Camp Blood: Friday the 30th New Years Update


Well, to ring in the new year, the promoters of the 30th anniversary reunion have treated fans of the series to a new update for their Friday the 13th event this August 13th. Not only have new guests been announced, but one of the special attractions taking place at Camp Blood, Fear Fest, has also been officially announced for the weekend event. Read on for new guests and what Fearfest will be all about. Visit for more information and to purchase tickets to the event.

New Guests For The Event





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16 Responses to “ Camp Blood: Friday the 30th New Years Update ”

  1. What an awesome addition to the convention! I can’t wait to meet Stu Charno. Are the fees going to be pretty steep for getting autographs?

  2. I am sooo fucking pumped for this. my new girl bought me platinum passses for christmas!!!!! And now Court is gonna be there. i swear a while back that Creighton Duke was announced but he;s not listed. anyone know???

  3. Yea, I am pretty sure Steven Williams was added. Have to check to make sure, but I also swear he was added.

  4. Whoops. I was wrong. He has not been added yet. Hopefully he will be very soon!

  5. Jasonsfury, will you be at this?? is anyone on here got tix?? we should all meet up :)

  6. I will definitely be going! I think it would be a lot of fun to meet up with everyone that visits our website. As time draws closer I will see about setting something up on the website that will allow the people that are going to communicate, show pics of each other, perhaps, and get some general information about each other so we know who each other is. :)

  7. Horror Guy,
    The prices being charged will be about $20. Check their website for more info!

  8. Absolutly. Cant wait!!!!

  9. Hey guys and gals,

    I bought my tickets for this convention back in August, and I never received tickets. Just a Paypal confirmation.

    Has anybody else purhcased tickets, and have you received anything?

  10. Hey JV13,
    It’s a will-call situation. Bring your receipt and Id to pick up your tickets and you will be all set!

  11. Yeah I can’t wait for this event either! Bought my tickets back in August as well! I wouldnt mind meeting up with peeps from here! This is going to be awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Sweet, I already made the hotel reservations and everything. I have the Camp Crystal Lake Memories book as well and that bitch is going to be signed by everyone!

  13. I too was thinking about getting my book signed by everyone, but man that would cost a lot of money. I think I am going to concentrate on getting specigic items signed and the celebs that relate to those items.

  14. I would like visit Friday the 30th!!!!!

    Go Go Go!!!!!!!


  15. Jasonsfury, you wrote:

    “I too was thinking about getting my book signed by everyone, but man that would cost a lot of money”

    Do they charge extra for autographs?
    Isn’t it enough that you’re a fan and actually want their autograph?

  16. Yes. They do charge for autographs. Usually $20 per autograph. It all depends on the celebrity, though. I am sure that all of the guests are happy to be giving autographs, but to some of these actors, this is a job. So, they feel like they need to get paid for their time. I don’t know if everyone will charge or how much they will charge?

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