woman’s hand taking the kettle off the stove after Alice is killed. Sorry Steve Dash if this is your hand. Course, it couldn’t be Mrs Voorhees because that would mean that there was a person walking around w/o a head and no one noticed. Course, a person walking around with a sack on his head- no one would notice that either. And how did Jason get Alice’s address, and phone number? Did he take the bus? How does he know how to use a phone? I feel like part 2 was a bit rough in the concept dept, but the end scene (the big warrington scene!) is absolutly terrifying.

    Oh yeah, I vote Betsy Palmer. Second place goes to the severed head from part 2. Oh wait, Betsy was also in pt2. I guess I can’t vote for the head over Betsy. Second goes to reboot mommy. I think she overacted a bit, but hey, she only had about 3 seconds screen time, so there’s a lot to get across between DP and Associate Producer

  32. Betsy Palmer FTW

  33. I\’ll go with Betsy Palmer since she\’s the original, but Nana Visitor\’s portrayal in the redux was pretty creepy. She needed more screen time.

  34. Gotta go with Betsy! She’s pretty much beloved by all true fans of the series. Her performance in the original film is iconic, to say the least!

    That having been said, I liked how she was portrayed in Freddy vs Jason. I could see her having that side of her personality.

    I love Nana Vistor, and I really wish we’d gotten to see more of her in F13 2024. Her portrayal was a nice homage to Palmer, without completely imitating her. Vistor is a great actress, and I’d love to see her appear in a flashback or what-not in the sequel.

  35. Original Mrs Voorhees. This will be the landslide vote of the bracket challenge!!!

  36. First Mrs Voohees please!

  37. Betsy Palmer Friday the 13th (1980)

  38. The Original and best! Betsy!

  39. so did betsy palmer win?lol

  40. Betsy Palmer and she better get every vote.

  41. I vote for the original Mrs. Voorhees from part 1 (Betsy Palmer).
    And I’d like to add that the scene at the end of part 3 with Mrs. Voorhees made no sense. Like how did her head grow back?

  42. Betsy Palmer,…she did the role to get her car fixed and many years later she will mostly remembered for that role :D

  43. ratta tatta touille:

    I like to think that it was a prophetic dream that Alice had. Sure, its said that she went missing, but maybe she took off after she had this dream that she was killed by Jason. Maybe she didn’t feel safe there and left without telling any of her neighbors. I dunno. I like how Adrienne said she’d like to come back (in the His Name DVD). That would have to be the only way she did come back outside of her playing a different character.

  44. My vote goes to the original and true Mrs Voorhees, Betsy Palmer.

  45. betsy palmer!

  46. Part 3, just because its fuckin crazy

  47. Really no contest for me…Betsy Palmer (Friday the 13th original).

  48. Original, the best Mrs. V

  49. who won out of reggie the reckless and queery feldman ???

  50. the original duh! lol betsy palmer all the way

  51. I actually liked Ms. Vorhees in Part III….she was scary and……..ohhhhh i am just kidding

    BETSY PALMER!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. Original Mrs Voorhees Miss BETSY PALMER….no contest…..Hey Jasonsfury this will probably be the biggest blowout in the bracket yet

  53. Duh Betsy Palmer from Part 1 is the only one as far as i am concerned. Not to mention we have the same last name:-)

  54. part 1 vorhess duh…….

  55. Betsy Palmer

  56. Yeah, where have the past like, 4 results been?

  57. Part1/2 Pamela without a doubt!

    She set the standard and is by far my favorite depiction of the character. The others did great too. But Part 12 seemed a little too ‘motherly’ too meek. Pamela was always a ‘tom boy.’ She was always strong. The Freddy Pamaela was cool too. She had the attitude of the Pamela we usually know.

    My chart is:

    Part 1/2
    Part 11
    Part 12
    Part 3

  58. betsy palmer

  59. Hey guys,
    sorry that I did not post the results from last week and the week before. I created the last two divisions 2 weeks ago while home. I have been gone on trips on and off within those two weeks and have been activating the new divisions from by iPhone so people would still get the new divisions each week. I will post results for the past two weeks on Tuesday.

  60. my vote goes to the original Mrs. Voorhees, Betsy Palmer.

  61. the original , the first betsy palmer

  62. I dunno wut happened to my post? I voted for Betsy and then gave my reasons why even though it’s a landslide win the other versions of Mrs. V were pretty cool on their own. I’m too lazy to write all that again though.

  63. Hey guys! A bit off topic, but still Friday-centric related:

    Talented vetern stuntman Tom Morga, best known as the masked Roy Burns/pseudo-Jason in Part V was breifly for several seconds on tongiht’s Late Nite with Conon O’ Brien here in the U.S., as I don’t know how many outside of the North American continant get’s his show cause of my country’s cultural imperalism or all of that or lack there of.

    But, if any of ya’ll have a DV-R and recorded it, you can play it back to the part in the show I cought where in Conan was doin’ a stunt segment with one of the best Asian-American gentlemen in the stunt business side of show business, and you can breifly see Tom in all black, like the other assistant, helping Conan get into the special fire suite for the breif fire stunt gag. Yup, it’s him as we can see for the Deluxe Edition of Friday V and the His Name Was Jason doc.

    So I just wanted to post that, cause maybe now Jasonsfury or someone else can link up to it once the footage hits YouTube or somethin’. ;)

  64. Nana Visitor. The remake was INSANE!! My favorite Fridays were 3 and 4 until i saw the remake.

  65. Adam:

    the dream interpretation works for me. Also pt3’s ending was clearly a dream, and probably pt1 ending. I hope Adrienne comes back too. I like how the pt1 one cast was ‘real’. They were attractive kids but not the soap stars we see in pt2 and some others, not that I mind that either. Like the girl who walks around saying “Muffin”? She was cute. Haha. Pt2 had some humor to it.

  66. Betsy Palmer

  67. Betsy Palmer. The others did fine, but her Pamela is rightfully a phenomenon. Victor Miller said he wanted to create an “ideal mother” who also happened to be a murderer, and he actually managed to *do* it; Pamela would do anything for Jason, but neither does Palmer’s version ever come across as a mindless devotee with no will or personality of her own. She’s certainly Jason’s mother, but they also feel like a team, even when he’s not there at all. Part 1 all the way!

  68. Nana Visitor! She’s really scary person in that role. I think she added more pshological depth in Mrs. V’s character. Look at her eyes and face when she screams “You should have been watching him!”. I felt creepy. And she has beautiful intonations! To sum up: a deranged woman who thinks she manages righteous justice. I don’t agree she’s feeble. I imagine she was just exhausted (mentally and physically) when she met ALice. SHe killed 7 people before that so that’s no surprise (remember she’s not natural born killer, just a psychopatic person). ALso I think this MRs. V is a religious person. SHe radiates fanaticism (also keep in mind that “God Bless Our Home” saying in Jason’s cabin which was apparently mounted there by her. So, my opinion - the most scary character since PArt 4 Jason in all friday franchise. Briliant performance.
    p.s. - also that flannel shirt and a skirt - nice refreshing outfit!
    p.p.s. - I like Betsy Palmer (she’s the right for the early franchise) and hate FvsJ image. PArt 3 was scary.

  69. Betsy Palmer is the popular vote.
    But it isnt my vote. Im sure im going to get alot of hate mail on this one but Part 1…..I dont hate it, But there just wasnt much there for me. I do respect sean s cunningham and victor miller, But I was introduced to Jason before I was Mrs.Voorhees. If I had been born in the 70’s or 60’s and seen the original friday in theaters maybe my view on this would be different.

    Hardcore fans say there is a difference between “Friday the 13th fans” and “Jason fans”. Im here to connect that bridge, I respect the franchise and all those who are apart of it. But Friday 1, Ive honestly only seen it all the way through 3 times.
    As I said there just isnt much there for me but its still a classic film and I know its place and what history it holds.

    My vote is going to be Nana Visitor for Friday 09.
    because my favorite part in original movie is the last 15-20 minutes? and it was just a correct way to start off the movie.
    The way they advertised”Did you know a young boy drowned here?”
    “His name was jason….and today is his birthday” Just chilling from the teaser trailer. This is the first time I think ive gone into detail about my answers on these bracket challenges.