BTS Wednesday: Jason’s Sewer Remains

Every single person I have ever talked to about the ending of Friday the 13th Part 8: Jason Takes Manhattan universally agrees that it is the worst ending they have ever seen in the franchise. Rob Hedden’s intentions for the ending were at the very least, understandable, however, the execution and overall idea were not very good. The idea that the evil would be removed from Jason by toxic waste and thus leave behind the little boy he once was, just did not fit the mythos at all.

Originally, the end sequence of Jason Takes Manhattan was to showcase a very gooey and eaten away corpse of Jason after being bombarded by toxic waste. The idea of adding the little boy’s body to the sequence was added later. Below are BTS (Behind The Scenes) images of the crew and Jason’s corpse that was supposed to be in the film. Now this would have been awesome to see as Jason’s final appearance!

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16 Responses to “ BTS Wednesday: Jason’s Sewer Remains ”

  1. Great images! I would definitely have peffered to see the ending look more like this.

  2. I think it would have been great to see an eaten away corpse compared to a little boy washed up against the wall of the sewer.

  3. Ending of Part 8 never bothered me. I actually really like the film.

    I always saw the little boy (Jason) appearing after the waste flushes out as another halucination of the main protagonist.

  4. Part 8 wasnt all that bad. Just 3 things that really bugged me about it. Jasons makeup, the music, and the ending. The toxic waste thing couldve worked, after all Jason had never dealt with that before. But turning back into a kid, and a normal looking kid at that. I think they couldve come up with something better. However those are cool BTS pics, and I thank You for sharing.

  5. Glad you guys like the pics. Yea, I dont’ hate Part 8. I actually like a lot of things in the movie, but the ending is just hard to watch. Kane’s portrayal of Jason in this film really got me more into the franchise when I was younger.

  6. As always, thanks for sharing the BTS pics, love it!

    I agree that this is not an entirely bad film, but I have a very hard time getting past the makeup. What a total let down after the Pt 7 look. I remember the day I first saw it as soon as it came out on video. When he was unmasked near the end, I was PISSED! I remember feeling tipped off that this might be less than great at the beginning of the film. When they brought him back from the dead with the “underwater power cable ruptures and sends 10 000 volts through him” thing. I was like, “they just played the electricity angle in Pt 6, couldn’t they have tried a little harder to come up with a new idea?

    But then again, i’m a geek for this stuff…

  7. Those behind the scenes pictures are more graphic than the movie itself. Gnarly looking.

  8. So what this ever filmed or did the puppet not work out like it was suppose to…? What happened?

  9. I would have rather seen this ending than the little boy one. Sad… this film SHOULD have been so much better.

  10. So what this ever filmed or did the puppet not work out like it was suppose to…? What happened?

    No, the corpse prop was never used for filming. A lot of work to create it and all for not.

  11. I really think that last photo looks exactly how a part 3 Jason would look after being killed, resurrected and hit by toxic waste.

  12. yeah i had always viewed the boy at the end to be Rennie’s hallucination/psychic connection with Jason put to rest, not the physical presence of Jason especially since we know Jason was born deformed, and the little boy would have also been turned into a gooey mess by toxic waste.

  13. I also saw the ending as more of a hallucination. The one thing that discounts it from being one is the fact that they both saw it. She was the one seeing all the hallucinations throughout the movie until the end scene. The fact that the kid was regular looking made it even more dumb. It is an 80s Jason flick, so I still rank this one above some of the last, but it’s my least favorite of parts 1-8.
    Awesome shots Jasonsfury! You continue to keep me checking here for updates my friend. I thought I knew it all ;) This website seems to be the real Friday the 13th Retrospective

  14. If only, if only…

  15. The ending in that episode was the most confusing!!! Never got what it ment
    Love that ending too off been shown, it would off been much better! Love the pics!!

  16. I have wondered, as a whole, how the film would’ve turned out if Hedden had had the budget to do the things he had originally intended. That and of course if they hadn’t changed the look of Jason from seven, this one could’ve been a lot more fun.

    I didn’t particularly care for it, but I got the ending right away the first time I saw the movie. Now, what did confuse me was the beginning of Jason Goes to Hell. I remember thinking just how in the hell did he get from New York City and back to Crystal Lake after being hit with toxic waste and turning into a lil boy?!! I know the series isn’t big on continuity, but this one is way out there. Jason’s skin in Jason Goes to Hell looks like he’s been dipped in toxic waste, but other than that, there isn’t much that connects it.

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