Image of the unknown origin.


Maybe I’ve just been gone a little too long, but this is an image only a mother could love. I don’t know if it’s photoshopped or an image from a deleted scene in the series. One thing is for sure, it’s a great image of mother and son. This was my first time discovering it, but if anyone knowns anything about it please post about it. Thanks

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  1. looks photoshopped, the background is a dead give away

  2. That´s wickedbeard in one of his costumes with Betsy Palmer at an convention. The background and the rain was photoshopped in there of course.

  3. Its from a convention (can’t recall which). Dude had an AWESOME fanmade costume and posed with Betsy Palmer. The background and rain are the only things photoshopped.

  4. Probably Wickedbeard, at a con with a photoshopped background.

  5. damn, beat me to the punch by a few seconds

  6. I’ve seen this image of him floating around the net previously. Here is a link to Wickedbeard in full costume at Scarefest last month.

  7. Yup, yup. Definitely Wickedbeard. Greatest fan picture of all time.

  8. Yeah, I knew it was with a fan at the Kentucky conventions, but I forget the kind sounding gentleman’s name, and now everyone has beat me to it. Dammit! :D Ah well.

    But yeah, that image-even though it’s obviously photo shopped-is AWESOME. I mean totally beyond cool. It could be one of those superior mainland European ads for a future installment from New Line Cinema or something! Truely, congrads on the costume & pic with her in person, but also in creating that. It truely look’s oddly touching and nicely atmospheric in going with the more modern lookin’ New Line Cinema approach (which even if I prefer Paramount, as modern side stories, they do have they’re place in the Jason universe).

    Again, VERY cool photo there. I love it.

  9. Yeah you can see that Photoshop background and rain.. I mean if it was raining that hard her hair would have been soaked haha.

  10. Thanks guys for clearing that up for me….it does make a good image you got to admit.

  11. I talked to the guy that took this, the back ground is photo shop, but the image was of a guy in a real jason suit and asked Betsy Palmer to pose with him for this mother and son reunion thing.

  12. Love It.

  13. In a sick sort of way, it is beautiful. Someone needs to mass produce some Mothers Day cards for next year!

  14. its a great pic, i think that was at scarefest 08 when they had friday the 13th reunion, he was there, both great people to meet.

  15. thats old i used it as my wallpaper a while back :D but my pc blow up and i lost :(

  16. Ma-ma-ma-mama’s boy!

  17. That’s awesome!!!!!!

  18. That is a kickass shot that deserves to belong to something original of the series.Mabye they could make it into a mothers day card for M/Day 2010.(LOL)………………..KI,KI,KI,MA,MA,MA.

  19. Apologies for my ignoance but who’s Wickedbeard?

  20. leave it 2 wickedbeard lol love it

  21. this image really represent the concept of FRIDAY THE 13 and the anwsers of the actions of JASON

  22. Very nice image

  23. Cool image!

    It came from the site below:

  24. I was standing about 10 feet away when this pic was taken. It was taken at Scarefest 2008 in Lexington, KY. Wickedbeard is the man. His costumes are insane. If you guys haven’t seen his Jeepers Creepers costume, you definitely need to.

  25. I have a copy of this photo, the guy I bought it from said it was a concept from Freddy vs Jason. I only paid $4 and I thought it was cool looking.

  26. Cool photo. I am surprised that nobody has realised that the background of the trees is that art shot from the Friday 2009 theatrical poster and DVD art.

  27. Actually disregard that post. I am wrong. Nevermind!


    This was a photoshop alteration of a convention photo taken of wickedbeard in full part 7 costume and betsy palmer.

    Crash Cunningham ( added teh background was the talent behind the photo.

    Check the watermark on the photo!

  29. My favorite of Wickerbeard’s pics!

  30. That is a great pic

  31. Thanks for the kudos guys.I really enjoyed meeting Betsy and really did this shot for fun but it has become quite the fan fave.Crash did a great job on the backround and rain effects as I had asked him to work some magic on a backround for me instead of the partition that was there at the convention, and he came through with flying colors, but me and betsy are unaltered except he made her sweater blue to make it look more accurate, but at the show she wore a cream colored sweater.
    Out of all my pics this is probably my favorite, besides my standoff pics with Kane.
    I am thinking though that if people are selling this image of me, I should really have been contacted first.hmmm.maybe I need to start watermarking my

  32. Thanks for visiting, Wickedbeard! All the fans love your costumes and support your efforts

  33. Crash does some nice work. I find it funny though (and not to insult) how folks didn’t know where the image came from, but the darn thing is watermarked…

  34. Well the pic actually came from me.It was awesome of Crash to add some effects for me, but without me and Betsy the pic would not exist.
    sorry to sound a bit vain, but……well…I am a bit vain.lolol

  35. So. It’s the photoshop that makes that image cool. Sorry to kick you off your high horse, but what are you being vain about? You’re a dude who dresses up as Jason and goes to cons. You have the money for a good costume and you parade around like you played Jason in the movies. Any idiot with a costume could get an image like that, and any idiot with enough spare cash can do what you do. I’m sorry to lay it on thick, but I can’t stand guys who are full of themselves, especially a guy who plays dress up and acts like a big shot.

  36. Wickedbeard, Cool a** pics and costumes!!! YOU ARE THE MAN! This pic is classic!

  37. He made that costume himself dude.. if it looks film realistic, that’s the ONLY reason why. “Any idiot” would not have that costume, and “an idiot with spare cash” wouldn’t have been able to construct that thing quite like he did. He’s easily one of the best in the biz as far as that goes.

    His other costumes look just as good as this one. It’s his passion, and he put’s a lot of effort in them. He receives recognition from it.. and on some boards they even say “Damn.. you wickedbearded the hell out of that thing.” when someone else does a good costume.

    This particular picture has had quite a bit of attention, my favorite was seeing it used on christmas cards.

    Even before the photoshop it was a really cool picture though.

    So.. what have you done lately that’s gotten the kind of attention that Wickedbeard has gotten for his costumes? You definately come across as being more vain than him, especially to speak so poorly of him. So you must be something extra special, right?

    Don’t be a jerk man.. Wickedbeard’s a great guy, and you know nothing about him, so how about either enlightening yourself or keeping your ignorance to yourself.

    So sit back and allow others to enjoy their hobbies please. We’re here for the love of the hobby.. not to attack and berate others.

  38. so, Ballsouthblasting.. who’s full of himself here?

    who the heck are you to bash someone you don’t nothing about?

    WB costumes are fully hand made by himself and even if they wheren’t, again… who the F… are you? a nobody in my book at least.

    Get a girl, get laid… do something but hell man, lighten up! you’re not getting popular nor getting friends with that attitude.

  39. Crash did a great job on the photo that Jeff gave him, and Jeff’s work is by far some of the best I have seen, he should be working with me in the movie biz.. he also hand makes armor he is a excellent metal worker and talent like that should be seen..

  40. LMAO looks like you took my comment a little too personal JEFF.

    I’m sorry I hurt your feelings. How old are you man? 14? Grow up.

    Looks like the gang from frightstuff is here to lay the smack down on my monkey ass. You guys are a bunch off jerkoffs. It’s a negative comment, get the fuck over it!

    I love the I’m a nobody comment on frightstuff, yeah, like who the hell are you guys? and you’re teaming up against a nameless shmo on a blog LOL do you guys loser much?

    Oh mr. tarallo, real fans know douglas j.white created the mask. That is all.

  41. “Oh mr. tarallo, real fans know douglas j.white created the mask. That is all.”

    If only you knew?!?!?

  42. I’m sorry I hurt your feelings. How old are you man? 14? Grow up.

    Looks like the gang from frightstuff is here to lay the smack down on my monkey ass. You guys are a bunch off jerkoffs. It’s a negative comment, get the fuck over it!

    I love the I’m a nobody comment on frightstuff, yeah, like who the hell are you guys? and you’re teaming up against a nameless shmo on a blog LOL do you guys loser much?

    Oh mr. tarallo, real fans know douglas j.white created the mask. That is all.

    First off, I did not ask these guys to make these comments, they did it on their own accord.why?…because they are true friends, true fans, and just an all around great group of people.Friends have each others backs, and if one of them was personally attacked, I would have their back just the same.
    And really dude, for you to be an asshole to someone you have never met is extremely childish, so who is the 14 year old?
    Frightstuff is a great board chock full of talented individuals, but regardless of where you go, I have friends and supporters all over the world ,so your infectious comments are pointless, as not many people are gonna be in your corner on this.
    So why don’t you just relax and be a little more respectful, and maybe one day you can have some friends as well.
    And if you really want to be a man why not step up and let everyone know who you are.It is obvious that you are a FS member since you were able to read the post.

  43. “It’s a negative comment, get the fuck over it!”

    The guy may be a dickhead but he’s got a point. It’s a negative comment, who the hell cares? WB you’re acting like a big baby asking for reassurance and support from your forum buddies, all because you got attacked by a troll on a blog. You could have ignored this guys comment, but now you’ve started some drama, and all over nothing. First rule of blogging, do not feed the trolls.

    On a side note, this is why this site should require membership, and it needs to be modded. Too often crap like this pops up. This site is going down the shitter, and it’s too bad because it’s the only friday site that’s worth visiting.

    One more thing. This is the second time this week I see frightstuff guys ganging up on someone talking crap. Something popped up on deviant art last week and I saw a similar thread on frightstuff calling for support. Is frightstuff like a gang? It seems when ever a member can’t hold his own there’s like 5 guys coming out of nowhere to pounce on that one guy. You guys are the ones who need to lighten up. Learn to take things that are said with a grain of salt, it’s the internet for jeebus sake. People have their own point of views, and some people just like to talk shit.


  44. Switch,
    So.. being a member of frightstuff doesn’t permit us to have opinions?

    You threw yours on here, why is any of ours any different?

    Saying wicked is an idiot, and stuck on himself isn’t a point of view, it’s a whiney little biatch that wants to smack talk. So let him get smacked in return.

    If wickedbeard was your friend, would you ignore it? Obviously Balls is yer buddy and you did the same thing we did for beard. So what’s the problem?

  45. Switch,
    This site is modded. Ask anyone who visits here on a regular basis. I and others on the website spend a good amount of time policing these situations. It is a blog after all and we are working towards a better format to stop crap like this from happening. And I have to disagree with you on your comment about this site going south. We are getting better everyday. We have some great things coming up with some new site features, so I think your comment is soley based on this argument you’re having. Sorry.

    Now, I don’t know any of you guys personally. I can appreciate sticking up for one another, but I cannot believe this shit has come up again? Over a picture. Give me a break guys? Please take these arguments somewhere else. I think everyone involved here should just let this go and move on. Thank you.