Friday the 13th Unrated: Deluxe Edition (Blu-ray)

Here’s the skinny from, and a set of extras I’ve not yet seen for the standard def DVD.

Paramount Home Entertainment has announced that they will bring ‘Friday the 13th Unrated: Deluxe Edition’ to Blu-ray on February 3rd, day-and-date with the DVD re-release. Technical specs have yet to be announced, but you can expect the usual Paramount treatment of 1080p video accompanied by a Dolby TrueHD soundtrack.

Extras have also yet to be announced for the Blu-ray, but it should mirror the DVD release which includes:

Commentary: Commentary by director Sean Cunningham (on the WB international version - trying to access)
Fresh Cuts: New Tales from “Friday the 13th”
Man Behind the Legacy: Sean S. Cunningham
Friday the 13th - Special Reunion
Lost Tales from Camp Blood - Part 1
Theatrical Trailer - Used on 2024 release

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  1. Sounds great. I need a Blu Ray player :(

  2. Hey does this mean its gonna go unrated to dvd 2?

    I HOPE SO cuz i do not have a blue ray and im not planning on getting it anytime soon

  3. This is from

    In terms of announcement news today, Paramount has just set a Friday the 13th Uncut: Deluxe Edition for release on Blu-ray Disc on 2/3. The release will also be available on DVD. Also coming on DVD that day are Deluxe Editions of Friday the 13th, Part II and Friday the 13th, Part II 3-D (we’re working to determine whether there will be Blu-rays of those as well).

  4. Excellent news! So this means February 3rd will be a fantastic time to be a Friday-fan, with three new DVD deluxe editions (at least one of which also on Blu-Ray) and His Name Was Jason on DVD! Have to remember to save some cash for pre-order/order!

    I’m willing to bet that the “Lost Tales from Camp Blood”-doc will be a “collect them all”-thing, spread over these new three editions.

  5. I dont want to be cynical regarding this but the only true reason to buy these is if they are the UNCUT versions of the films that we all so love.. I’m sure that the video will probably be really good, since Paramount has stepped up with their Blu-Ray releases, but the picture is only as good as it’s source material.. Again I dont see there is a reason to buy these unless they are the true uncut versions

  6. There is no reason not to buy the blu-ray edition, I have seen Friday the 13th on Dish Network and it was only 1080i and it looked amazing. This is one of the big movies I have been waiting for on blu-ray.

  7. Another fantastic reason to be a fan again. These DVD’s alone will be better than the boxed set DVD’s that Paramount released before. So we have that trilogy to look forward to along with His Name is Jason. 2024 is going to be a big year for Friday the 13th. There may be some hope of resurrecting this slasher series again. I cannot wait. Been a fan since I was child watching the movies and still a fan.

  8. FUCKING YES!!! I have embraced and fallen in lov with the Blu-Ray format and can only hope and pray that my fellow movie maniac fans catch on. I am pleased that this is finally coming to BR, and the fact that it is going to be UNCUT only enhances the boner I just got!

  9. Will the deluxe editions of Friday the 13th parts 2 and 3 be uncut as well?

  10. hey and remember the Jason goes to hell,Jason x,and Freddy vs. Jason THREE PACK!!! cant wait cuz mine got ruined :(


  12. I found this today at:

    Technical Specs
    Video Resolution/Codec
    Aspect Ratio(s)
    Audio Formats
    English Dolby Digital 1.0 Mono
    English SDH
    Audio Commentary
    Theatrical Trailers
    Exclusive HD Content

    I can’t believe they are not remastering to Dolby Digital 5.1 instead of 1.0 mono?! Oh well, it’ll be nice to see in 1080p. My box set looks great remastered to 16X9 widescreen, so remastering should make this look fantastic. Paramount, even on low-budget movies, always had good source quality on the film.

  13. Fuck Blu-Ray. They better be releasing this on standard DVD too, I refuse to buy the into Blu-Ray technology for as long as I can. The standard DVD buyers will probably get shafted anyways though.

  14. I have no rush with Blu-Ray (it’s fun to watch though), and I doubt (but sure, why not?) they would do any uncut versions of any sequel, or a 3D version of Part 3 for that matter. But Paramount, prove me wrong!

    Appears they’ve confirmed some extras for Part 2 as well.

    “On the heels of yesterday’s Friday the 13th Uncut DVD announcement, Paramount is releasing Friday the 13th Part 2 and Friday the 13th Part 3 Deluxe Edition DVDs on February 3rd. (This confirms our report in September when we learned Paramount was only prepping re-releases of the first three Friday films.

    The Friday the 13th Part 2 Deluxe Edition will include…

    • Inside Crystal Lake Memories
    • Horror Convention
    • Lost Tales from Camp Blood - Part 2
    • Slasher Films: Going for the Jugular
    • Jason Trivia Track (text)
    • Jason Forever (Used on 2024 release/Best Buy bonus disc)
    • Theatrical Trailer - Used on 2024 release

    We’re awaiting final specs on the package for part 3. Currently, it appears there are no Blu-Ray plans for these sequels.”

  15. I’m gonna have to buy this, i hate buying movies if i alerady own them but i’m gonna have to make an acception for these 3.

  16. Well I guess it is not time for me to get the PS3 so I can have a Blue Ray player and get another console to boot.

  17. The box set that came out a few years ago had the movies enhanced for 16X9, so these probably will, also. And, since the sound is not 5.1, an upconvert player should do just fine; however, these movies aren’t coming out until February and we still have to get through Christmas, so there may be some really good deals on Blu-Ray players coming up so that you can buy the Blu-Ray version. I have Blu-Ray, so obviously, I’m planning on getting that one.

  18. Here’s another tidbit:

    We just got a very cool scoop from a spy who got to chat with Friday the 13th 3-D supervisor Martin Sadoff recently. He revealed to us that he’s in the process of trying to get the film released onto Blu-ray in its original 3-D format!

    “Blu-ray 3-D is happening right now,” Sadoff told us. “It’s a new medium. There are many many major players in home television involved right now. I have seen a lot of home 3-D, and in my opinion it equals the theatrical experience, if not better.”

    Sadoff also confirmed that a theatrical re-release has been discussed by the studio. “About 2 years ago, Paramount Pictures called me up that they wanted to do a D-Cinema release of Friday the 13th in 3-D,” he revealed. ”We met with the new Viacom management and went back and forth and they said ‘Well, the movie’s really old and people don’t remember it.’ But now that they’re remaking it, I hope there will be new interest.”

    We’ll be keeping tabs on how this one develops, of course. Sure, Friday the 13th 3-D isn’t exactly the pinnacle of the series or 3-D technology, but the nostalgia value alone makes up for it, don’t ya think?

  19. Well I’ve honestly never wanted to get a blu-ray till now. Just sucks starting another movie library on another format. Maybe I’ll hold out until some more of my favorites get released(hopefully).

  20. I already have the original in its uncut form, and I don’t care about Blu-Ray (the picture won’t look any better since I have a 12″ standard television). If parts 2 and 3 are released uncut, then that’ll be a definite buy.

  21. They cut back Blu-ray players $100 seeing as how people aren’t spending their money on this expensive but great technology. But, hopefully they’ll release this on DVD! DVD buyers should not be ignored!!

  22. I’m sorry but I just don’t see what’s so great about Blu-Ray. It hasn’t really impressed me that much. We live in a society that’s never pleased. We have to make it things bigger, better, faster, etc. How much clearer does the picture and sound have to be? Is it going to get to the point where it’s so clear that we’ll see right through it?! LOL! Again, I hope that standard DVD versions of these releases don’t get shafted, especially now that there is talk of pt.3 in 3D. SWEET!!

  23. uhmm, perhaps you do not realize how much clearer and enjoyable a blu ray is and the fact it lasts 10 times longer and is more resistant to scratches than a dvd. I went Blu Ray and never have gone back, sold 95% of my dvds. And bought a new tv to properly utilize the greatness of blu ray. I enjoy watching movies, so it was not money wasted.

  24. Personnaly, I don’t find a need for Blu-ray at this moment for me but someday, sure…..I’m more concerned about what Paramount is putting on their standard DVD, which seems like it’s the same old shit carried over fron the 1st boxset released on us 3 years ago. OK, the first Friday is uncut but most of the fans have that now anyways.
    The only thing thats ”new” is the Friday 1 reunion panel that is cheap enough for Paramount to include……. just set up their camaras and roll.
    It doesn’t seem like they’re spending any significant amount of money or time on this….. as usual.

    I won’t be surprised that it has a new updated DVD cover art and not the original art like it should have.


  25. That’s basically how I feel too. I know that eventually I’ll have to switch over to Blu-Ray but I will when that day comes and then of course something better will come along and before you know it we’ll all be selling our old flics again! LOL! All I’m saying is that I’m not impressed with it and yes I have seen it on the right tv and yes there is a difference but too me it’s not that big of a deal. For some people it is and that’s fine but I just can think of better things to spend my cash on that’s all.

  26. Oh, and for you Halloween fans, I looked on, and for 2024, “Halloween 2,” has been listed as optioned property. So, it appears as though a sequel to the remake is planned!

    here is what I found:
    HALLOWEEN 2 Starts Production Early Next Year?!
    The fiends from Dread Central were at this past weekend’s 30 YEARS OF TERROR convention (celebrating the entire HALLOWEEN franchise) and producer Malek Akkad let some details slip about the inevitable sequel to Rob Zombie’s HALLOWEEN, HALLOWEEN 2.

    According to Dread, “the movie will be a direct sequel to Zombie’s re-imagining, but actual plot details couldn’t be revealed as of yet. Tyler Mane will be back as Michael, though, and other cast members are in talks to return, as well. They’re hoping to star pre-production in January and shooting to start up in March.” While not officially confirmed, last we heard, filmmakers Alexandre Bustillo & Julien Maury (who helmed French shocker INSIDE) were in negotiations to direct.

  27. Uncle Creepy just phoned in with some interesting news straight from the Halloween: 30 Years of Terror convention in Pasadena, CA.

    If you’ve ever been to a horror convention, odds are you have seen a bootleg video called Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers - The Producer’s Cut but often wondered why this version of the sixth Myers film was not on regular store shelves. Honestly, we don’t know why it isn’t, but it may soon make be!

    During one of the panels at the con, Daniel Farrands (His Name Was Jason) mentioned that Anchor Bay is currently in talks with Disney/Buena Vista Home Entertainment to make the far superior Michael Myers outing available to fans. Now, don’t get all excited just yet, they’re only hashing it out right now.

    For more information on the alternate cut of the sequel, click here.

  28. 2009 is going to be awesome!!! cant wait!
    i say they make freddy vs jason 2. is that totally out of the picture?

  29. Freddy vs Jason was a surprise hit—doing much better than anticipated. With the new Friday the 13th debuting 02/13/2009 and the new Nightmare on Elm Street set for a 2024 release, the plans for a sequel were scrapped as of right now. But, who knows!? Michael Bay and Platinum Dunes are on board to do the Nightmare remake, although I heard it may be a prequel.

    If you’re wondering where I get my info, I subscribe to the Internet Movie Database at I HIGHLY recommend subscribing as you get so much information.

  30. Oh yes, 2024 will be good, especially with the remakes of Hellraiser coming out, Saw VI scheduled for October 23rd, 2024, and if you’ve ever seen the documentary on Discovery channel called “A Haunting in Connecticut,” they’ve made it into a movie. Oh, and did I mention that on January 16, 2024 “My Bloody Valentine,”-the remake-releases and get this: it’s in 3-D!!!!

  31. Has anyone read the current issue of Horrorhound? I remember the past issue had an interview with Derek Mears, it was short though, but this next issue says they will have part 2 of the interview along with more information about the remake. Someone already posted a spoiler of one of the kills from the movie, I’m trying my best not to read it.

  32. “I’m sorry but I just don’t see what’s so great about Blu-Ray. It hasn’t really impressed me that much. We live in a society that’s never pleased. We have to make it things bigger, better, faster, etc. How much clearer does the picture and sound have to be? Is it going to get to the point where it’s so clear that we’ll see right through it?! LOL! Again, I hope that standard DVD versions of these releases don’t get shafted, especially now that there is talk of pt.3 in 3D. SWEET!!”

    I would pretty much have to agree. While it is good, in a way, that very soon all Analog signals will be absoluete and it appears as if EVERYTHING is goin’ digital, I am just, at this point in my life, more then happy with standard definition DVDs. I’m a regular online buyer at Amazon and DeepDiscount every month, and have a pretty nice ‘n hefty genre film collection on DVD of will over 600 titles now, so I shall not be changing over, in this boarderline economic recession crisis, anytime soon myself.

    Plus I agree: This year I got a new television set and a 5.1 system, and I always travel to up-scale furniture & electronic shops, and usually a Target and a Best Buy, and in all honesty, I did notice a difference, but in all honesty once again, I wasn’t just blown away. It’ll be quite some time before I start in with collecting my favorite films on a whole new format, I’m afraid.

    As for the Friday Parts 1-through-3 boxset: I’m excited that they’re gonna be special editions as well. As one poster said, I’m never to happy about double dipping, which Paramont is notorious for, but I juat a plan old SUCKER for some Jason Voorhees old school Slasher film goodness. I’m glad Parts 2 and 3 aren’t getting the shaft as well, as Part 1, the original, was honestly never a big favorite of mine. The first three sequel and the underrated oddball/quirky/eccentric bl;ack sheep of the series, Part V, is where it’s all at.

    But to each they’re own. I am actually planning to look for a deal on a Playstation 3 during next Summer, just cause I am dying to get my hands on the then planned for release Ghostbusters game.

  33. Good call Captain! You actually put it much better than I did. I beleive the PS3 has a BLu-Ray DVD ROM in it if I ‘m not mistaken but that wouldn’t be the main reason to buy one for me personally (and I know you are not saying that either, just referring to the Blu-Ray discusion), it would be for the games obviously. That Ghostbusters game looks insane! Now only if F13th would get a game for the next generation systems! My actual fantasy horror game would be a Mortal Kombat tornament fighter type game only the fighters would be horror icons like Jason, Freddy, Michael Myers, etc. Licensing is the only thing stopping that from happening unfortunately. :(

  34. I really hope they make a Freddy vs jason 2 and that will be the end of that and they go on in the old series of Friday the 13th!!!!

  35. hey i forgot when does his name was jason dvd come out?

  36. That comes out on 2/3/08 which is the same as these “Uncut” Versions.


  38. Why is everybody so against a bluray version? Just wait until the PS3 gets cheaper, and get that. bluray is amazing, and this news is great for me. My birthday is now right between the BR release, and the theatrical remake. The only thing that sucks is 1.0 mono?! yuck.

  39. “Good call Captain! You actually put it much better than I did. I beleive the PS3 has a BLu-Ray DVD ROM in it if I ‘m not mistaken but that wouldn’t be the main reason to buy one for me personally (and I know you are not saying that either, just referring to the Blu-Ray discusion), it would be for the games obviously. That Ghostbusters game looks insane! Now only if F13th would get a game for the next generation systems! My actual fantasy horror game would be a Mortal Kombat tornament fighter type game only the fighters would be horror icons like Jason, Freddy, Michael Myers, etc. Licensing is the only thing stopping that from happening unfortunately.”

    Big thanks, Pete. ;)

    Yeah I’m excited about finally pickin’ up a PS3 for the Ghostbusters game. I also wanna get that Mortal Kombat Vs. D.C. UNiverse as well, and perhaps Star Wars: THe Force Unleashed. A few titles.

    But Ghostbusters I’m getting opening week, even if I don’t have a console for a few days, as I’ve waited truely YEARS for an awesome lookin’ Ghostbusters game, fanatic of the two films and the Reel Ghosbusters animated series that I am. :D

    And I feel the 3 disc set of the first three, indeed, is adaquite enough for now, with the new bells & whistles. But hey, to CP:

    I am not against new technology that is better, myself-but with regular DVDs looking mightily fine and sounding fine, and with moneey being tight in the Westernized work all over, and with very few titles and with things ALWAYS coming along that promise to look and sound better, I just feel no need myself. So does many.

    But alas, toe ach they’re own. *shrugs*.

    Now, someone bring on February for the remake and for the His Name Was Jason documentary, and of course around the same time, the Parts 1-through-3 special edition sets. Fuck it, man, I’m gonna be so broke with my usual monthly online ordering, come that time. *lol*

  40. PS to Pete:

    Ya know I’ve held a fantasy for YEARS that I chould fullfill my genre loving, Slasher icon loving dreams, as well as Fighting Game dreams, and chould be a rich & wealthy man if only I chould make a Slasher Icon fighting game!:D

    Dude we truely think alike. And I’ve found a ton online that agree with me as well. Alas, as you and many noted, with the copyright issues, there would just plain be no way it would ever happen …

  41. Yeah, the copyright issues just plain suck dude. As far as Ghostbusters go, the last time that had a decent release was for the Sega Genesis IMO. I was actaully playing it the other day and it still has plenty of replay value. So much fun and memories for me because I’m old but hey that doesn’t stop me! It’s about time that it got a next gen system release though (I think I said that already). I just want to wait for the price drop w/ PS3 which will probably happen soon with XBOX 360 dropping prices recently and the holidays coming around as well. CAN’T WAIT!!!! LET’S BUST SOME GHOSTS!!!!!

  42. Well I heard about a slasher game that will be resurfacing soon called Splatterhouse, I remember hearing about it when it was available for Sega, in that game you play as a hockey masked serial killer who goes around and hacks up a bunch of monsters with differen weapons including an axe and a meat cleaver. They are supposed to be making a new game for the next gen systems. They were also supposed to release another slasher game for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 called Campfire: Become your Nightmare. You can choose from four different slashers one of them is a clown and the other is a hulking person wearing yes a hockey mask, the object of the game is you go around and stalk teenagers at a camp and get to scare and kill them using different types of weapons even a chainsaw kill is in there.

  43. Pete,

    So true, unfortunately. :( Oh, and I remember the Genesis Ghostbusters game, with the large comedic heads. ;) I liked it when The Angry Video Game Nerd (gotta love that guy) reviewed it. It was, to this date, the only decent lisenced Ghostubusters title ever produced and ported to a gaming console. I rented it once and quite enjoyed itf or a weekend. :)

    Also great news for the Ghostbusters game (and yeah, I hate to get off topic a bit here, but being there is no more official bbs boards here, none of us have a choice):

    BEYOND AWESOME news, if I do say so myself! I have got myself a decent LCD TV set, and I cannot wait to see how it’ll look on my PS3. Indeed I noted the recent drop. By next summer, if we all shop in the big retail markets, we should all see perhaps the first big drop in it’s price. Even dropping $50 is good enough for me. It’s nice to meet a fellow GhostHead here. ;)

    Being this is basically Ghosbusters III, just being called Ghostbusters: The Game, I’m BEYOND excited. :D

  44. Friday the 13th-Blu Ray and Standard-available for Pre-Order on along with Part 2. I did not see Part 3 listed yet. Also, there were no choices for Blu-Ray for part 2, so looks like only part 1 is coming on Blu-Ray. Maybe they are going to see how well it sells before remastering any others, so if you are going for the Blu-Ray version, you may want to hold off on buying parts 2 and 3 and just rent them through Netflix to view the special features/extra footage. Just a suggestion.

  45. i didn’t see it on amazon


  47. they also have Friday the 13h tv series season 2&3 up. it says notified when this item comes available should i get season 1!?!?!?! anybody give me your opinion

  48. The Chiller channel shows the series regularly. It was a fun show, but there were no elusions to Jason or Camp Crystal Lake.

  49. Hey CutYouUp you can buy different versions of Part 3 in 3D online unless you were talking about seeing it on the big screen.

    I found and bought both versions along with the converter and glasses. has both anaglyph DVDs which uses the standard red/blue glasses and stereoscopic/field sequential DVDs which uses the shutter glasses.

    The only drawback is that you must use a older tube style TV to view them.

    Hope that helps out.

  50. to everyone bashing blu-ray, i was one of you until i was finally able to afford a 40″ tv. the regular dvds looked like crap. i had no idea they weren’t flawless quality because i always had 19-21″ tvs.

    since the price drop on blu-ray players i got one & it makes such a difference…the picture looks perfect, like you’re in a movie grainy-ness whatsoever, the blacks are very deep, and the colors are extremely vibrant. the original halloween looks like a new movie…watching it took me back to the first time i saw it, despite being numb to it all these years from seeing it over and over again.

    and what’s even better is my regular dvds look five times better on it than they did on my regular upconverting dvd player. just wait, blu-ray will be the standard in no time. the price is going to continue to come down.

    i’m dying to get the friday series in hi-def, and to know that the first will be unrated is great. i’d buy 2 & 3 on blu-ray whether unrated or not, even though i already have the vhs’s and dvd’s. i’m just glad paramount is stepping it up with these releases after doing next to nothing for so long…have to support it.

  51. Thank you ted. I am trying to see it on the big screen in the future but at least I can see it in 3D nonetheless. You would think around halloween they’d have showings somewhere but I haven’t seen anything lately. Anyways Thanks again!

  52. I would love to see it on the big screen also but they never rerun any older movies like that here in Michigan. That’s why I am trying to set up a marathon of the first 4 Fridays before the remake comes out but trying to rent out a theater is just way too expensive!

    Just have to do it another way. By the way that 3D converter I bought was at
    That is for the stereoscopic/field sequential DVDs which uses the shutter glasses.

    They are very helpful also as I had a little hookup problem because I needed a rare cord (RCA to coaxial) which they told me where to buy very cheap.

    Hope that helps even more.

  53. To tommyrock:

    That is cool that you and many others are all for this new format-hey, ntohin’ against you, and watch it and have fun-but untill it’s been around another three years, prices drop and a new official Winner is declared, stanard def DVDs that are remastered look just perfect on regular TV sets. I’ve been to a Best Buy and an up-scale Furniture & Electornics store, and in all honestly, I’m with the group that doesn’t notice that much of a difference to really warrant giving too much of a shit. Plus only so many BluRay discs of genre flms are out as of now. So I care admitedly very little.

    Of course three years from now, who knows if it’ll all change? Untill then, I’m a big sorry but I can’t help that not all of us are just not ga-ga over all things HD.

    and with that ended:

    Dude, best of luck with that! I must say for this west Tennessee native, Michigan isn’t really my favoreite place to ever visit (sorry bro; no offence ment), but I would LOVE to see a multiplex at a mall/shopping center or a just regular 4 screen one doing an original first 4 instalments screening with recent fresh prints! That would be BEYOND awesome, and I would make family attend in order to support it. Do this day I’ve never seen the original ones in theaters, and I know many would say “Well why go see something on the big screen, with an audieance when you already own multiple DVD editions of it and you can catch it on television, albiet censroed?”, but those dolts will never understand. ;)

    Wish I chould support ya, but I’m back down here in Shreveport, Louisiana (I call it Shitport *lol*) where I grew up for the first 8 years of my life, and I’m afriad there is nothin’ like that around here, unless you go on over to Texas like in Austin (several hours away, sadly-and I don’t even like Texas either, though Austin is kinda cool for cinema events like that).

    Big thanks for tryin’ to do that. I wish you the bets of luck even still, even though it sounds like a losing battle. :) Ahh us hardcore genre fans and our luck .. *sigh*

  54. Check this out from…

    More Details Regarding Friday the 13th Blu-ray
    Posted November 7, 2024 by Josh Dreuth

    Paramount Home Entertainment has revealed more details regarding the upcoming Blu-ray release of ‘Friday the 13th Unrated: Deluxe Edition’, which is currently scheduled to hit store shelves on February 3rd, day-and-date with the DVD release. Video will be presented in 2.35:1 1080p accompanied by a Dolby TrueHD soundtrack as well as a Dolby Digital Mono soundtrack for those of you who want to hear the film as it was originally shown.

    Now Amazon usually mistakenly says the aspect ratio of this movie is 2.35:1 when they are preparing for a DVD release…but does this mean something more because they are claiming the info came from Paramount? Are there any official sources that would know if this movie was actually filmed in 1.85:1? It would seem ridiculous after so many releases in that ratio, but it wouldn’t be the first time that a 2.35:1 version of something is released after years of everyone thinking it was filmed in 1.85:1.

    That would be a sweet little treat to accompany the proper treatment they are finally giving this movie.

  55. oh and captain_brandon1980, i hope you don’t think i was trying to knock standard dvds by defending blu-ray. i’m in full agreement that everything should be available in standard def. to each his own.

    but to those of us who have bought into this technology, you very quickly get to the point where you just don’t want to watch anything standard def’s just like watching vhs’s after dvd’s came out. since blu-ray won the war on the 1080 format (hd-dvd is officially dead), i think everything should be available on both. if you look at the list of upcoming releases, they’re catching up pretty quick.

  56. These are the official specs of the original film:

    Technical Specifications

    Color info: Color
    Sound mix: Mono
    Camera: Panavision Cameras and Lenses
    Laboratory: DeLuxe
    Negative format: 35 mm
    Process: Spherical
    Printed format: 35 mm
    Aspect ratio: 1.85 : 1

    The link to the Blu-Ray on is this:

    It does say aspect ratio of 2.35:1. I am not sure why this is. Widescreen hi-def is 1.78:1, and the 8-disc box-set is 1.78:1, which means it is “enhanced for wide-screen TV’s.” I am wondering now is this means that the Blu-Ray release has been mastered to keep the black bars at the top/bottom to ensure that no clipping goes on to fill the screen? Thoughts?

    Oh, and if it has been remastered for TrueHD sound, then fantastic!!

  57. tommyorck,

    Cool, and that’s all fine. I’m a regular reader on ver at the revamped for the last three years, and so I know all about that technology and about winning over the HD-DVD format, ect. I agree there is some difference. Of course as well for us genre fans, if the source material available for a genre classic is only so good, then the releases can only be so good. Such as if you click on that link and see the new Anchor Bay/Critical Mass co-production of Black Christmas, you’ll see the image grade is only a B.

    But indeed, there is good things to come from HD. My brother Bobby in this house has an HD widescreen set, and HD channels, so I can see the improvement.

    But I’m happy with how DVDs look as well. And untill it IS the new standard, I am just a happy & content lad. But yeah I get everything you said, and aren’t trying to knock it. ;) It’s all cool, bro.

    And indeed: Offer’em up in both formats! Yes. :D Also, what are the latest details ont eh special features (fresh commentary tracks, interviews, possible easter eggs [what, am I the only one to remember those?], ect) on the Parts 1-through-3 set? Also has anyone else besides me wondered if they’ll be able to cover parts 4-through-8 in a new special edition set to make it for the ‘04 boxset (Ultimate Edition my ass)? Gotta agree with the downloadable Dead guys that it just seem’s like Paramount is gonna fuck this one up again, cause the numbers for a regular three films at a time, if that’s even what they were thinking of doing, isn’t going to work.

    Also there is a poll, if your signed up with, in which the latest poll is “So which Friday the 13th’s should be in HD?” and I selected the first 8 from Paramount.

    Well stay cool everyone.

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