On Location Photos From Friday the 13th Part 2

I know that there have been a plethora of on-location images that have been posted by fans over the years, but with the sad news that came last year of the camp ground in Friday the 13th Part 2 being raised and demolished, I thought a mini tribute would be in order. The following images were taken in April 2008 and are probably the last of the truly good images of the camp intact. There is also a picture of the house that Stu Charno is standing in front of when Sandra and Jeff encounter him after having their truck towed.

So, take a look at some of these great shots of the old camp and store them away as you will never have a chance to visit this site intact ever again.

House that Stu Charno stood in front of in the opening of the film.

Ginny’s Cabin

The Beach

Deck of the Main Lodge

The staircase inside the main lodge

The stairs of Mark’s demise

Inside shot of the main lodge

Approaching the camp

Images Courtesy of Guts and Gory forum

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14 Responses to “ On Location Photos From Friday the 13th Part 2 ”

  1. These are great shots. It’s ad to think that no one will ever be able to visit there again. I believe it was privately owned wasn’t it? I seem to remember talk of the owner not liking fans trespassing. Nonetheless it is sad that it is gone.

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  3. that sux
    good pix tho

  4. Awesome pics. It is sad to see another landmark location gone.
    I have always loved seeing photo’s of locations from the friday series then and now and comparing and these photo’s were amazing.
    Again it is sad that it is gone

  5. These are great.

    My “dream” once I made it rich was to buy that place & restore it to film-era quality. Now shall never be.

  6. Cool pics, thanks for sharing.

  7. My “dream” once I made it rich was to buy that place & restore it to film-era quality. Now shall never be.

    I am totally with you. That would be an awesome project and great to own a huge part of the franchise! Friday fans should have seriously banded together and bought that if possible. ;)

  8. This is very sad, first part 3 house and now this one. I hope that one day i will get to see those filming locations that are still left

  9. Very sad…I dont like seeing Pack a Nack Lodge all emptied out and ready to be torn down. The overgrowth of Marks stairs say that nobody has cared for that area in some time. The saddest thing is that these movies, at least the first four, were filmed at real locations. Because of this, the fans could actually visit Crystal Lake and bring an element of realism to the films, almost creating an “it really happened!” vibe. I have always loved seeing the location shots from the films and i hope that they will continue to be available to the fans. A while ago, Jasonsfury asked if donations on behalf of the fans would help keep these places running, in exchange for visiting privelges, and I think this idea is fantastic. The question is, how many sites are left standing? thanks for the pics, a sad reminder of how old our favorite movies are starting to become.

  10. It is a shame that these film locations are disappearing as time wears on. IMO, the first two, set in NJ and CT, are the most beautiful natural settings, and the definitve fictional Crystal Lake. I have wondered why the past & current owners of these private properties never turned the sites into tourist attractions. I know the first one is a Boy Scout camp, but not year-around. Part 2’s location would have been ideal for such a venture, with it surroundings, and lack of use (based on appearances). I believe the sites for Part 3(what’s left of it), TFC, and ANB are still working movie locations, so different story.

  11. The pics are bad ass. Being a fan all my life, i’d love to get around to all the different film locations if it were possible, but i guess if i don’t do it soon, there may not be any locations left… it really sucks

  12. Love the pictures, great too see the buildings in real!!
    Its ashame that they will be gone, its a crime too the fans!!!

  13. I hope everyone understands that any film location is subject to this type of thing as the people that own the properties either just don’t have any idea or they don’t care.
    But really it’s up to those people what they do with the properties, although it sucks, it is still reality.

  14. It’s true..It was so sad to see what happened to the house, (which “burned” down) and Barn (which is a rotting shell) from part 3 in “his name was jason”. I always got that eerie feeling the way the House faced that creepy barn. I think they tried to emulate that feel a bit fot the 2009 remake, with the lodge type funiture and old bottles in the windows and a boat house down the path instead of a barn.

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