Buy a Friday the 13th chip bowl


Plan on watching some Friday the 13th tonight ? There’s nothing like chips n salsa to gratify the excitement in watching our favorite slasher, Jason kick some serious ass. This item is for sale on ebay and it could just very well go fast. It is currently marked at $10.99 usd.

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7 Responses to “ Buy a Friday the 13th chip bowl ”

  1. “Spaceballs, the T-shirt! Spaceballs, the coloring book! Spaceballs, the lunchbox! Spaceballs, the breakfast cereal! Spaceballs, the FLAMETHROWER! The kids love this one…”

  2. ahh yes Spaceballs! Why didn’t anyone tell me my ass was so big!

  3. It’s actually a pretty cheap thing. It’s made of plastic and is very light…just like the Friday the 13th shot glasses that are usually sold right next to this at novelty stores.

    Seriously, we are just better off taking a ceramics class and making our own F13 salsa bowls and shot glasses.

  4. “Moichandizing! Moichandizing!”

  5. “Where the real money from the movie is made”

  6. Anyone know if the shotglasses are worth buying?

  7. not 2 bad and yes Rogue they are trust me!!!Merry Christmas ya”ll

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