Jason Lives, Alice Cooper LP Single

alicecooperOne of my favorite singers ever makes the title track for my favorite series of all time. I was real excited to see how it all worked out. Even at 10 years old, I knew it was going to special. After the movie was over in the theater, I rode my bike home and begged my father to buy the single.

My father was a huge rock fan and really liked Alice Cooper and went out and bought his album Constrictor. That was cool, but then I ran into the LP single and I stll to this day think the cover looks awesome. I love this collectable and it’s too bad they can’t make this kind of music today. Ah, the good ol’ days/

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  1. Being a fan of Alice Cooper and Friday the 13th I wouldn’t mind having this on vinyl just to display. Watching the video back in the day was awesome, but not one of Coopers better songs by any means. Other than the fact he’s singing about Jason anyway. Cool collectible item regardless.

  2. I just finished up a nice article two days ago containing background infos on this LP. Or better about it`s cover. To be published end of the week.

    Thanks for posting, Jason!


  3. Great, great song and cover. Both the song and movie are a wonderful mix of fun and horror.

    But…the rest of the Constrictor album is kinda “meh” in my opinion.

  4. I love Consrictor, and the album after that called Raise your fist and yell…two of my Alice favorites.

    I wish I could find this record for display for sure.

  5. I have that vinyl :D love that song

    I also have the album Constrictor (but on CD), yeah it isn;t the best but its part of horror history :D

  6. Love Alice Cooper one of the best rock stars around, but the song was far from one of his best.

  7. I’m a huge Alice Cooper fan and this was the song that introduced me to him!
    Long Live the Coop!!!

  8. Check out a cover a band called HockeyMask Heroes did of the song, the band are even named after Jason. http://myspace.com/hockeymaskheroes

    Not bad at all.


  10. I have this single too. All the jason’s signed it

  11. I got Into alice because of part VI its too bad they didnt put the cool music video as a extra but getting the song in 5.1 in the ending credits is nice I love the song Hard Rock Summer Its Only in the boxset such a quick song but i love it :)

  12. Really like “Jason Lives” one of the better film in the series imo. The soundtrack is awesome also. Cool vinyl!!

  13. this is a great item, i just wish there were more out there, this is a difficult item to track down. at least i havent had much luck though. even the friday selectavision discs are easier to find than this : )

  14. Hey Mario,
    Just read your new article about foto sheets, which included the photo shoot with Alice Cooper and CJ Graham. For everyone reading, said photo shoot produced the image that is featured on the cover of the Alice Cooper LP pictured above.

    Check out the foto sheets to see where promotional photos for the films come from.

  15. Life and Death of the Party and Teenage Frankenstein are both great songs! “He’s Back” isn’t the only good song from Constrictor. Hell, Life and Death of the Party is Alice Cooper’s second best song, with Poison being his best… Aside from No More Mr. Nice Guy, I never really cared for his 70’s stuff.

  16. This is the song that got me into The Coop, I’ve since gotten all his studio stuff and a concert dvd (which features Jason, but not this song) and listen to them regularly. He has done such a variety of music that it hard not some like something he has done.

    Have any of you heard the alternate version of this song? It is on the “Life and Crimes of Alice Cooper” 4 disk set. It is to the tune of “Trick Bag” another song from constrictor and the lyrics are slightly changed. I like the final version of He’s Back, but the alternate version is better IMO.

  17. “Life and Death of the Party” is one of my favorite songs too. I have it on Alice’s “Prince of Darkness” Cd. I don’t have “Constrictor”, so I don’t know what all is good on it… Prince of Darkness has “Roses on White Lace”, “Prince of Darkness”, “Teenage Frankenstein” and “Life and Death of the Party” which are all pretty good songs.

  18. Life and Death of the Party, and Teenage Frankenstein are the only two songs on Constrictor I like. The other songs from Prince of Darkness are a little too heavy metal for my taste.

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