Camp Crystal Lake Sold To Private School

steveThis news is a few years old, but I thought it would be a fun little story to pass on to everyone.

Private School Buys ‘Friday the 13th’ Camp

 BLAIRSTOWN TOWNSHIP, NJ (AP)  — Don’t look for Blair Academy students to wear hockey masks with their blazers. And Jason won’t be the school’s mascot.

But the private school in Warren County has purchased a scary legacy from the Girl Scouts of Greater Essex and Hudson Counties.

The school paid more than $1 million for a 120-acre tract of land where the movie “Friday the 13th” was filmed.

Camp NoBeBoSco was the scene where Jason and his mom sent campers to their deaths in the 1980 horror film.

The school in Blairstown Township plans to use the land as a buffer from development and to expand playing fields.

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23 Responses to “ Camp Crystal Lake Sold To Private School ”

  1. This is a special place for me. Dad took me up there for years growing up while he ran a route for ‘Express Times’. It has been nice to go up there for at least the last 20 years and just enjoy the tranquility and peace I feel within when I’m there…Now that Blair Academy bought expansion land, I hope they don’t bulldoze the beloved walking grounds of ‘Pamela Voorhees’…any one know anything more on this please?

  2. Oh great, I can see this turning into a “blow up and build” thing. With zero regard for fans and history.

  3. As the quoted news article says: “The school in Blairstown Township plans to use the land as a buffer from development and to expand playing fields.”

    This purchase will save the land from real estate developers.

  4. Well let’s hope so John. I understand that over time, things change, but if this area (particularly since this place started it all) changes I’d literally be heart-broken. I mean seriously…

  5. I’m sure (even though they probably don’t even think about the area) I wonder what Betsy palmer, Ari Lehman, and even Adrianne King would think? Is there any contact info that we can all try to bring over here about this?

  6. I hope they preserve the camp like they preserved the Myers House from the original Halloween.

  7. Really? Were all serious? Someone bought the land and can do with it as they please. Its not Pres. Lincolns birthplace or something of historic significance, I don’t think the new property owners care about a small group of movie fans and their possible hurt feelings.

    I hate to come across as a dick but come on.

  8. @cereal thriller

    That is true because even historic property owners don’t give a shit about preserving landmarks with huge significance. I mean it does suck but I think we’ve all seen places of great importance to larger crowds done away with for better business.

  9. cereal thriller….. That’s how we feel. What’s the big deal?

  10. Oh, I am so going to apply to teach there when I get my degree.

  11. Chris as much as I love the movies lets be realistic. I agree it would be cool to not change it. But your quote was “With zero regard for fans and history” A bit dramatic don’t you think. They dropped a cool Million $$$ to use the property not make a museum to a classic horror movie. Its not like they bought the constitoution and are burning it. It was a summer camp that a movie was filmed at.

    Not hating just saying.

  12. Fuck Lincoln.

  13. Cereal….. Understood. But like i understand where your coming from, I hope you understand where I too am coming from. I can see this will start a war.

  14. Chris, no war at all. Just different view points. At least we didn’t break down into 14 year olds calling each other names.


  15. I’m with Chad, I couldn’t care less about Lincoln. To me, the place where Friday the 13th was filmed is more important.

  16. Cereal..No sorry i didn’t mean a war between us, I meant on this topic in general.

  17. My sentiments exactly John and Brooke. Ki Ki Ki Ma Ma Ma.

  18. Sorry. I meant Chad and Brooke.

  19. @Chad. Come on now, lets not say anything we don’t mean. Say what you will about Taft or McKinley, but leave Lincoln alone! :) rofl

  20. I thought it was a boyscott’s camp(hense the title of the camp)? It’s funny if you ever went to Camp NoBeBoSco site they don’t mention anything of F13th being filmed there. I guess they really don’t want fans to really go there. Well let’s hope these new owners will hold on to this piece of cinamatic history!

  21. Since its a school that bought the place, they might be using it as a Summer Retreat place for students and/or teachers to use for themselves that involes the school. At least its not gonna become a shopping center or something else.

  22. I pretty much stand by my first comment. Fuck Lincoln.

  23. The land is still owned and operated by the boy scouts of America. I was just there this year and got kicked out for taking photos. The camp is only 20min from my house.

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