Camp Blood: Friday the 30th June Update!

With only two months left before the big Friday the 13th reunion in Texas, the promoters have their last big update for fans to chew on. There are a number of fan favorites that are now apart of the festivites, but sadly some actors and actresses did have to cancel. Also, A new hotel has been announced for the event to tag team with the outdoor venue, Sneaky Pete’s. Check out the location page for the event to read about all of the information. And now on to the updates!



Gloria Charles - “Fox,” Part III
Bruce Mahler - “Axel,” Part IV
Erich Anderson - “Rob,” Part IV *First Convention*
Wayne Grace - “Officer Jamison,” Part IV *First Convention*
Debisue Voorhees - “Tina,” Part V
John Hock - “Jason Voorhees Body Double,” Part V
Todd Bryant - “Neil,” Part V *First Convention*
Fred Mollin - Composer F13th the series, pt. 7, pt. 8
Mika Ward - “Campfire Teen #1,” Jason X
Mark Swift - Screenwriter, Freddy Vs. Jason + Friday The 13th (2009)
Damian Shannon - Screenwriter, Freddy Vs. Jason + Friday The 13th (2009)
Tammy Morris - “Gibb Body Double,” Freddy Vs. Jason
Douglas Tait - “Jason Voorhees Stunt Double,” - Freddy Vs. Jason *First Convention*
Rosemary Knower - “Old Lady,” Friday The 13th (2009)


Steve Dash - “Jason Voorhees,” Part II
Ken Kirzinger - “Jason Voorhees,” Freddy Vs. Jason
Kelly Hu - “Eva Watanabe,” Part VIII
Dan Bradley - “Jason Voorhees Body Double,” Part VI


Michael Berryman - The Hills Have Eyes 1 & 2
Bill Moseley - The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, The Devil’s Rejects
Dan Farrands - His Name was Jason, Never Sleep Again
Thommy Hutson - His Name was Jason, Never Sleep Again

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19 Responses to “ Camp Blood: Friday the 30th June Update! ”

  1. Sad to see some go but love the additions. To bad it’s so far away for me to travel to. The trip there and back, with hotel, would cost me way more than anything I would do there. And without a job right now it’s hard to save up. Oh well, I can see pictures from the people who go. It should be awesome! Glad to see Rosemary Knower. She did a great job. Also, Gloria Charles as Fox is classic.

    And, I know this is sacralidge in the eyes of many fans, but I acutally like Mark Swift and Damian Shannon’s work. (Aside from that fear of water thing.) They at least kept Jason as Jason, and understand and retained his core storyline elements. Unlike what I’ve read happened with the butchering of Freddy’s back-story in the new A Nightmare on Elm Street movie. A Franchise I used to be a fan of. (The first eight are classic, but I refused to pay to see the new one and will barrow it from a friend after reading all the things they did to it.)

    I see Friday the 13Th as having a great re-birth and a new begging. Jason, with storyline in tact, lives. And I think while we all have our different views of what the Franchise should do next; I think they did decent with the 2024 film. It’s difficult walking a tight rope between re-inventing and staying true to the classics and considering other franchises’ attempts at this Voorhees survived pretty much unscathed. A fact that I attribute to the writers having a love for the material and an understanding of most of it. (Still don’t get being afraid of water. I guess they wanted some kind of fear for Freddy to play off of. But Jason is under water in both Parts 4 and 6.)

    I mean, look at Jason X where they were almost going to have Jason kill a hologram of his mom! Jason would not kill his mom, he loves his mom. His love of his mom is why he kills. (I’m glad they changed that before filming. Perhaps this was something Kane stood up for? Would love to know.)

  2. Shannon and Swift are awesome :) They never came up with the “fear of water” It was not in there script that was all thanks to Mr Ronny Yu he added it on the fly, You can see them talk about it in His name was jason.

  3. And the reboot was good really good watch it and enjoy it, Most people I found Just talked trash it was a good film nothing can replace 1-4 or pt 6 but it was better than most of the ones after that that is for sure..

  4. I am bummed by the people that cancelled. However, it will still be awesome.

    In regards to providing video of the event, we will have something very nice set up on the website for that weekend.

  5. I plan on documenting my whole trip to the convention. I’m going to take a lot of photos and video, hopefully get a word with fans and even the guests if they agree to. I’m going nuts waiting for August!

  6. Cory,

    With you post your video online, so those of us unlucky people can see it?

    I am crushed that I can’t go.

  7. Yeah absolutely, I want to make a mini-documentary project out of it. Can’t say when I’ll have it ready, probably sometime in the fall, but it’s definitely something I’m set on doing.

  8. Outside of Cory creating a video of the weekend, this website will also have video of the whole event to share and we will have a spot on the website set up for everyone to visit that weekend.

  9. “In regards to providing video of the event, we will have something very nice set up on the website for that weekend”

    Between that and what all Cory said, that all sounds great! Can’t wait to check it out. I presume it’ll be a high quality webcam of the event of something. Hopefully, a Blu-Ray or at least standard def DVD of the event for like 90 minutes or over will also be offered or produced via this awesome website. ;)

  10. Ouch, the 4 cancellations really hurt. I was looking forward to get my hockeymask signed by all the Jasons, but without Dash & Kerzinger it stays just a dream. I was also thrilled to meet the hot Kelly Hu in person.:(

  11. I have interviews with some of the actors set up and will be documenting it also with high def video and photographs….I am also working on a documentary with Jeff Wickedbeard.

  12. Sounds great, Mr. Dobson! I can’t wait to see that documentary! Please keep this website up-dated with your news info every few weeks. Thank you so much once again! :D

  13. No problem… I will be updating the status up till the event and throughout the event. I hope to have photos available and interviews.

  14. This is my facebook page if anyone wants to add me.

  15. Still no Sean Cunningham :(

  16. That is so awesome they got Douglas Tait out. He played a cool character in Star Trek and I met him at a Sci Fi convention. Really nice guy. I am so looking forward to this event! This is going to be the most awesome convention ever!

  17. Got a lot of cool stuff lined up for this awesome show folks…..Life is short….Live it!!!
    hope to see a lot of ya there,

  18. Jasonsfurry we need to meet up at camp blood. I’m going to want to post my photos and videos from camp blood on here so everyone can enjoy them. I know of so many people who want to go but cant get the funds or time to go. Everyone should be able to enjoy the 30th year reunion. Wish this was going to be a tour. Go from state to state. Make it easier for all the fans.

  19. I agree that everyone should be able to experience the event. It will be great to meet up and talk. I look forward to it. :)

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