Filming Locations: near Stockton, AL
Byrnes Lake, Baldwin County, AL

Driving Directions: Map to Stockton, AL
Map to Byrnes Lake, near Barlow Landing, AL

Byrne's Lake, Alabama - This area was chosen because it was an easy and cheap location to film the seventh installment of the series. Both houses in the film were 'shell houses' (just frames) and were erected in a little under a month. The 'Party house' was sold and moved to a different location after filming, and the 'Shepherd's house' was destroyed at the end of the movie in the final explosion. The local jurasdiction was very particular about making sure that the area was completely cleaned up and restored to its previous state. The lake area is still accessible to fans.

Photo from Byrnes Lake Website Leslie Buzbee, 2003

Bong Tokin' Chuckles met up with 78 year-old Leslie Buzbee, who was the 'Gator Man' for the film. He said he had been hired to keep the gators off the actors, but the producers wasted so much money because he could have done it a lot cheaper. They paid him to be the gator wrangler, but aligators are not active in the winter when they were filming (October and November, 1987). So basically they paid him to do nothing but watch the lake.

The New Blood Screenshot Byrnes Lake, 2003

The sign to Byrnes Lake, on Byrnes Lake Road. The area to look for is called Barlow Landing.

The New Blood Screenshot Byrnes Lake, 2003

The area where the houses were located is pretty much flooded over. The dock is about three inches under water, and there is nothing but trees in the place where the houses had been.

Stockton Fire Department - (54090 State Highway 59, Stockton, AL) At the end of the movie after the house explodes, the Fire Department is there to assist. An actual fire truck from the Stockton Fire Department was used, and can be seen in several shots, with its original sign on it.

The New Blood Screenshot Stockton Fire Department, 2003

This is a picture of the Stockton Fire Department. The new Fire Chief's name is ... Jason. Really.

The New Blood Screenshot Stockton Fire Department, 2003

The fire truck seen in the film was retired from the fire department a few years ago. It sat on the grassy area whenever it was not in use, an area that can be seen in the current picture.

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