BTS Wednesday: Officer Thornton And Jason’s Dart


Today’s BTS (Behind The Scenes) Wednesday features makeup being applied to stuntman/actor Mike Nomad before filming his character Officer Thornton’s death scene.

Jason Lives: Friday the 13th Part 6 offered many memorable and exciting kills to add to the growing list in the franchise’s history. One such kill that always garners many cheers from the audience is when Officer Thornton is searching the docks at Camp Forest Green. While he searches the docks, Jason appears from the forest and throws one of his darts, removed from the his “borrowed” utility belt, and hits the Officer square in the forhead.

The photos below show Mr. Nomad during his makeup application. He looks to be having a lot of fun with the whole process as he helped create a very memorable scene in the film series. Who wouldn’t want to get set up to die by the hands of Mr. Voorhees?!

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7 Responses to “ BTS Wednesday: Officer Thornton And Jason’s Dart ”

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  2. Did we see who Jason “borrowed” that utility belt from? I don’t remember that one.

  3. Jason “borrowed” the utility belt and machete from Burt. The guy who is complaining about being shot by a girl in the paintball scene. Jason proceeds to rip his arm off while tossing him into a tree.

  4. Cool pics, thanks for sharing. I always loved that kill.

  5. do any of you know if this kill was filmed indoors or out?

  6. Thanks, jasonsfury. For some reason I remembered him just having the belt from the beginning of the movie. His outfit in Pt.6 was always my least favorite look for Jason out of all the Friday films. Awkward mask, clothes with a weird fit…and that damn utility belt.

  7. Hey Mil(c)a(h), Jason’s mask in Freddy vs. Jason is the crappy one! I actually like his mask in Jason Lives! :-) The Freddy vs. Jason mask had the wrong shape to it. It just didn’t look right at all.

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