Brad Fuller Still Answering Friday Sequel Questions

part2_original_posterThis goes to show that Friday the 13th fans are loyal to their franchise. Amidst the much anticipated release of the Nightmare On Elm Street remake, Brad Fuller of Platinum Dunes gets asked on a daily basis about the status of the Friday the 13th sequel. He gets his fair share of Nightmare questions as well, but he is quite generous in his responses to the fans of the Friday the 13th franchise. Here is a list of the most common questions.

1. Has the project been greenlit?
2. What is the release date going to be?
3. Is there a script finalized?
4. Can you share the unused script?
5. Will Derek Mears return as Jason?
6. Will you bring back Harry Manfredini back to score the movie?

These are the most asked about questions that he is getting. Here at we are asked pretty much these same questions, either in our new chat box, via email or in our blog postings. So I figured we would give you an update to all of these questions which Brad Fuller has answered the following :

1. PD is pushing to get this into production, but at this time, the sequel has not been greenlit.
2. Since the movie has not been given a go there is no release date yet.
3. There is a script turned in by S&S and they have outdone themselves.
4. Cannot share the script as you don’t know what will happen with production.
5. Would love for Derek to come back and can’t imagine doing the sequel without him.
6. Harry Manfredini would be an interesting idea.

So, most of these answers are nothing really new that have not been reported on before. But these are the current answers to the most common questions. We will more than likey give you guys and girls monthly updates on the status of the sequel if warranted. For the time being I would say gear up for a big year with the impending forum here at the website, Friday the 13th box set, Blu-ray releases of the rest of the Paramouont Friday the 13th movies, Camp Blood: Friday the 30th reunion in August and of course news on the Friday the 13th sequel!

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28 Responses to “ Brad Fuller Still Answering Friday Sequel Questions ”

  1. Is Jason going to take anymore hostages in the sequel? That was my favorite part of the remake. LOL.

  2. I didn’t really care for the remake. It felt more like the Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2024 remake to me, with all the weird, fucked up hillbillies, and old rusted out vehicles everywhere. It just didn’t feel like a Friday movie to me. The whole hostage thing, I found pretty stupid, also reminded me of one of the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre movies, not sure if it was 2 or 3. One of them. So I am not really looking forward to the sequel to the remake. They should just make a sequel to one of the original Friday’s, and have a different directer.

  3. I agree with you 100% there corey cage, they should just do a sequel to the original series. They should also get a new director and script writer for the next one too!

    Because whatever shannon and swift wrote, i bet you $13 bucks that there script sucks.

  4. I wonder if anyone outside of our fanbase would like/understand a sequel to the original series at this point? It might just not fit and be a bomb, or maybe the name alone could carry any sequel at this point. I think the name alone will draw people, regardless of whether it pertains to the new or the old series.

    After I read what Shannon and Swift had to say about J v F, I kind of cut them some slack, and I liked the remake a lot, which I think was more representative of their work. That said, I’d like to see a new writer on board. I’m available and I think I’d be a great choice lol.

    I thought they didn’t do too bad of a job making Texas look like NW New Jersey. There are quite a few rusted cars there!

    I’m still kind of hoping to see an episode of supernatural at Crystal Lake.

  5. The hostage thing was one of the biggest problems I had with the new film. COUGH: SEE NO EVIL:COUGH…. I really hope Manfredini comes back, they need a score that feels familiar to the old fans. Given they make a sequel to the reboot or a sequel to the original franchise. I am on the fence about S&S, they did not impress me with FvsJ or the reboot. They need to make characters that are likeable!!! not just plain asswipes that we don’t even care if they live or die. I know that all of us go to see Jason do his thing and kill people but come on, atleast we liked the people in the original series. I don’t know what everyone’s problem is with Marcus Nispel cause I thought he did a good job with what he had to work with in the reboot. I didn’t get the feeling like I was watching TCM 03′ (Which I loved by the way.) I don’t know if it is possible to make a Friday the 13th believable anymore. But for the love of God, what made them think that we would buy the idea that numerous people could get murdered and have Cell phones, GPS, TUNNELLS under the ground? And not be found. That was a big problem I had with this movie too. Why didn’t they make it set back in 1980? I think thats what made TCM good, was that they didn’t mess it up with bringing it to present day. Sorry for the long post.

  6. I think they should go in the direction of part 4, and beginning with cops and paramedics cleaning up Jason’s mess :D

  7. Please bring back Manfredini

  8. i didnt like the hostage think either, but jason was big,mean and tough as hell i liked that and the kills were completely satisfying, but the score was a total shitbox that is something harry manfredini would make much better. i cant feel the friday the 13th feeling anymore when the score is not there. its like watching starwars without the starwars score. Also what i didnt like was this highschool stereotypes running all over. i just want down to earth people with maybe one or two stoners or so. I dont wanna feel like i´m watching a horror re-edit of 10 things i hate about you.

  9. I freaking loved the reboot. Best F13 movie in a while. I dont care that most of you disliked or hated it… cuz while i sat in the movie theather eating my popcorn with my gf I remember thinking. This is the best damn Jason movie ive seen!

    You guys or too nostalgic. yeah part 1 to 4 were the best but that was 30 years ago. Things change and they can never be re-created. As long as the Director follows there blueprint for the newer movies everything will be okay. Trust Platnium Dunes!

  10. MyNameIsJason,
    I love the See No Evil reference! Awesome. That was a surprisingly good slasher type movie considering the WWE produced it.

    I have to agree that Jason having a prisoner seemed out of character, but it did fit with what the writers were creating for the Jason character in their movie. Which is one of many reasons you guys want S&S outta here! :)

  11. Just wait for sequel buzz after Elm Street is released, I’m sure Dunes is busy finishing up Elm Street and getting Freddy’s voice right. Hopefully in the summer we will get some good news about Friday II

  12. 3. “There is a script turned in by S&S and they have outdone themselves” - yeah, right.

    And I agree with CoreyCage on so many levels.

  13. Manfredini….Manfredini….

  14. I would love to hear any news concerning the next Friday, but lately I’ve been more interested in hearing Paramount announce the rest of their Fridays on Blu-Ray. I was content on not hearing anything when Friday pt 2 was still believed to be released on Aug 13th, since I assumed that date would be when the rest of the blu-rays (or at least 4 - 6, then 7 and 8 when the remake’s sequel came out on blu) would be released.

    Cmon Paramount and New Line, I need something to get me by.

  15. I thought the reboot film was good, I saw no problem with the film at all, I was actually quite pleased with the film, as for the sequel I think they will out do them selves on it. I do think they need to bring harry manfredini back to score the film, he did a pretty good job for the most part.

  16. I liked the remake. Especially after you watch Rob Zombie’s Halloween II. Seriously though…..if they add Manfredini, and have a little better lighting(the movie is too dark)it would be slot better. I hope the next one is mainly a remake of part 4 and definately have Tommy Jarvis in it.
    I love the part when Jason finds Bree in the bedroom. He puts his hand over her mouth so noone here’s her scream and the camera zooms in close on Jason’s face.
    Corey Cage has an interesting idea to make a sequel to one of the precious movies, but I think that would confuse the hell out of people at this point.

  17. Lets hope that we hear something soon on the GREEN LIGHT!!!

  18. I’m guessing we won’t be seeing much in the way of a new Friday before 2024… maybe even 2024. I actually think it’s a good idea to let a couple of years pass between films. Back in the 80’s the was an oversaturation of these films with one coming out almost every year, kinda like the Saw films of today. Does anyone really care about those anymore? Waiting creates demand and builds hype. I say take your time Platinum Dunes and Mr. Fuller, if you’re reading this, please for the love of all that’s good and pure in this world, get rid of Shannon and Swift, they’re single handedly (or double handedly) slaughtering your series. (no pun intended)

  19. of course there will be many sequels in the future , i think friday the 13th part 2 would do betetr if they waited awhile since most people thought the movie sucked , the only reason it did so well is because the public had been hungry for a new jason movie for a long time, after opening weekend ticket sALES dropped drasticly cause the movie stunk and word got out, so my opinion is put together a good script and hope it does well because most people who went to part one airent coming back. 3d may be a good idea, the fans will be back but general public that saw the first one wont.

  20. I’m telling ya.Shannon + Swift must have photo’s of either Brad Fuller or someone high up at “Plastic” Dunes in a very compromising position to keep getting these gigs………..KI,KI,KI,MA,MA,MA.

  21. Please, Brad, don’t give the dirrector’s chair Ronny Fucking Yu.

  22. Some of u ppl need to quit crying about the new friday the 13th, it wasnt taht bad, the music was alright, but u dont need manfredini to make a jason music score work. The whole hostage thing was something new, but lets face it, it was the jason of today and not the jason of 30 years ago. Just imagine a Derek Mears back when part 2-4 and part 6 were made, those movies woulda been incredible. Woulda made jason a more terrifying looking character. And what was the problem with FvJ, i thought it was pretty well tied in with how it shoulda been, i do have to admit, jason looked like a big retarded oaf but it wasnt that bad of a movie.

  23. I personally would of loved the friday the 13th remake more if they would of actually added a “CAMP” feel to it. Its just some rich college kids going to a some huge vacation house on a lake…would of been more “friday like” if they had a real dark campsite tone to the film.. although they tried it in the starting of the film, i just didnt really get the vibe of it in the movie tho.

  24. Here is my unimportant thought:

    Screw a sequel to the remake, we all know it will be a disappointment. I didnt mind S&S’s script for Freddy vs Jason, it was a comic movie with more emphasis on visual and artistic design - which was incredible. But the friday remake script was dogpile.
    I would suggest the following: Make a Friday the 13th part 13!! Begin with one of these collages they used to make in the old films, compiling highlights from all the films, including To Hell & Freddy Vs Jason, and begin from the end of that. It could even lead up to the beginning of jason X, if needs be.
    Bring back Amy Steel and maybe some other memorables, definitely bring back MANFREDINI, he rules; add a good, mysterious origin (without the ridiculous hellbaby from part 9), keep the film simple, and yes, add characters that are likeable, albeit stupid and shallow ;-)

    I’d love to know what people think of such an idea. THE definitive Friday sequel! I think thats the way to go.

  25. ps… Steiny69, I actually loved the Jason look of FvJ. I reckon his look should be modelled around part 6, with elements of 7 & FvJ

  26. Why is this news so old? Maybe they havn\\\’t started the movie yet. Maybe Mrs. Cristy has a tale to tale?

  27. come on guys. we won’t get any friday movies, sequel or everything. warner isn’t say anything about it. they prefer to make FINAL DESTINATION 5 instead of a friday movie. it’s not more paramouth time here, warner hates the franchise. and brad fuller seems to think the same. he’s still saying that the progect is dead in the water.

  28. I’d love a sequel to “The Final Chapter”, bring back Tommy Jarvis (Corey Feldman!), bring back Jason’s look from parts 3 and 4, bring back Harry Manfredini, put out Shannon and Swift (I simply can not trust in their work)… and bring back Steve Miner to direct it!!!

    … and give Jason an axe instead of that boring machete!!

    That would be a Friday the 13th real reboot!!!!

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