BTS Wednesday: Deputy Winslow Gets The Hammer

Today, BTS Wednesday (Behind The Scenes Wednesday) visits a classic scene from Friday the 13th Part 2.

When Jason darted across the road in front of Deputy Winslow’s police squad in Friday the 13th Part 2, fans were treated to a glimpse of the Voorhees madness. The Deputy would literally run into Jason’s shack while chasing him in the woods and find his shrine to mother. Of course, there is a price to pay for entering Jason’s domain and that price was Winslow’s life.

Deputy Winslow really has the hammer laid on him and into him! A very stealth Jason sneaks up behing the unsuspecting policeman and serves his brand of justice. In the photos below, Jack Marks (Deputy Winslow) has the hammer prop and blood applied to his head and fans also get a backside view of the hammer neatly inserted into the back of the head of Crystal Lake’s finest!

Photos Courtesy of Camp Blood

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10 Responses to “ BTS Wednesday: Deputy Winslow Gets The Hammer ”

  1. Very sweet!

  2. I’m glad they decided to include the shrine in the 2024 remake. For me, that was one of the most exciting parts of the movie. Poor Dpty Winslow. The guy never stood a chance.

  3. Always loved the shack scenes in part 2. The little chase leading up to the hammer kill was classic too. Especially the way Jason runs across the road. By the way I think Deputy Winslow is played by Jack Marks. Jerry Wallace was \The Prowler\.

  4. Whoops! You’re right, Crash. Thanks for pointing that out. ;)

  5. Those are great pics! Never saw those before. I too really dig this scene. It’s creepy and shows that Jason is a pretty disturbed hillbilly ;)

  6. Such a disturbing scene … for some reason i always find myself uncomfortable watching it !

  7. One of My favorite shots in the series is when Jason runs across the road real quick and You hear the ki ki ma ma in part 2. It happens so fast, so back in the VHS days I used to rewind and rewind to try and get a better glimpse of Jason. And Deputy Winslow, You got to give the man credit. Hes probably the only person to ever chase Jason. Usually its the other way around. And I love the hammerclaw death. Jason doesnt really ever use hammers much. And it was done beautifuly. I appreciate the pics. Thanks for posting and keep em coming.

  8. Never seen those, thanks for that!!

  9. Does anyone else find it coincidental that a cop/security guard (Officer Garrett) was killed with a hammer claw to the head in Halloween 2 as well?? There must have been some kind of connection between sequels, cops, and hammer claws back in the 80’s. :p

  10. ah so there was actually blood in that scene originally. i love these PG-13 versions of the movies we’re stuck with.

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