Video - Timberwolf Entertainment’s Friday The 13th: The Storm


We first told you about FRIDAY THE 13TH: THE STORM back in Feb, now watch it right here!

Jason Voorhees rampages through a family’s home during a powerful thunder storm in this Friday the 13th tribute film shot in HD.

For mature audiences only; features extreme violence, nudity and language.

Approx. runtime: 14 mins.

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45 Responses to “ Video - Timberwolf Entertainment’s Friday The 13th: The Storm ”

  1. Awesome fan film! I know that some fans on our website had mentioned they were upset that we had not added this to the blog, so it’s great to see Dusk has added the film for everyone to see. For those who have not seen it, you will love it!

  2. Very good! I noticed there was credit for “undermask makeup” but his mask was never taken off. That’s always my favorite part of the movies. All in all - very professional looking flick!

  3. great film

  4. Im working on a fan film called vengeance it will be done early next yr and will be awesome see my film credits here , we will be using a unique version of jason and it will feature mrs voorhees and music by alice cooper. i dig the storm ive seen some good fan films which have inspired me to top them all.

  5. The Storm is one of the best

  6. That was an awesome fan film that pays tribute to the best kills in the series. Great Job Timberwolf Entertainment!!

  7. Krimson,

    The ‘Undermask’ credit is in regards to Jason’s head itself, the portion of which you see when the hockey mask is on. There was never an unmasking scene planned for the short. Would have been fun if we could have afforded a quality job, that’s for sure. : -)

  8. wow thats relly good they should of adead this to the deluxe edtions instead of gay (lost tales from camp blood) relly good movie

  9. Very good film!!!

  10. The scene where Jason kills the guy while the girl watched reminded me of Trish watching Jason butcher Rob in pt. 4.

  11. JP,

    Thanks for the reply and explanation. It was fantastic just the same! You guys did an incredible job.

  12. Joe,

    For a short, that had some pretty slick production. It looked and sounded great.

  13. best f13th fan-film so far!! nice nods to the fan-fave kills!

    that sarah chick has the nicest ass i’ve ever seen…and she makes out with chicks. when i move out to cali i need her to meet my girlfriend IMMEDIATELY.

    my only critiques would be the audio needs to be normalized…it’s hard to hear some of the conversations. …and they must have missed in editing that the dead chick with the machete in the back blinks… heheh.

    i’m glad timberwolf joined forces with midnight hill…this seems to be the start of something great!!!

  14. This def. had a Final Chapter vibe, and atmospheric. It just goes to prove that it is still possible to make a good classic Friday flick.

  15. Wow, thanks again guys… glad you liked it!

    Cool to see you post too, eX… haven’t seen you around in awhile!

    and fyi, Tommy… no, I didn’t miss it. Would have taken too long to either reshoot or CGI replace. It might get fixed eventually (you can simply replace files on Vimeo, keeping the same link and stats).

    But I bet you only noticed cause you’ve watched it 10 times. Thanks for pointing it out to everyone. j/k ; -)

  16. Well, I guess for a fan film it was okay, but I still can’t get over some key points here.

    1. Why would you hide in a sleeping bag in a garage instead of running away?
    2. Was that Crystal Lake they were at at the beginning? Because it seemed very “people-friendly”.
    3. For her little sister being impaled with a machete, Sarah didn’t seem all that upset.
    4. Since when does Jason EVER just let a girl go when he hears another voice? (Part 4 doesn’t count, because he wasn’t holding her)
    5. Where was this located? Because it looked like they were living in a neighborhood.
    6. Why couldn’t they hear Sarah’s little sister screaming? She was being pretty loud.

  17. I’m being to mean. It was good, honestly. I just kinda felt I needed to say something. But still, I could never make anything that good! Great work!

  18. Wow, great job. I did have some trouble though hearing the dialogue on my laptop.

  19. I just watched it… it was pretty good. But another movie that I wanna see more than this one is the other Timberwolf Entertainment Production called “Friday The 13th: Obsession.” What ever happened to that one? From what I remember, we were told we couldn’t see it because it went against copyright laws with the Friday franchise, but if that were the case, why could we see this movie and not that movie? What makes this one different?

  20. RE: Obsession

    Well at the time it would have been impossible to put a 90min film online (it was 1998 or whatever) so the only way to put it out would be on VHS.. lol.. remember that. To do that, I would have had to at least had fans pay for the tape and shipping, hense ’selling’ the fan film which is illegal.

    Now fan films are more excepted in general and they can be put online streaming like this.

    Unfortunatly the original Obsession is long gone and no copy is around. However, I did give a young Friday fan/film student permission to remake “Obsession” and if he decides he can do it will be remade.

    As for Timberwolf/PPC/Midnight Hill productions, “The Storm” was the last fan film and a way to show of director Joe Patnaud’s directing skill. We are currently prepeing hsi first orignal feature film.

  21. I would love to see a 90 minute Friday the 13th fan film. Perhaps the Warner Bros will notice this and will take some serious notes. I’m sure we can catch their attention and say hey, we’re very passionate about this series and we have what it takes to make a real good Friday the 13th film instead of doing remakes. I’ve even had an idea for a prequel to Jason Goes to Hell, a little explanation and perhaps something to make up for the lame excuse of Friday the 13th Part 8. Oh and the body count would be high, higher than any Friday film.

  22. Nice work. I absolutely loved the shot of Jason opening the garage door with the lightning. Very awesome.

  23. That was really awesome!

  24. Re: Obsession

    IT’S GONE???? How can a movie completely vanish from the face of the earth??? Where is the original??? I don’t want a re-make! I want the original! I loved the actors used in that original (well… from what I saw in the trailer)… A re-make with different actors simply will not do! What happened to the original?

  25. Sorry, I don\\\\\\\’t have any copies, nor the raw footage. It was over 10 years ago and was edited deck to deck (not on a computer) I moved to LA about 3 years ago and what raw/master tapes I did have were left in New England, and later tossed out when my family house was cleaned out.

  26. hey its all good JP, the fact that sarah has no pants on more than makes up for it. & i’ve seen it more like 20 times.

    it’s a shame to see her die…i know it’s a slightly different twist ending for a f13th-jason kills all, no survivors. but it would also be a different twist for a f13th for a sexually active chick that skinny-dips to survive. she should have killed him then took a shower to wash off the blood…you know bring it full circle to the joy of the beginning.

    oh & to Spartan, your points may be valid, but dude, c’mon…it’s a f13th fan-film. everybody gets on my case for scrutinizing freddy vs. jason and that was an official big-budget showdown 20 years in the making (worst movie ever made). your expectations for this should be nothing more than for it to give you a little something more to satisfy your love for f13th…and the fact that it looks and sounds great makes it a great supplement to the series. and plus they give you something the original series never did - hot lesbians.

    did i mention i love the chicks in this film?

  27. Well done!

    I too, did have critiques about the audio, mainly the opening conversation between the two girls (music was high, voices were low and soft), and the dad’s opening line was poorly synched. But I digress.

    I do have to applaud your DP, as he did some fabulous work here. The lighting and shadow effects inside the house during the power outage felt perfectly real, and not staged. There were a couple of money shots too (Jason opening the garage) that fit perfectly into the Friday the 13th approach (if that makes sense to you).

    As for criticizing minor plot points, I think to do so is rather pointless, as A) it is a fan-film, and explanations are not required, and B) the actual series has done far worse, in my opinion

    Great job!

  28. Pretty enjoyable fan flick. In fact, I’d go so far as to say I think it could be expanded into its own flick. Simply change Jason to another masked madman, and you could have an original slasher film that paid homage to F13, but also stood on its own merits. Seriously, the filmmakers should consider revamping this script into a feature-length film.

  29. How do i see it? Can’t find a link :/

  30. Just push play.. its embeded up top.

  31. Obsession

    what is the plot of the movie i jus seen both trailers one dosent tell me anything, jus that theres about 4 diff jason and mike myers..

    the second trailer tells me that its a couple guys tryin get a girl back so thay actin like jason..but some stuff was kinda like jason like his strenth..did they try to put the real jason in it..

    also they sayin they might put it out on youtube…like 9 parts havein each one 10 mins long

  32. I enjoyed the hell out of The Storm! I found it to be a much better film then Cold Heart of Crystal Lake (which I think needs to be remade with the more professional touch that The Storm had).

  33. Friday The 13th: The Obsession was a script that was up on the old Friday site forever. It was about a guy who was really big into Jason and he had problems with his ex, and his best friend was doing her on the side. This new girl comes to town and starts dating the guy, they fall in love etc, and she’s got a drug dealer ex that comes to town looking for her or something, and when he shows up and threatens the guy, he snaps and goes on a killing spree because his Jason visions told him to. Thats about all I can remember but it’s a really good script that like takes place in the real world where Jason’s just a movie. I hope this guy makes it and puts it online.

  34. Wow that was really well made.Well done guys ‘n’ gals…………KI,KI,KI,MA,MA,MA.

  35. I liked it, it had a different feel to the concept of F13TH.

  36. Awesome!

  37. yeah it was cool as hell. the end was cool to and it was a unique jason,meaning they didnt try to mimic someone elses creation,which i thought was cool and the actor that played him didnt remind me of anyone elses jason,so thats cool.

  38. This was terrific.
    The acting was great, the story was a little ehh,
    but overall this was fantastic.

    Good job :)

  39. That was terrific! I thought that it really captured the spirit of the series. Particular kudos go to the director, music composer, the actor playing Jason, and to the special effects team responsible for the mask (the masks vary so much- this one was bang on to the original). All combined to create a Jason circa parts 3 and 4 which was Jason at his diabolical best. Well done- all involved.

  40. Fantastic movie! Had everything a great F13 has boobs, blood and Jason! LoL Nice tribute to two great kills in the franchise with the sleeping back and corkscrew too!!

  41. Thanks guys!!!

    I tried really hard to craft Jason into the villain we loved in 3-4, with just a pinch of Kane Hodder thrown into the mix. Glad you dug it, Puckbunny!


  42. Nice job,
    The only thing I can say it’s about the audio…but for everything else it’s ok

    A fan from Italy

  43. Yeah no….Didnt like the dyke shit. didntr like the kills. nothing i havent seen before. bad acting. the only thing i really like about this film is the directing.

  44. it was great it had the same feel as the old films that i watched when i was 6 but it was new so you didnt know what was around the corner i give it 2 thumbs up and 5 out of 5 stars

  45. “You know where the gun is if you need it.”


    Love it. Great, professional looking/sounding fan-film, even the acting was beter than it was at some points in the franchise. Good DP and awesome shot of Jason reflected by his shadow when he kills that girl. Awesome fan-film, best I’ve ever seen. Also, Jason looks great, like he did in part 3. The director has taste.

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